North America, Asia, Africa · 21 Days · 66 Moments · March 2018

Laura's Journi to Africa

3 April 2018

Home at last!

3 April 2018

My current reality-no sleep and watching movies on the plane! 5 more hours to go!
The first leg of our journi is finished! We are in Dubai and will catch our next flight home in a couple of hours.

1 April 2018

On our way home today. Excited to see my children and my Triangle family! It has been an incredible trip!
We arrived at the Savute International Airport just in time to see out airplane fly in. We chased some impala off the runway so that the plane could land. We are on our way to Maun airport to catch our flight to Johannesburg.
We left the Savute Lodge this morning after a short game ride where I had a “Too Close for Comfort” encounter with a lioness. She walked about six inches away from my side of the Jeep. 😅😅Thank goodness she turned and walked off. I got it all on video.

31 March 2018

And lots of impalas!

30 March 2018

We saw giraffes...

29 March 2018

We saw many animals over the three days. We saw elephants...
On our ride we saw a male lion with his mate under a tree. He was laying on a Wildebeest that had been killed and the lioness was feeding off of it.
We arrived and were greeted by our wonderful lodge staff. Our things were taken to our rooms and we went on our first game ride of our trip.

28 March 2018

We are heading to Botswana today. We are not sure if we will have WIFI so we may be off the grid.
Sunset on the Zambezi!
We went on an evening river cruise on the Zambezi River this evening and saw quite a few hippos.
Before our evening cruise we had some Black Face Monkeys visit the front yard of the lobby.
On the way back to the lodge it started raining hard. It was interesting riding home in the open air!
Victoria Falls was amazing and we left soaking wet!
On the way out of the park we bumped into some playful baboons.
Victoria Falls bridge crosses from Zimbabwe to Zambia
This is the oldest Baobab tree in Zimbabwe - it is estimated to be about 2000 years old!
We went to Victoria Falls today, one of the 7 wonders of the world. On the way, we saw a herd of elephants! It was an incredible experience to be in the midst of these creatures!
We also saw a troop of baboons! Crazy cool!
I went on an early morning safari drive. It was nice to be out in the cool morning! We saw a variety of animals.
This Baobab tree was carved out in the middle by bushmen as a shelter. This tree is about 200 years old.

27 March 2018

On our ride tonight we stopped for a snack and photos along the river. Our guide. Faithy, was awesome!
We saw a Baobob tree that is estimated to be about 1200-1500 years old. If you have been to Disney Land, there is a tree like this at the entrance to the Animal Kingdom.
We went on an evening ride to see what animals we could see. We found giraffes, zebras, impalas, lots of birds, a warthog and a hippo!
After we left the airport we took a 20 minute drive to a dock on the Zambezi River and boarded a boat to go to our lodge. The Zambezi is beautiful!
We have arrived in Zimbabwe! We were welcomed with a customs form and had no place to write on so we used the walls and floors. Then we stayed in a customs line for about an hour. Leaving the airport we were greeted by a welcoming committee with a traditional welcome! Awesome!
While we were waiting for our flight to Zimbabwe, we bought some yummy croissants right out of the oven to tide us over.
Arrived in Johannesburg to make our connection to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Saw many interesting people. This is just one of them!
On our way to Zimbabwe this morning.

26 March 2018

Our last stop was at the Mullineux and Leeu Family Winery. Wiatta used her spitting jar.
Our 2nd winery was called La Bri and it is the oldest winery in Franschhoek, having started in 1694. We sat on a small porch and they had wine and we took beautiful pictures!

25 March 2018

We arrived at our next hotel called “The Leeu House”. It is beautiful and the beds are so soft! There are lovely porches so we can chat and visit!
Olive trees at the Tokara Winery. They even have a couple of Peacocks!
We stopped for lunch at a winery called Tokara. It has a great coffee called a “flat, white, coffee”. What kind of coffee do you think that is? I ended up having two of them! We ate like Europeans this afternoon.
Headed to Franschhoek today. We stopped at the Cheetah Reserve on the way. This reserve is dedicated to the preservation of Cheetahs in the wild. We paid to be able to pet the 4.5 month old Cheetahs that they are raising to help people understand the importance of Cheetahs in the wild.

24 March 2018

We had a great dinner at an Indian restaurant called The Maharajah. It was well worth the walk and getting a little lost!
We are back at the waterfront so some of our group can go on the Ferris wheel. Not me, of course, since I do not like heights! Lol. We also saw this sign walking along the waterfront.
We drove through the Bo-Kaap neighborhood that is known for its brightly colored houses. This neighborhood was originally inhabited by the Dutch in the late 19th century and then immigrants from Malaysia moved in and painted the homes beautiful colors.
We visited the Greenmarket Square and bought some gifts and tried our hand at negotiating. We got some good deals!
This morning we went to Table Mountain which is a landmark in Capetown. We went up via a cable car. We then walked around on the top of the mountain and saw spectacular views before it started drizzling.

23 March 2018

Unfortunately we will not be going to Robben Island which is a famous tourist attraction. The boat is broken. This picture of a postcard is to commemorate the place we did not go.
We went to Boulder’s Beach to see African Penguins otherwise known as Jackass penguins since they sound like a donkey braying.
We had a wild, crazy, fun ride out to Seal Island! Lots of whoops and hollering at the front of the boat!
Eating in Simon’s Town at Bertha’s restaurant before our boat ride to Seal Island.

22 March 2018

Out for a nice dinner on the waterfront in Cape Town
I am mourning the loss of my 15 year old sunglasses. They fell off my head in the crazy wind when we were at Cape Point today and broke! I guess this is a sign that I need new glasses.
Just eating a little snack on the way back. Can’t get these in the states!
At the Cape Point Lighthouse. Boy is it windy!
We made it and boy is it windy! It reminds me of windmageddon a couple of weeks ago!
We also found some ostriches on the road.
We are in the Cape Hope National Park and there are baboons people! We happened upon some!
We passed by an ostrich farm
We are driving down the coast and the views are spectacular!
Just had to take a group photo!
At beautiful Chapman’s Peak!

21 March 2018

We are in Cape Town! Signs about the water drought are everywhere.

21 March 2018

We have arrived in Dubai!
I’m watching a lot of TV! Catching up on my Netflix shows!
What a nice menu!
Boarding the plane!

13 March 2018

Received my Roar Africa fleece and hat! Woohoo!