Vietnam · 8 Days · 12 Moments · September 2017

Honeymoon - Vietnam (North)

25 September 2017

Final day in vietnam! It was a bit of a driech one so we revisited the spa before braving the rain for another bowl of our favourite crab soup at 11 Hang Bac. We also tried..... , went for a pint a pasture st then a final beer Xupito before grabbing a cab out to our pod at the airport.

24 September 2017

Today was a hangover extreme day. The only one so far, but we were rough! Sorted ourselves out by a stroll around the lake, pho at Pho Thin, using the spa at our hotel then hitting up the mall for a pizza and a movie. Sorted!

23 September 2017

Great night out at our favourite Hanoi bar, Xupito then onto Club 1900 to bust some moves. We drank a lot of tequila!
Just a few days left in Vietnam. Shame about the weather - NOT! Today we walked to the other side of the river over the scariest bridge, ate hotpot and played arcade games in the mall then went to Bat Trang ceramics market. Currently having a lovely pina colada whole watching the sunset over the city. Before we git attacked by a giant killer wasp. (Actually a giant Asian hornet). LB has a metaphorical booze bangle. We went out on the randan, met Lum in Xupito abd drank more tequila before he took us clubbing!

22 September 2017

Pho bo and pho ga for breakfast! Peach tea and coconut coffee at The Rustic. Checked into our last hotel of the vietnam part of the trip - MK Premier Boutique Hotel in Hanoi. They decorated the room and left cake for us :-) Cocktails in the hotels rooftop bar, then some wonderful traditional music on the street.

21 September 2017

Up early for sun rise and tai chi follwed by kayaking then sailing home to Hanoi

20 September 2017

In the afternoon we checked out Surprising Cave which was discovered by three French female kayakers in 1901. After that wee travelled to Ti Top Island, climbed 200 steps to the top and watched the sun set. After that we went to cool of info the water. The salt really stung our pores but was rally refreshing info the dusk light.
We set off this morning for our 2 day adventure across Ha Long Bay (Descending Dragon Bay). Our tour party was hosted by Duong (Sugar) and seemed to be under siege with asian karaoke enthusiast but there was a lovely couple called Victor and Anna from Sweden and a few others. The views were amazing. We took about 1000 pictures.

19 September 2017

Calum's biggest journey of the honeymoon so far takes place today in Hanoi! Bun Rieu (crab broth soup)at 11 Hang Bac st, followed by Egg coffee at Pho Co - a VERY high cafe at 11 Hang Gai. Drinks at Xupito in town, where we ended up doing tequila with the landlord, Lum. Police kept coming to take the outdoor seating away
Bye bye Mai Chau. Hello Hanoi.

18 September 2017

Mai chau: Day 2 We went cycling through Lac Village which is essentially a 'White Thai' farming community who also offer home stays. The north eastern hill regions of Vietnam have these Thai Kadai settlers dating back hundreds of years. They seemed to speak regional thai, French and very broken English. An old lady told calum off for saying 'cam on' (viet for thank you) and said it needed to be 'cha on' (Thai for thank you) in this mountainous region. We had a lovely lunch at one of the home stays and later enjoyed some dry fried pork ribs with garlic and fresh lemon basil info the local danger bar. Wowser!

17 September 2017

Mai chau part 1 - we arrived to a lovely welcome at Mai Chau Lodge, and more roses plus rice wine and chom chom fruits. It was really hot, so we took a dip in the pool before having a relaxing beer on a pontoon, watching the fishermen on the water and the sunset.