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Laura's adventure in Czech Republic

13 December 2015

Day 8: Left Stuttgart at 900 but Jackie had to cut Abs free from the lift as his bag had got caught in the lift!!!!!! could have been his hair!!! Drove through Luxembourg and realised we were coming home as the weather was miserable 😩

12 December 2015

Day 7: up early for a lovely breakfast in our alpine hotel. friendly people. parked in town to see one of our all time favourite cities, especially at this time of year. so magical with all the xmas decorations. bought another jacket and some lovely xmas decorations, Abs some thermal underwear. got to minus 4 but sunny and crisp. beautiful drive through Fernpass back Germany up through the Tyrol countryside. A definite trip back agsin soon. Arrived at Stuttgart just as it was getting dark. hotel ok for 80€ night. has wifi etc but off to the biggest xmas market tonight in Germany. will be looking like a Xmas tree soonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Forgot to say had one of the best lunches en route through the pass, huge amount and cheap but Jaki bought some Haribo soft sweets for the journey. trouble was they must have bern at least ten years old and as hard as rock, stank too!!!! Arrived Stuttgart and hotel was fine. Taxi to the largest Xmas market in Europe. Ended day with a Vietnemese meal mmmmmm
Schnitzel enough for an army
let it snow
Fernpass Austria to Germany
Day 6: up early for a lovely breakfast in Cafe Elias. the cafes are lovely here, like the 1920's, very art deco! We both enjoyed 3 hours of bus touring round this beautiful city. a must do!!!!! met the boys back for coffee and check out and off on the road again!! This time to Innsbruck. However, we were pulled over at the German border and our passports were subject to question! why were 2 Saudis travelling with 2 blonde bomb shells????? This delayed us a good 45 minutes with the traffic jam, first time ever on our European trips!! Got to Innsbruck and someone had put wrong GPS code in so got lost. Consequently arrived later missing the Xmas market. nice little hotel . taxi to old town and it was worth the delay. I love this place so pretty and quirky. great meal , i had jacket potato with spinach, feta cheese and sour cream yum 😍 snitzels again for jaki and Abs and Fahad had a huge lasagna. great food here. flopped into bed and straight to sleep ready for the morning

11 December 2015

Vienna the home of music and class
Day 5: after a breakfast of cold porridge we left for a scenic drive to Vienna. Got stopped by police for not having lights on as it is compulsory in Cz. Foggy, weird weather as sunny then foggy. now I know why lights are compulsory!! arrived Vienna what a beautiful city! hotel central (good choice again by Mrs D)! biggest xmas market as yet, another mulled wine consumed! lots to see and buy. walked back to a lovely little restaurant near hotel for a cosy night just the two of us as the boys has gone for an afternoon nap and then met up with my brother in law who was on business! they were waiting for us but Abs forgot I had no wifi!!! shame we missed Abdul. met up at hotel for some night caps and hopefully we will hear the alarm go as bus tour awaits us tomorrow, for some culture.
Day 4: jackie and I had a bus tour of Prague after a brief breakfast. was lovely and we enjoyed the traffic jams! What would have normally taken half an hr resulted in a 2 and half hr trip! relaxed in a cafe with a sarnie, coffee then tea! pissed it down with rain so thought "why not have a glass of wine"! then bought a jacket each, mine was more like a coat and I felt it was like wearing my duvet; so warm! managed to watch half a film in bed to recuperate after the rain exhausted our energy. met up with the lads for a dreadful dinner round the corner; it was all cold so walked out! ended up having a xhicken burritto in a rock bar; couldnt hear myself speak. very non local! bed but the boys stayed out again for another try at the casino!!!
day 3 drive to Prague - very foggy. arrived at Ramada Hotel in Wencelas Square. headed straight to the mulled wine market near hotel and sampled some Check grub! lovely and Xmasy! walked to the clock tower square and saw the magnificent xmas tree, wow!!! even had a Thai massage - exposed to the public but very nice! ended our day with a traditional meal - potatoe with brocolli and cheese, omlette, duck half cooked and a pig knuckle presented on his own spit!!!

10 December 2015

9 December 2015

8 December 2015


7 December 2015

Day 2 Managed to get up at 0630 with a coffee to sort my head out. Missed mum leaving for her flight to Bordeaux though but she arrived safely! Drove to the Eurotunnel and managed to get on an earlier train so we could start our drive to Frankfurt, in less than 6 hours!!!!! Lovely sunny day and not too many traffic jams. Hotel near airport was a huge appreciation - it has a bath!!!!! After a veal schnitzel it was time to relax and catch up before another long day tomorrow driving to Prague. Hotel booked so fingers crossed there is not too much traffic on the way.
Day 1: After collecting Abs's best buddy from Bournemouth, we drove to Gatwick Airport to meet Jackie and surprise mum who flew in from Cyprus with her Georgina. what a lovely end to the day , especially as our Tom came too. However the evening events became a blur and I couldn't remember getting to bed. Our Tom played knock down Ginger and I sounded a strangled cat with no knickers on!!!!!!!
sunset in Germany

6 December 2015

28 November 2015

hoping to start our European drive on 6 December