United Kingdom · 9 Days · 19 Moments · June 2017

Woodlawn's journi to Europe

11 June 2017

Overheard on the last day by our boys: "this trip was lit". Glad we all had a good time. We leave tomorrow morning. Next stop USA!

10 June 2017

Today Jeremiah, Guillermo and I went to The catacombs-- underground burial ground.

9 June 2017

It's day in Rome. We took a lovely drive through Tuscany from Florence to Rome. Then we visited the Vatican. We spent the night exploring and eating all the gelato.

8 June 2017

We survived the night train and arrived in Florence. Beautiful city-- birthplace of the renaissance.

6 June 2017

River cruise through Paris!
Why am I the only one excited about the Eiffel Tower?
Just kidding! We got some smiles!
Not everyday you meet a Minnesota timberwolves NBA player in Paris!!
Long day and my phone died but here are some highlights from the day. Arc de triumph

5 June 2017

Tower of London today. I don't know why the boys don't like to smile for my selfies!

4 June 2017

Whew. Long day! We're staying busy-- that's for sure!!
We enjoyed our walking tour today-- learned a lot about English history and monarchy.
Some fun pictures from the day!
These fools went to bed early but got up at 4am! They're ready for the day. We are safe and having a great time in London!

3 June 2017

Do you see the boys walking off to explore London? Rhone and I also had fun today!
We're in London now!
Step 1

2 June 2017

Ready for our night flight!! We will wake up in London.
Leaving Birmingham-- can't wait to get to Europe!