Japan · 10 Days · 9 Moments · September 2016

Laura and AD's odyssey through Japan

30 September 2016

Last couple of days in Tokyo consisted of more food, a visit to a maid cafe, batting cages (think I may need some more practice), some more food and drinks, fun with pandas and a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe! Nearly time to hit the streets of Bangkok.

29 September 2016

A visit to Shibuya in the evening to see the busy crossing, we learnt the Japanese need to get more creative with the cocktails! Finally we went back to Ueno for some karaoke til the wee hours, unfortunately you can't post videos on here πŸ˜‰

28 September 2016

Our first full day in Tokyo we joined a cycling tour round the city which was a really good way to see a lot of places - we went through Ginza (which means silver mint and is where a lot of the big names fashion brands are), over Nihonbashi bridge, saw the Ryogoku sumo stadium and museum, cycled past the Skytree, we learnt how to cleanse and pray at a small Shinto shrine, visited the Senso-Ji temple in Asakusa, went past the imperial palace where the emperor lives and which is only open 2 days a years and finally went through Hibiya park. On the way we stopped for some snacks, I had what can only be described as a Japanese scotch egg!! Really good day, 22km covered on the bikes, not bad to say I haven't cycled for about 15 years!

26 September 2016

First full day in Kyoto, we went to the bamboo grove, where AD made some new friends πŸ™πŸΌ and the Tenryu-ji Temple gardens, which were very pretty. Back into the main centre of Kyoto for some more yummy food and a trip to Higashi Honganji Temple. Oh and we saw the cutest road works on the way back to the hostel 😍
On our second day in Kyoto we went to the bamboo grove which was amazing, they were soooo tall! In the evening we went to Gion, we didn't see any geishas though which was a little disappointing. We did stop at a cute little bar for food (fried chicken and a grilled rice ball) and a beer. On the last day we got up early and went to Nishiki market where AD tried a octopus with a quail egg in its head! It was actually quite nice. There were so many weird things at the market including the poor sparrows. After the octopus starter we went to Nishiki Warai which was just at the end of the market for okonomiyaki which is a bit like an omelette. We had ours with pork, squid and prawns on top. They brought it out and put it on a hot griddle In front of us. Was very yummy. Then we headed off to Tokyo!

24 September 2016

A day trip to Kobe where we went on a cable car up to see the Nunobiki herb garden, followed by a trip to Chinatown and some Kobe beef! Late afternoon we caught the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Hiroshima. Here we visited the peace memorial park, the castle and I bumped into an old friend dressed in orange!

23 September 2016

Today started with a lovely hours stroll across the river Yodo, just so happened this was an hour in the opposite direction to where we thought we were headed😁 Next stop was Osaka castle, architecture was amazing lots of gold!! All that walking had made us hungry, so it was a good job we found the Yatai food festival. We had some more takoyaki a few beers and AD couldn't resist the steak! There were a couple of boy bands playing, some amazing dance moves going on. We then hopped on the train and went to the kuromon market where we treated ourselves to our some sweets, we then walked back to the Dotonbori area to find the drunken clam (bar from family guy) unfortunately the bar wasn't open. Walked in total about 12 miles today.

22 September 2016

Full day in Osaka started with a trip to the aquarium, it was pretty busy but got to see whale sharks, loads of jellyfish, stingrays, turtles and massive crabs! We checked out a couple of temples after that - Shitennoji and Isshiniji - which were interesting, very spiritual places. We tucked into some takoyaki in the evening which was really nice, octopus-filled batter balls with mayo and seaweed!!

21 September 2016

Not the greatest start to our Japan trip as Laura's bag is still in China! That didn't stop us from getting out and exploring though, we headed to the Dotonbori area this evening, saw the Glico running man and all the bright Japanese lights. There looks to be some amazing places to eat and drink, absolutely spoilt for choice - we ate at a little restaurant where you ordered skewers of different foods which were all really good, whilst sitting at the bar watching the chefs cook. Also had a drink in the tiniest bar ever, there were 5 people in there (including us and the barman) and it was full!! So far, so good. Full day of Osaka fun tomorrow.