North America · 9 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Lauire's adventure in Puerto Rico

23 April 2017

A great last day! Relaxing- just enjoyed the ship! Now at the airport for our trip home. Was a GREAT vacation!

21 April 2017

Had a great day and excursion in Antigua! All pics from excursion on other camera, but much fun!!! My new favorite island! Finally got to see a sunset- has been cloudy at night. And another great dinner! Can't believe we come home tomorrow. An amazing vacation!!

18 April 2017

Another few great days at sea and Martinique today!

17 April 2017

We don't have internet often, but here are some fun pics from the cruise- movies on the funnel vision, view from our room, and formal night

16 April 2017

Bon Voyage!!
Getting on board! And the end of a long Lenten season for Ashley during which she gave up pizza and ice cream!
Happy and blessed Easter!!! Went to the beach for some morning blessings, and now waiting to get on the ship!!

15 April 2017

Awesome 1st day at the pool, beach, and with free drinks and apps at our hotel.
Arrived in PR! Let the relaxing begin!
And we're off!