Europe, North America, Asia · 142 Days · 22 Moments · June 2017

6 November 2017

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about those who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. It’s time for a new chapter

2 November 2017

My girls Teresa, Anja and I went to NYC and had an amazing day. We went to the Bryant Park and enjoyed the first Christmas decorations. I had my first Mac and cheese at a New Yorker Diner. The name was Junior’s.

31 October 2017

Sofia and I went to the Halloween Parade in NYC. Even something very sad happened a few hours earlier, the people were in a good mood and were partying. The parade was great. Klaudia joined us too. We went to my favorite burger chain Shake Shack. On the way home we discovered the Nutella cafe and grabbed a croissant. It was a great night. In Hoboken we could see the amazing skyline of NYC. I am still in love with NYC.

24 October 2017

First self made quinoa bowl with fruits, almonds and agaves. Really delicious!

21 October 2017

Teresa, Anja, Erika, Sofia and I went to the university in Princeton. On our way we saw a really creepy house decorated for Halloween. I have never seen something like that. The University in Princeton was really nice. I am totally in love with the architecture! It's like Cambridge! Really cool! One of the souvenir shops sells goods imported from Salzburg, Austria. That made me so happy!

14 October 2017

Teresa, Sofia, Anja and I went camping. We had such a wonderful time. We hiked over 2 hours in the dark to find our camping place in the middle of the forest. We made a bonfire with Ben's help and made S'mores. It was delicious. We listened to great music and had so much fun. Thank you girls for the amazing adventure!

7 October 2017

First we discovered the Big Bean at the millennium park. Of course we went to to the Lincoln park because of the great view. The skyline was amazing. At the skydeck, Wills Tower we had an amazing view too. I was so happy that we had a good weather when we went to the Navy Pier. The Chicago theater sign by night was awesome!

6 October 2017

I am not really interested in watching sport games but I really enjoyed watching the basketball game. We watched the Chicago Bulls and they won. The vibe was amazing. They had a really good entertainment during the breaks. I loved watching the game!
Valeria, Colli and I went to Chicago. Our first stop was Lou Mitchell's. It was really delicious! I had pancakes with cooked strawberries. Yummie! Of course we had to try the famous deep dish pizza in Chicago. I really liked it, but honestly I prefer the original Italian pizza in Carole. The hot dogs at Portillos are really good. It is worth to go there! I was so happy to eat Austrian food after almost 4 months at the Cafe Vienna! Go there and you won't be disappointed ! My highlight was the Nutella cafe

24 September 2017

Today there was a feast in little Italy. It was called San Genaro. Lots of good food. We ended up in a good Italian restaurant. Of course it was really pricy. 6 ravioli with pesto cost 20$. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge and died almost because it was so hot. We had 31 degrees! We had a very good ice cream in a bar close to the Brooklyn Bridge. Thanks for the amazing day girls! Unfortunately Gloria leaves us. She is going to Boston. We will definitely go to visit here!

23 September 2017

Anja and I relaxed today at the Beach. It was really sunny. Imagine we had 30 Degrees. We talked about our future dreams. I can't wait to travel with Anja together!

17 September 2017

Today Gloria, Iva, Valeria and I went to the Food and Wine Walk in Red Bank. We tried in over 38 restaurants food and wine. It was really delicious! We had such a good time and the weather was wonderful. It was really sunny and we enjoyed the good food. We would have eaten more but it was too much. My favorite the cookie dough and the Italian pasta.

11 September 2017

Today Teresa, Anja and I went to New York City to go to a Rooftop Bar called PHD. We met there a really nice guy, who invited us to the Fashion Show. We got VIP tickets and were allowed to have a seat in the first row! The designers did a really good job! They had a lot of different models. They were not all that skinny and we had so much fun to watch them walking on the catwalk. I felt like Sarah Jessica Parker! It was incredible. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go there!

3 September 2017

Today we ate at a very inexpensive sushi restaurant. It was delicious! I paid for 2 rolls 5$. It is in Freehold and I really recommend it! In the evening we were invited to go to a baseball game. We had a lot of fun there!

2 September 2017

Today I went with 5 other au pairs to the Beer and Beacon Festival. We had there a cluster meeting. After that we used the rainy day to go to the cinema. We watched the movie "The big sick". It was a really good film. Nations: Sout America, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Austria

26 August 2017

Sometimes you just need time to relax after a busy week. What is better than pancakes, coffee with hazelnut flavor and a beach? To have somebody to share with!

18 August 2017

Today I met my Austrian friends in New York City. I was so happy to see them! After a delicious brunch we went to DUMBO and had an amazing view over New York City. We enjoyed the nice weather in the Central Park and had really good Nachos at Mexicue in Chelsea.

13 August 2017

This weekend Maria and I travelled to Boston, Massachusetts. We had a really good time there! First we did the freedom Trail. At the Quinsy Market I had my first Lobster Roll. It was really pricy but delicious! We met an other au pair from Boston and together we went to the Harbour of Boston and to Cambridge. We visited the Harvard University. The architecture in Cambridge is terrific! I am totally in love with the houses. Everything looks so nice! We spend the night at a hostel called Backpacker. It was good and we got to know other au pairs from Europe and a girl from Canada. Together we went to a pub and had a good time there. Last but not least I went to China Town in Boston. There were a huge market and live music. It was a fantastic weekend!

30 July 2017

This weekend my friend Maria came from Baltimore to visit me. We went together to New York City. First we stopped at Shake Shack and had a really delicious Burger. We visited the Brooklyn Bridge, Time Square, Central Park and Staten Island. At the Chelsea market we had a Crêpe. It was really delicious! I really recommend it!

8 July 2017

This weekend my friend Maria and I went to Washington D.C. We explored the botanical garden, the capitol and of course we didn't miss the White House. My highlight was the unknown festival in Washington. Great music and Mexican food!

20 June 2017

Yesterday I arrived in the USA. I stayed 3 days in a Hilton hotel very close to New York City. Part of the orientation days were a NYC Tour. We had an amazing view at the Rockefeller Center

19 June 2017

I am ready for my adventure in the USA. I am excited what will happen in the future.