India · 432 Days · 20 Moments · July 2015

Laura and AD's adventure in India

19 September 2016

We finished our time in India with a bit of rest and relaxation, would like to go back to Goa when everything is more in season but we still had a really nice few days. Best fruit salad ever as well!! Next stop, Japan!

17 September 2016

Spent some time on the beach in Goa, then found myself an FC Goa shirt which I wore to an Uzbekistan under 16s vs Thailand under 16s football match!! We'd seen the Thailand team on the plane down to Goa so somebody managed to find where and when they were playing, it finished 5-3 to Uzbekistan.
Last night out with the full group, lots of laughs and lots of tequila at Tito's!
Party night in Goa!! Too much tequila but such fun and lots of dancing. Followed the next night by a slightly somber last dinner with all our tour. Made some friends along the way and have shared an amazing first with weeks with these guys. Now me and AD are left to fend for ourselves 😬

14 September 2016

Sampled the Mumbai nightlife with a few cocktails - they make some really interesting stuff!! #whiterussian #badhairday
Overnight train to Mumbai which actually wasn't that bad, then a city tour to see the hanging gardens, the most expensive house in the world, a huge outdoor laundrette, the city slums, the university, marine drive/queens necklace drive and the Victoria train station. As a group we then went to the gateway to India where we were the local celebrities again!

12 September 2016

Boat ride round the lake palace in Udaipur to watch sunset (seems we do that a lot!), followed by a meaty meal out and some rooftop drinks with the group. This morning Laura did a cooking class, making chai tea, samosas, daal, aubergine curry, palak paneer and chapatis - Indian masterchef in the making!

10 September 2016

Spent about 5 hours on a train from Pushkar to Udaipur today. Thankfully we got upgraded to the air conditioned carriage. When we arrived we went for a walk around the town, stopping in at an arts centre where we have signed up for a cooking class and palm reading over the next couple of days. The guy who run the centre is a typical crazy artist, they specialise in miniature painting so they painted each of us a different design on one finger nail. They were pretty impressive. I had a princess and AD had a tiger. After the excitement of the nail painting, the girls in the group had a beer on the rooftop looking over onto the city palace, while the boys watched football!!

9 September 2016

Last day in Pushkar and we got to trek through the desert on a camel before watching some traditional entertainment, provided by the local gypsies there was a magician, dancers and a fire eater. We also got to try on some traditional clothing, before tucking into another traditional meal.
An early morning (5am 😴) hike to the savitri temple to see the sun rise over Pushkar, it was really busy with people (and a few monkeys). Hard work but worth it.

8 September 2016

Tordi village - a game of cricket with some locals, a jeep ride out to another smaller village where one of the kids gave me a friendship band, we watched the sunset over the sand dunes and then a few beers in the evening (including a game of beer poker with a locust...)
Stayed in a converted palace called Tordi Garh, saw some of the local villagers going about their daily life, followed by a beautiful sunset, cup of chai and sand dunes

6 September 2016

Couple of days in Jaipur (the pink city) learning about its history, walked the local markets, visited the Amber Palace, loads of elephants and camels down here. Also visited a block printing workshop and a jewellery makers, they definitely got a fair bit of trade from our group!

4 September 2016

Early start this morning, train from Delhi to Agra, then a trip to Agra Fort, from which you can see Taj Mahal in the distance. Really interesting history of how the fort developed over time. Then the showstopper, the main event, the wonder of the world... Taj Mahal. Unreal, breathtaking, beautiful, definitely an unforgettable experience.

3 September 2016

The lotus temple
Bit of a city tour today seeing some of the parliament buildings, India Gate, Indira Ghandi museum and the lotus temple... Up at 5am tomorrow to head to Agra!

2 September 2016

Today we visited Connaught Place and the Red fort, stopped for some local food on the way.
More from the red fort! We did have many more photos taken, however most were from locals wanting a picture with me (they must be fans of the band..??). Audio tour was very informative as well #tourists

1 September 2016

Checking in!!

15 July 2015

First 15 days of our trip booked!