Slovenia · 3 Days · 11 Moments · August 2016

Laura's adventure in Ljubljana, Slovenia

6 August 2016

In summary, Ljubljana is a wonderful little city with a great atmosphere. There are many tourists but few British. The locals are very welcoming and passionate about their culture. They love to show off traditional dancing and promote traditional cuisine in restaurants.

5 August 2016

Day 7: Lazy day. Time to pack and relax. Picnic at the canal, then colouring, round-abouts and football updates in the hostel garden.

4 August 2016

Our night out in Slovenia, super pizza, nice drinks, mojito man, meeting a Slovenian movie star and being taken to an outdoor party in the city centre where buskers played brass instruments and bass drums. Unbelievable!
The castle at the top of the hill. The sight has been a settlement since 2000 BC, however the current castle was only built in the 19th century.
Ice cream rolls. Another traditional dessert.
More bridges that connect the city. The three bridges let everyone get to the market and the dragon bridge remembers the legend of the dragon that saved the city.
On the boat trip. 1 hour on the canal in glorious sunshine. So relaxing and beautiful views.
Waiting on the glass bridge we decided that the market place a canal where the places to be. Maybe we should take a boat ride?
Day 6: a walk around the city to see the sights.

3 August 2016

Out for a meal in one of the town squares where live music is played and locals do some traditional dancing that resembles a foxtrot/salsa.
Day 5: Arrived in Ljubljana (pronounced loo-bee-are-na), Slovenia, and found our first hostel. Much cheaper than the hotels.