North America · 13 Days · 58 Moments · May 2017

Alaska-Disney Cruise

10 June 2017

David made it back to Bend the same day, while the kids and I spent the night in Bellingham again. The next morning the hotel shuttle took us to the airport for free, and we all said goodbye. The Vegas crew left first, and Jules headed to LA 30 minutes later. We all got back safely and tried to resume our lives for the rest of the week. We had a fantastic time together, shared great adventures, and enjoyed each other immensely! It was another awesome family adventure. Go Jagets!
We were the last ones to leave the ship. In the past, we dreaded having to get off the ship, but this time we were all ready. We had a full day to spend in Vancouver, so we walked to Stanley Park and from there, then found a taxi driver to take us to Granville Island. We walked around, looked at all the food, and ate a truly good meal. We were in a huge farmers market, and there are so many other fun shops to see. So strange to see little stores that sell only one thing, like brooms, puppets, kites, kettles, etc. It really was a unique cultural experience. We had left our luggage at the ship terminal, and we had to find a taxi to get back there before we headed back home. Suddenly, our same driver from five hours earlier showed up! Totally random! He took us back at the ship terminal, and we got our bags. From there, David headed to the airport, while the kids and I headed to the train station to go back to Bellingham.

6 June 2017

Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company. M-I-C-, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E.

4 June 2017

The big one and the little one. Best big brother ever.
Today we are at sea all day as we head back to Vancouver. I love sea days. It was raining as we left Ketchikan, and the seas were quite rough last night. Personally, I love that. I love walking like I'm drunk even though I'm not. Also, I love sleeping while the ship is rocking. It is so soothing. It is 9:30am and I am still in bed solely so I can enjoy being rocked in my cradle. And I love the sound of the sea crashing against the ship. No rush, there is no where to go which is awesome!
There are three main dining rooms on the ship, and my favorite is Tiana's Place. Tiana is from Disney's Princess and the Frog. It has a New Orleans theme, and Tiana walks around hosting. She is so pretty and adorable. I love her! There is also a band called Crawfish Crooners who play New Orleans Jazz, and they are awesome. Finally, we were served a decent meal! I would say it was excellent. Good food, great ambiance, excellent services made this the best dining experience of the cruise. Every night my family teases me for being a harsh food critic, but it's not like I make a scene. I just critique privately to them, but they say my facial expressions give me away. That and my uneaten food. Our servers, who are excellent, but stressed that I'm not happy, bring us a bottle of wine every night as a peace offering. That shut the family up! Btw, Michael is onboard with me. He says he is going to write a 10 page critique. That's my boy!
The only things to do in Ketchikan are hike, canoe, fish, zip line, tour, or watch a lumberjack show and there were three pages of companies that offered these in the port adventures guide. And expensive! So we rented a car and went out on our own. We saw everything, and saw tour operators in every place we saw. Sharon at the visitors center in town gave us a map and told us what to see. Unfortunately, you can only see lumberjacks in a show setting, but the rest of the island-Ketchikan is an island-is stunning. It almost looks fake, like a stage set. Ali had a rough day and whined a lot, then felt bad about whining, which caused her to whine more. But, once back on ship, she was proud of herself for hiking and seeing some gorgeous nature.

3 June 2017

David and his progeny in Ketchikan.
These three!!!
Renting a car is the best way to see each port. We saw gorgeous Tongass National Park at our own pace. Just Wow!
My Jules is such a little badass! The grasshopper has become the master!
Actually, this one. Jagets about to drop the hottest album of the year!
As you can see, Ali was the weakest link today. But this could work as our album cover. Ali is looking very Kurt Cobain. The angst!
The dog camp was called Alaska Adventures. Supposedly, they are different than the other camps because each person working there owns their own team. Because we were a half hour late, they rushed us to different groups. We got to go on the mush ride first. There was a team of 16 dogs pulling our cart. They barked like mad because they were excited to start running. It really was a highlight. We learned a little bit about mushing. It is quite expensive. Mushers can expect to pay about $50K to enter a team in a race. Finally we got to play with the puppies. There were two litters of puppies about five weeks old. They were so cute. It was a great adventure, but the cost was too much. $129/person for 2-2.5 hours. The price from the ship was $169/person. I saved money booking it off the ship, but still too much.
Happiness is when you realize your children have turned out to be good people. I love my kids!!
Ketchikan, Alaska.

