Croatia · 1 Days · 5 Moments · August 2016

Laura's hike around Plitvicka Lakes, Croatia

14 August 2016

In summary, Plitvicka national park is absolutely stunning! However, the organisation of the trip and park were less over whelming. For a 2 hour bus journey we did not need a 30 minute break, so we could have had an extra hour in the park. Also, the 1 hour + queue for the boat was ridiculous when a small bridge would have made it possible to keep people moving. Oh, and we came prepared with swimsuits, flip flops and towels when you can't actually swim in the lakes! However, the crystal clear water and crashing waterfalls made it worth while.
The bat cave and main waterfall.
Quick 2 minute lunch then more walking through the park.
Walk through the trail.
Day 16: Day trip to Plitvicka lakes. Croatia's national park.