Europe, North America · 3 Days · 5 Moments · May 2018

LAUGHTER is timeless, IMAGINATION has no age

20 May 2018

Awake to rain & Magic Kingdom planned for today. What better way to start on the wet rides! Taking a spin on a thrilling adventures throughout the iconic mountain ranges within the park, Frontierland. A log flume based ride at Splash Mountain followed by a ride on a runaway train through a gold-mining town. Time to embark on a voyage to a time when pirates ruled the seas in Adventureland on Pirate of the Caribbean. Grabbing a coffee finding a spot by a lake we decided to eat our packed lunch. Until unexpectedly a monster (in Kirsty’s words) Stork decided to join us aiming for Kirsty’s head alarming her fear of birds. 🐦 🤣 Time to kill before our next FP+ we queue for Peter Pan’s Flight abroad a magical ship. Let’s just say not sure the 50min wait was worth it. Not declaring to Olly where we were heading until we get through FP+ into a dark room to start a spine-tingling tour of the dark in the haunted mansion. Close to 3pm Parade time we head to Main Street, USA to get the

19 May 2018

Staying in future world we take cover & step inside the iconic Epcot geosphere for a journey through time & space. A game of on/off ponchos continued keeping dry from the Florida summer showers as we work our way ‘Around the world’ hoping into the different countries exploring more rides. Until we get caught having a snack in a torrential downpour taking cover for 20mins. Whilst on the wet theme we may as well join Nemo & friends on a ‘clamobile’ 🐠🦀🐙🐟🦐 Too much excitement & feeling damp we head to our reservation at Garden Grill restaurant joined by Disney characters. A very expensive restaurant for what it is. All a little jaded (well asleep for the little people) adjusting to time zone we hang on in & head to a spot to watch ‘IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth’- the history of planet Earth is told in breathtaking firework displays around the glittering World Showcase Lagoon. Late finish back to the Villa looking forward to getting into bed 💤
Disney starts at Epcot for us but first the royal wedding. Lazy morning watching Harry & Megan tie the knot. Waking to a hazy morning in Florida at 22 degrees was bizarre watching a beautiful sunny day in Blighty. Perfect conditions for royal wedding 🎩 👰🏻 As we watched the ceremony Finley proudly interrupted 😁 us as he wanted us to check out his REALLY long...foot long 💩. Proud as punch, he asked for a ruler too🤣🤣🤣 Boys all changed waiting for the girls they chill around the pool. Finley being Finley not listening to the adults he decides to walk along a narrow ledge down the side of the pool but misplaces his feet and falls in the pool fully clothed. Ooops! Arrive at Epcot and fun begins taking a spin on Chevrolet test track reaching speeds of 65mph around a mile-long course. Ponchos on as it starts to rain. Some looking more civilised than others creating amusement for all 😂

18 May 2018

After a pleasant smooth flight...well bar a few cheesy feet we arrive in Orlando!!! An hours queue to get through passport control, the norm for US security. Much to Kirstys dismay Rich conveniently gets out of driving as US security don’t accept his damaged driving license & we collect the car. But it’s alright the lady taught us something new....the most important thing....the key 🤣 Dads driving adjusting to the US freeways & unexpected wheeling spinning sent the boys to sleep for the whole journey. 🤣 Bearing in mind it was 1 O’clock in the UK & they were as good as gold on the plane. Now raining, thunder and lightening we finally get to the very American themed spacious villa with the back patio & pool area overlooking Southern Dunes Golf Course. Walmart ideally positioned just at the entrance of the gated community we got the supplies in & back for a snack before retiring for the evening.
Another family holiday....Halls on tour in the States! No not Vegas for the regular US travellers amongst us but we’re off to visit Mickey Mouse and friends. Early commute to Gatwick...well what was supposed to be a 6am leave ended up being a 7am leave. No not waiting for Sarah for once. A little technical hitch of the rents forgetting their driving license meant turning around. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Alls well the journey wasn’t too bad and sun is shinning. All checked in we head to Virgin’s VIP room, V-room with two very excited little boys. Buffet breakfasts all round whilst the boys play in the games room. With Olly being excited he keeps us in order checking the flight updates to’s time to go!