2 June 2017

The driver that was to take us to the dog camp was late. She was flustered because she suddenly got the gig and was unprepared. She did a good job trying to make up for it. On the way up to the camp, she narrated about the sights. Problem was that she had a very strong Spanish accent, and no one understood her except me. Very Charo-esque. As she was talking, she missed the turn and continued driving for about 5 more miles, then stopped in the middle of the road in her confusion. But because she got lost, we got to see the Mendenhall glacier. Looks like a glacier. Then she tried to radio for help, but they couldn't understand her. The more flustered she got, the less understandable she was. Then she started crying. Poor woman. She was new to the area, the job, and she wanted to do a good job. Everyone on board was very kind, and we did get there, with a little help from her friends. No one minded that we lost a half hour off our tour.
Today we were in Juneau, Alaska. We poked around the town, saw the governors mansion, and cute little houses. It's so small to be a capital city. We were going to ride the tram to the top of Roberts Mountain, but it was $33 each for the trip and that was just too much. So we saved our money and went on other excursions. David and Michael found a local guy who lent them some bikes and picked them up and took the for a local ride. The girls and I decided to go to the dog sledding summer camp. It is where they breed and train the dogs for sledding. Expensive experience, but unique experience, educational, and tons of fun!
Cutest puppies!
Alaskan Adventures Dog Sledding Camp. Great fun!

1 June 2017

Today we docked in Skagway, Alaska. What a cute little town, and what spectacular scenery. We took a 5 mile hike. Ali complained a little bit, but she did end up making it, and was quite proud of herself. Everybody else did just fine . It's cold here, about 45Β° this morning, but it's humid, so we started sweating during the hike. Jackets came off, hair started frizzing up, but apparently no bugs. At least not at this temperature. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, and I can see myself living somewhere like this in the future.
How do I put this gently…the food sucks! It is so disappointing. The problem is that Disney set standards so high back in 2001, but I guess they crunched the numbers and decided that it doesn't pay. So they're now serving really low-end buffet food. I would go so far as to say lunchroom food. Yes. It is microwaved, pre-made, delivered frozen, then heated up. The first night, the salmon was so bad. The servers were stressed, and brought me three different salmon dishes. All bad. There are very few vegetarian/fish options to begin with, and they have all been really bad. The wait staff is bending over backwards to impress me, but it's not them or the chef. I blame Disney corporate for the cheap, poor quality food. The chef can only do so much with shitty materials. Yes, the fam teases me for being a nightmare food critic, but I paid a lot of money for this cruise and I want my food to reflect that.
It felt like we had three days at sea. Monday we boarded early and explored the ship and shows. Tuesday we really were at sea, and Wednesday we visited Tracy arm and saw a glacier, but we never left the ship. We have been having so much fun. We tease each other a lot, which we never really did before, but it's really fun. We all laugh at each other, but no one gets their feelings hurt. We've seen a couple of movies, shows, most of us work out every day, Ali comes and goes as she pleases, but I think what bonds us the most, is bitching about the poor quality of food. Poor quality of the food?! I know!!!! This is the Disney ship; known for cleanliness, top of the line amenities, top performers, superb service, and exquisite, gourmet food. Those days are gone, my friend. πŸ˜•
The unbelievable beauty of Alaska. Saw this on our 5 mile hike today.
Skagway, Alaska.

31 May 2017

This cruise is to celebrate Shaye's graduation from high school and to celebrate her bat mitzvah (four years late). πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. Our awesome room attendant made this towel cake for her. We are so proud of our girl!
It's good to have a room with a view!
Can you see the glacier in the background?
These two have a great bond. Numbers 1 and 2. ☺️
Awesome windows seat. What a view!
People pay for decorations and magnets to put on their door. We didn't, so we are like the Plain-Belly Sneeches. One day they had a build your own Star Wars figure. So we glued them together and decided to stick them on our door so we could be like popular kids too.

