United States of America · 8 Days · 44 Moments · July 2017

Laura & Maximus's road trip move to Toledo

3 August 2017

We made it!
44 miles to go!
Yeah! I'm in Indiana
Bye St Louis...Hello Illinois
Last rest area in Missouri
Hitting the road early. See you soon Toledo!

2 August 2017

Getting closer!
Taking a quick nap after Maximus has a walk. At a rest stop.
Maximus and I hit Lucille's RT 66 Gas Station.
Made it to Oklahoma! So long Texas.
Rest stop area
Headed to Lucille famous Rt 66 gas station.
Cadillac Ranch...βœ”
Good morning! Maximus and I had a decent rest, and we are getting ready to eat some breakfast. We are hitting the road, with the 1st stop...Cadillac Ranch. We weren't able to make it before the sunset last night. See you there!

1 August 2017

Made it safe to the hotel. Now its time to relax. See you in the morning!
Next...cadillac ranch.
lol....makes is going crazy because of these smelly cows.
Filling up the tank.
Next stop and final destination for the night...Amarillo! 3.5 hrs to go.
We found one!
Outside of Roswell. No wonder aliens come here.
Maximus is excited about seeing aliens! πŸΆπŸ‘½
Sierra Blanca....a complex ancient volcano
Next stop...Aliens!!
Tularosa Basin
Tularosa Basin
45 miles to Ruidoso!
Thinking it's his turn to drive. Lol
Playtime break for Maximus
I just thought this looked cool.
Hitting the road with JESUS on the dashboard leading the way. Toledo here we come!

27 July 2017

Great news! We will hit the road on August 1st πŸ’œ

26 July 2017

Maximus and I will be making our big road trip and relocation from El Paso, TX to Toledo, OH. Keep an eye out starting on Wednesday, August 2nd!