Europe, North America · 19 Days · 47 Moments · February 2017

Laura's journi to United States of America

22 February 2017

A sad day losing a father 😢😢

20 February 2017

18 February 2017

A night at Cannon Beach

17 February 2017

16 February 2017

Original pancake House and drinks from the top

15 February 2017

Day 11 Tues Drove on Route 5 to Portland through the beautiful forests. Wonderful to see our dear friends Hesham and Dawn in their gorgeous home. Dawn took me into town to collect the girls then we went to Manzena, lovely bar, and I had 2 Mandareno drops. Back home to watch Taboo whilst boys cooked capsa. Will finish my blog now.

14 February 2017

13 February 2017

Day 10 Mon Up ready for the long drive as decided to take scenic route 101 then 199 through the Redwood forest and North CA shore. Stunning. These trees are soooo tall and thick. Loved it here. Nature at its best!!! Stopped for lunch at Applebees at Eureka. Nine hours later arrived at Grants Pass to our motel £50; perfect for an overnight stay. USA motels are so cheap and ideal for anyone driving around. No more fancy hotels for me. Bellagio in LV cost us more for the 3 nights than the whole of the 3 weeks holiday in motels and petrol!!!!!! Glad I bought my winter snow coat too; chilly but we did see snow on the mountain tops and it IS winter. Best time to come as less tourists and comfortable for walking. Must be an age thing but can't stand crowds. A few drinks and walk around for food. Abs and Hisham organising tomorrow's food!! Hisham already bought Arabic bread for us. Looking forward to seeing our dearest friends.

12 February 2017

Day 9 Sun Good night's sleep and ready to go after breakfast in our room; a banana as I felt full from the chicken drumsticks the night before. Walked 6 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge. along the coastal route. Luckily another sunny day and lovely to see everyone out jogging or walking their dogs. After walking half the bridge got a Uber taxi back to Fisherman's Wharf for a crab lunch. Dreamt of this for some time. $160 but worth it!!! Walked along Pier 39; we were last here 24 years ago and shocked how it had changed. Like everywhere nowhere stays the same and sadly places become very touristy. Back to our motel to rest: ended up ordering a pizza and rested for tomorrow's drive up the Oregon coastline. My new hip is certainly getting some battering. 👍👍
Day 8 Sat After a breskfast of waffles and syrup, we left this lovely haven and drove up Route 1 along the coast to San Francisco. Driving over the Golden Gate was just amazing, especially on this sunny day. We had lunch at a restaurant called Spinmaker in Sausalito. Now I could live here. A classy little joint with picturesque scenery everywhere you look. Best crab salad I have eaten. After a small rest in our motel on Lombard Street, we walked up the highest hill to the famous zigzag street, still the 101 highway, and reached Fishermans Wharf. I made it; 6 km total! Decided to have our crab lunch tomorrow here as we did 24 years ago!! Ended up in a great jazz bar with a fantastic band playing. Another great night and met some Brits who have done exactly we intend to do. Sell up and travel the world. They were on their round the world travels and had some interesting snippets.

11 February 2017

Day 7 Fri Woke up to pouring rain so left after we had the remainders of the pancake; luckily there was a microwave in the room and a great coffee machine. Drove up route 101, lovely mountain area and past all the wineries. Sadly the route 1 Big Sur coastal route was closed due to falling rocks. Arrived in the picturesque town of Carmel. Pretty properties and very "up market". Before checking into our motel we had lunch at Casanovas, a very romantic Mediterranean style restaurant, recommended by my friend Dawn who had lived here previously. Abs had the seafish pot and my salmon was perfect. $133 but worth it. Walked 11 km to the beautiful beach and Mission Ranch, a hotel owned by Clint Eastwood. I can say his toilets are spotless! Walked back uphill all the way to downtown Carmel and propped by a bar or two with live music. I was in heaven. Great night, great atmosphere; Abs had a heavy night from all the snoring 😩😩

