Greece · 8 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Greece 15th Anniversare 2017

11 June 2017

Took the metro to the airport at 6am. Very tired.

10 June 2017

Had an excellent buffet breakfast and went to stefanos beach. Swam, ate and then boarded the 3pm ferry to Athens. Took a sketchy taxi ride to an excellent air bnb. Dimitris has a very nice apartment in Gazi (the gas factory district). Turns out it was gay pride! So, we had showers and headed to the parade, which we mostly missed because we were too late. Had dinner and hung out at the main stage listening to award show arrangements of karaoke. TIP FOR NEXT TIME: take the metro from/to airport, from/to port. Way cheaper.

9 June 2017

Went on an excellent bike tour with Yummy Pedal tours. Complete with a visit to Fokos beach and Dimitra's family farm that had good homemade food/wine, gots, donkeys and fun! Went back to Mykonos, swam in the pool, had a nap, went for dinner, watched the sunset and had an early night. LL had period/food headaches.

8 June 2017

Boarded a ferry at 11am to Mykonos and checked into our hotel, Harmony Boutique hotel. Walked around Mykonos town and ate. Favorite hotel so far. (LL's fav)

7 June 2017

Rainy and overcast day. We managed to sit on a beach and read/sleep/relax. We went to a fish restaurant on a cliff for dinner.

6 June 2017

Drove to and spent the day in Oia. I went cliff diving and we swam in the famous watering hole at the bottom of the staircase in Oia. We watched the famous sunset and eat dinner with a million dollar view. Delicious too. Jax had a stomach ache.

5 June 2017

Checked into Timedrops villa, which had a private pool. Visited the town of emporio, swam in our pool, walked around their medieval town, ate lots of food.
Got up at an unearthly hour (5am), to hop a ferry to Santorini.

4 June 2017

Went to breakfast in the center, went on a 3 hour bike ride that was fun, went for lunch right before it started rain/hailing, went to the acropolis museum, went to local deli and miracle worker that had gum to help with digestion, had a nap, walked around plaka and had a late dinner

3 June 2017

Checked into sci-fi theme airbnb with a view of the acropolis. Went to the center and had our first Greek meal at 10:00pm