Spain · 15 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Laura's adventure in Salou, Spain

24 July 2017

16 July 2017

Hotel Best San Diego Fulfils all basic needs with food drink relaxation and the double rooms have not one but 2 double beds pushed together an absolute dream come true especially when you and your partner fight over the covers and also complain of having no space during the night. While food got repeatative and boring there was still choice for us. Located 5 minutes away from the beach as well as also the main town centre full of many shops and bars. What more could someone really ask for. Also the bar at the hotel had excellent cocktails as well as also lovely staff! Sunloungers were free to use which was not the case when I stayed in Santa Ponsa, Majorca in 2016. Also, free wifi! Yes - something that would have been an expense was actually free to use which made uploading photos and keeping in contact with home so much easier. Some entertainment could have been better the kids disco was very annoying after a couple of days but the main entertainment was always fresh and exciting!

14 July 2017

Barcelona What a city. Maybe you could say I didn't exactly get very far when exploring the city however as a tourist (with very bad map reading skills) it came to my attention that I should have booked a place on a tour instead of getting the local bus and to be left in Barcelona with no clue where things were and not being able to speak Spanish. Mind you the buildings I did see were beautiful. Even McDonald's was a pretty sight. I posted a photo of it on Facebook asking my friends to guess the building. Obviously by such incredible archetecture the guesses included things like a bank, town hall and other buildings you would probably expect it to be. (See images you will understand what I mean). Let's say my experience in Barcelona was not great. The rush of the city made me panic and I really struggled with the concept of what was road Vs the path! Despite this it's a nice city (from what I actually saw) but if you're a tourist - please save yourself time and get a guided tour!

13 July 2017

The Garden The place was about 5 minutes away from the hotel. Named the garden. Just a simple restaurant with lots of items on the menu as well as drinks, shakes, smoothies, cocktails and of course ice cream galore! What more could anyone ask for I'd return there in a heartbeat! For reference should anyone wish to find it it's on the same road as burger king. Just follow the street up and you should find it.

12 July 2017

Chaplins 100% recommend. The cocktails there were unreal. They offer many and even offer a giant cocktail for you to share with your friends (should you wish unless you would rather get wasted haha). Also the entertainment was fabulous. Enjoyed a hypnotist show and a tribute to Michael Jackson. I'm personally not one to go out for drinks or even stay out late but for me it was worth it and a must go to if you like a good drink.

10 July 2017

Portaventura Theme Park Worth a visit most definitely whether you're an adrenaline junkie or more of a family coaster fanatic this park has something for everyone! Yes, Ferrari Land costs extra and no, I did not venture in (red force looks terrifying). I did however ride most of the big rides and yes they are terrifying but also thrilling! The park has beautiful themes running throughout such as Polynesia, Aztec, Far West as well as Far East. There is also sesame street land for the younger children to also enjoy. Plenty of places to eat and many shows to see. Shambhala - excellent yet terrifying (almost caused a breakup) but is the 2nd tallest coaster in Europe! Dragon Kahn - A personal favourite. Such a smooth ride despite the twists and turns! Always up for that ride again. Furious Baco - My face says it all *see images I've attached said photo for a giggle* There's also water parks to enjoy which come at a separate price. Totally worth going! There's something for everyone!