Thailand, Laos · 44 Days · 6 Moments · October 2016

Laura and AD's trip to Thailand

14 November 2016

A bus to Bangkok, a flight to Krabi and a ferry to Koh Phi Phi eventually got us to our next stop for a few days. On Phi Phi we partied with friends we met in India, watched some amateur Thai boxing (like people off the street) and danced on the beach... then spent the day recovering on the very same beach! A 6:15 start the following day to go snorkelling with black tipped reef sharks, this was an amazing experience and it was really interesting being so close to the sharks, as well as the other marine life in the bay - although I think I have some work to do on my camera skills, not quite 'Planet Earth' footage! Saying goodbye to Phi Phi we had 3 nights in Ao Nang, there wasn't that much there but we did go see a ladyboy show which was very entertaining and we saw the 'super moon' and the Thai traditions that go along with this, where they set fire to a floating floral offering which is supposed to represent getting rid of your bad luck and being able to grant your wishes.

7 November 2016

Back in Thailand we took a ferry out to the mountainous island of Ko Chang. A day on the beach followed by a very tough jungle trek, we definitely underestimated it and deserved a beer by the end! I held my first snake and we played Tarzan in the trees before the rain came and made the walk much more difficult. A couple of cuts and bruises later (me, not Laura) and we made it to the waterfall - after about 4 hours. A really good workout that day!!

8 October 2016

18 hour bus ride from Chiang Mai to Luang Prabang! Stopped on the way to see the white palace/temple can't remember which it was!! Was so different to anything we had seen so far, very pretty. Bus journey was ok. For the longest part of if we had a sleeper bus, never seen such a thing before but was ok for a few hours sleep we were on the top bunks! It was better than been sat up all night and the air con was so good I couldn't sleep because I was so cold!! Across the river and on to Laos.

6 October 2016

Another crazy day in Chiang Mai at the Thai cooking farm for a whole day learning how to make some of the local dishes. We saw our German friends form the night before which was lovely they seemed very happy to see us, few hugs and photos before we had to go into separate groups for the cooking. We started off at a local market where they had what looked like Cumberland sausage so we obviously had to try some. It was a lot spicer than Cumberland sausage but nice! At the farm we learned about the herbs and spices we'd be using in the cooking before being let loose. Once we were fully briefed we made prawn soup to start then pad Thai, red and green chicken curry, chicken and basil stir fry and banana and coconut milk to finish, so full by the end of it. Was amazing can't wait to get home and try some of the dishes again.

5 October 2016

One of the most amazing days ever visiting the Patara elephant farm. They were so beautiful and fun and sooo gigantic! AD had fun wrestling with the baby one. We rode them through the jungle and arrived at a gorgeous waterfall, where we bathed them and had fun playing in the water before dinner in a tree house. Where one of the elephants decided to join us and help finish off some of the food! Met some really nice people in our group too. All in all a day to remember. After we got home we showered to get rid of the elephant smell and after a quick nap we headed out to the Thai boxing which was mental. The first fight was two kids one was 14 and the other 15, this was quite difficult to watch. As the fights went on the fighters got older and by the end of it we were getting into the spirt of it. We were sat next to an older couple from Germany they were lovely and turns out we were off to the same cooking class the next day so this made us extra excited for it.

2 October 2016

Arrived in Thailand ready to hit the streets of Bangkok and khao san road where we found so many street food vendors and pad Thai for 30TBH (~60p) think I may eat nothing else. Although AD wasn't so keen on the 🐭 running round on the floor while we ate! Had a traditional Thai bucket too, hence the silly pics 😁 We visited Wat Pho and took a boat across to Wat Arun the next day, got caught in a massive thunderstorm and got soaked. We decided the only way to recover was to go for a Thai massage! It was sooo good once we'd got over the laughing and the pain! In the evening we met up with one of the girls we'd met in India and went to pat pong night market so many fake handbags if only I had room to pack them! It's also the red light district so we were offered some interesting late night entertainment, we kindly refused and just stuck with a couple of beers.