10 February 2017

Day 6 Thurs After pancakes for breakfast, left Hollywood and kept on driving Sunset Blvd 20 miles past Beverley Hills, Bel Air and winding road at the bottom of the mountains. Some seriously amazing properties here. Took the route 1 North along the coast and stopped at Santa Barbara for a spot of lunch; prawn cocktail and clam chowder. Apparently Oprah Winfrey has a home here; has a Spanish feel here. Took the 154 route through the wine 🍷 mountains as fog was descending on the coastline. Beautiful drive up there. Ended up staying in a small holiday site called Pismo Beach off the 101 route. Motel on the beach so we walked round the corner to Harry's nightclub/bar; bit hillbilly but interesting place. Had clam chowder again but this time in a bread . God it was good 😊 Bed early at 900 still suffering from the previous late night dancing in the streets of Hollywood 💃💃💃

9 February 2017

Day 5 Wed Early breakfast then our red bus "hop on and off" bus for 4 hours. The only way to see a city in 24 hours. Luckily the sun shone by the time we arrived at the Santa Monica Pier. Didn't spot any celebrities today. Stopped at Farmers Market for a fab prawn cobb salad ; interesting place After a late afternoon rest walked 3 miles to Melrose Avenue. Two bars and passed by to Pinks famous hot dog restaurant where the celebrities hang out. Apparently this is where Bruce Willis proposed to Demi Moore! A little bit intoxicated but a fun night in Hollywood 😂

8 February 2017

Day 4 Tues Coffee, muffins and croissants in bed before checking out. Collected our car hire - a bright yellow Mustang. Lovely to look at but low on the road. Abs' dream came true. On Highway 15 through Apple Valley and down through the clouds of the San Bernardino valley into LA. Our Days Inn hotel is situated on Sunset Boulevard, central for everything here in this glitzy city yet heavily polluted. Walked 2 blocks to Hollywood Avenue and saw HBO were premiering a TV series. Big Little Lies. After an hour wait saw Nicole Kidman and her small husband Keith and Reese Wetherspoon. Met Abs in the Hard Rock Cafe for a drink then ate Buffalo Wild Wings. Raining so rushed home.

7 February 2017

6 February 2017

Venetian Hotel
Day 3 Mon Coffee in bed followed by crepes and fruit. Sat with a couple from Alfreton!!!! Walked another 11km along the strip to the lovely Venetian hotel. Enjoyed an ice cream in St Mark's square and watched entertainers. Had a few bets on the cherry machines en route: sadly didn't win! Back to our hotel to relax and pizza. I didn't wake up til 0300 am!!!!!! Abs had sneaked downstairs to the buffet.
Day 2 Sun Woke early and booked helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, same as when mum and I came a few years ago. Breathtaking; stopped for a glass of champers and enjoy the peace. Walked 5km back as warm and sunny, passing by all the hotels. The Superbowl wa playing so most places packed. Lunch at Chillis: a huge salad! Rest and watched a movie, Flowers in the Attic. Enjoyed my bath and ready for the off, this time the Wynn Hotel. Pretty impressive yet all of the hotels here are.Met some interesting people at the bar from Texas and a drunkard Mexican who was asked to leave; his bill was $1.500!!!! Walked back via the Venetian hotel; jet lag was getting its back on me as I could hardly move but I did manage to walk the whole strip. Now I know how my mum had felt years ago. Bloody exhausted 😂😂

5 February 2017

4 February 2017

Early start in the road to Heathrow where we met greet and meet in car park. Straight to duty free to be told we are allowed TWO bottles each!!!!! Breakfast in the BA First class lounge when Abs told me he had arranged for a surprise massage. What a lucky girl am I? Flying first class was pure luxury; cabin crew attentive, excellent food (fillet steak one of the best) and managed to sleep in my bed. Watched 2 movies, Life of David Brent and Florence Foster Jenkins. One of the crew, Josh, gave us a bottle of champers for our wedding anniversary. Las Vegas immigration was extremely quick and friendly. Taxi to the Bellagio hotel. The 2,000 hand blown glass flowers in the reception always blows my mind - Fiori di Como. Quick unpack and walked through this magnificent hotel to Caesars Palace next door. No comparison; Bellagio wins all the time!! Drinks at our Tom's recommended Todd English's Olives and watched the musical fountains. Bed at 11; 8 hour jet lag finally caught up.