30 May 2017

It took about an hour to get through customs. The Canadian custom agents were so nice and awesome! Vancouver is an absolutely gorgeous city. We grabbed two cabs and headed straight to the ship. It took about an hour to process everything to get on board. And then we had to go through US customs. Even though we were in Canada we were headed to Alaska, so we went through US customs before we boarded the ship . These US custom agents, who are notoriously a-holes, were not so bad. There was a guy with a kiosk selling binoculars right before we boarded the ship. Guess who got three pairs? Hint: It was NOT this girl! Walking into the ship, knowing you are escaping for a week, is the best feeling in the world!
Sunset at 9:30pm
Trying out the new binoculars. At the show. I know, odd.

29 May 2017

Towel animals. Cruise favorite.
Typical dad: falling asleep during a show. Classic.
Heading out of Vancouver. Bu-bye!
Sail away party!
The Jaget Family has arrived. Star power!
First thing we did was settle into our rooms. Jules, Ali, and I are in one, and David, Michael, and Shaye in the other. My room and roommates are clean and smell good. The girls are in the queen bed and I have a twin and a curtain which gives me privacy. I love how narrow and cozy my bed is. When the ship rocks, it is like being tucked into a cradle. Love it. We have a window and the journey takes us along the coast and among the many little islands dispersed through the water. It is so beautiful and green. And a bit cold!
Shaye is in heaven: there are hand washing stations, and clean hands EVERYWHERE!!
David buying more binoculars than he needs.
Heading to the gangway. Yaaassssss!
Train travel is awesome. We took Amtrak from Bellingham to Vancouver. It is a beautiful trip along the coast. Ocean on one side, and beautiful green trees and cute towns on the other. The car is clean and comfortable with big, bright windows on each side. We had such a fun time traveling the rails for two hours. We laughed, teased each other, and joked around. We are such a fun family, and everyone is really happy in each one's own life. Six happy people who love each other=excellent time!!
You should have seen the five of us trying to get out of our tiny clown car in a rush, and pulling all of our luggage which had seemingly been 'vacuumed packed' into the tiny trunk, then David peeling out of the parking lot to go return the car. It was a chaotic scene! πŸ˜†
We woke up this morning and headed out and we thought we had plenty of time. We stopped to get some food, but it took forever so we had to make another plan. We decided that David would drop us at the train station, return the car to the car rental place, then Uber back to the train station. We chose him because if he didn't make it, he is savvy enough to get himself to Vancouver by 4pm today. Ali was worried that he wouldn't make it, but Jules and I were kind of hoping he would be late so Jules could videotape him running after the train as it was pulling away. πŸ˜‚ That would have been hilarious! David also got in a fight with the Uber driver. David wanted him to go faster and he said he was not going to break any rules. Then he told David that maybe he should just get out. David told him to pull over, but then the driver backed off. So they argued the entire time and in the end the guy forgot to charge David for the trip. It wouldn't be an adventure if Ralphie didn't have a fight! 🀺
It's was a fun, relaxing, and beautiful train ride on Amtrak Cascade.
Hooray, he made it!
Will David make it??

28 May 2017

All the kids are happy to see each other again. πŸ˜‡
Heeeeeerrrrrreeees Jules!
After arriving, we rented a car and headed to a hotel for the night. All right, it's not that great, but it's clean and there are enough beds for all of us. Upon seeing the Bay City Motor Inn, David said, "Its alright, guys. At least this will pump us up for the Disney Cruise!" πŸ˜‚
We had the great pleasure of dining with lovely Daphne here in Bellingham. It was great to see her! She looks beautiful, and she recommended an awesome Italian restaurant called D'annas. Everything was so good. We each ordered a different dish, and ate off of each other's plates. Like animals. πŸ˜‚
Miss LA is on a plane as I write this.
David arrived about 20 minutes after we did. Daddy!!!!!
We are all heading out to Bellingham, Washington today before we board the Disney Wonder tomorrow in Vancouver, BC to embark on a 7 day cruise of Alaska's Inside Passage in honor of Shaye's HS graduation, and her uncelebrated Bat Mitzvah from 4 years before. So excited!!! ^^^This might be the world's longest sentence! πŸ€”
The Vegas crew left Las Vegas at 12:10 today. Ruti drove us to the airport-she is such an awesome friend!
David about to catch a puddle-jumper from Redmond to Bellingham.