Switzerland · 1 Days · 9 Moments · July 2018

Last day in Switzerland

23 July 2018

Sorry i didn’t write yesterday, we were too busy watching movies and eating popcorn, but the rain held off all day and it was actually really warm out!
Great morning! We didn’t have anything planned so we woke up late, ate breakfast and went back to our rooms! A while later we went to Brynn and Sarah’s room and made guacamole w stuff we bought at the store and played cards! Went out and played giant chess later and i lost again. We looked at the pool situation but didn’t go. After that Sarah spontaneously decided to go paragliding and we ran to the place where we were supposed to meet them bc her time was like 4 min away. We walked up to the take off spot with her and watched her go! It looked so cool!! Everyone went back to their rooms but i stayed and walked around the town and bought a shirt and presents for Maggie. I walked around and ran into Sarah so we walked back and took a group picture then headed back out. We wandered for a bit and went into a shop with a really weird lady but a cute dog. Next Sarah and i played chess and then we had dinner and played again and watch movies in our room with some snacks! Really fun day today

22 July 2018

Dinner: “poultry salad” (it was chicken in some sauce with pineapple chunks and a bit of green. Had a fennel soup that was terrible so i didn’t even take a picture of it. Main course was pork with rosemary potatoes and a grilled tomato. Dessert was a warm brownie with walnuts in it glazed with icing, vanilla ice cream and a tiny slice of watermelon. AMAZING
Mid day wandering
Views and Sarah paragliding(last pic)