Slovenia · 3 Days · 10 Moments · August 2016

Laura's trek around Lake Bled, Slovenia

8 August 2016

In summary, Lake Bled is like a little piece of paradise. The water is unbelievably blue and the mountains in the distance are picturesque. The only down side is the vast amount of tourists which meant that most of the walk around the lake needed to be in single file...and even then you needed to be aware that bikes will still probably run you over!
Day 10: Breakfast next to the lake before setting off for Croatia.

7 August 2016

Traditional lake bled cream cake...yes please.
Sunbathing and a quick splash. Although the weather was warm, the lake was too cold for me today.
Rented a boat for a hour. Luckily, Vikki did all the hard work ;) Managed to get to the island with me as the captain! Ha
Day 9: Up early for a climb up the stairs for a lake view, unfortunately the cafe and all shops don't seem to open until 10am.

6 August 2016

Super clear water for a nice dip in the lake, then back to the hostel for a quick drink!
Thirsty work all this walking. Time for a well deserved drink.
Lake Bled - A piece of paradise! New hostel - Vila Viktorija. We went for the deluxe option. Ha. Means for an extra euro we get an en-suite to share with 4 other people in our room, and we also get a lake view.
Day 8: Lake views - our first lap around the lake!