North America · 66 Days · 55 Moments · November 2018

Larissa's voyage in United States (2nd part)

15 January 2019

#Day114 #SF, CA To CDMX,Mexico Lazy day here! After walking a lot yesterday I decided to take easy. I woke up, had some tea and a leftover. Then packed up my stuff. Tried to fix my money belt and didn't make it afterwards. Then worked out and took a good shower. In the afternoon I decided to walk around although the raining. It was nice to see the neighborhood. Charming one. When I came back it was hard to do upstairs since I didn't have the card. But I could eventually. I was kinda bored at some point but it was alright. VJ came back in the evening, we talked a bit and he gave me a ride to the station. Kind man. Then I made it to the airport on time and grateful for everything. Done with the US! It was good in general. Over the past month I worked hard and that's gonna help me a lot.

14 January 2019

#Day113 #SF, CA Day of exploring the city!! After few weeks in the country, it was time to bring back the city girl. I woke up around 8am, had breakfast and went to the Union Square to take the walking tour. The day was raining, but I decided to go out anyways. It was totally worth it the tour. I understood a lot about the city, some buildings and had some fun. In the afternoon I went exploring the area by the ocean. First the Fishermans Wharf...then the Pier 39. It was a great walk, it was chilly but I could handle it. I got back to the hostel after few hills and waited for my host VJ. In the evening my host and I went to have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and grabbed some vegan dinner. I confess I was very tired and slept early. Good day!

13 January 2019

#Day112 #Colfax,CA to SF, CA Day to be on the road again!! I miss that! I woke up early since I had a bus to SF at 10am. I took my time, made some coffee and went shopping. Everything was fine! The bus was on time and I could read a bit, think about life and rest. Around 2pm I arrived in SF and decided to be at the city. I went to Amsterdam Hostel( tough walk, but I made it). Nice place, location too. I was tired and ended up taking a nap. In the evening I went to a bar to hangout with Josh from Couchsurfing. Nice time! Good company! Back to the hostel I slept right after.

11 January 2019

#Day110 #Colfax,CA We went to work in the morning to finish few details and the new tenant was already there. We were supposed to be there at 10am but we got late since Aaron’s family would come to his house and we had to clean up. Back at work we left after two hours and had lunch with Mr. Brand. Aaron ended up staying home and Kev and I got back to work. I painted few stuff and cleaned the place. I felt great to be with Kev and traveling. Poor me! In the evening we went to movies and it was a romantic storie (The princess bride), I was happier than usual and Kev took care of me. It was fun. When we got home, Alex (Aaron’s friend) came over and they spoke a lot. I was so tired and just wanted to rest. Long day!!

10 January 2019

#Day109 #Colfax,CA Back to work, we didn’t have a Mexican breakfast .. thank God!! I kept painting and felt so much better when I saw the results. The doors were white but at some point I was not okay because of the smell. The same thing about Kev. We left for lunch and I had an incredible salad. It was a bit spicy but it was totally worth the money spent. We got back to work and I started to pain another kind of door. It was frustrating. I thought it would be easier but the painting directions made me feel lost. After two layers there were okay. However Kev’s door looked terrible and Aaron was so upset. We stayed longer since they were finishing the floor. I was cold and kinda bored but it was alright. In the evening we cooked dinner and it was good after few hours. Another day!!!

9 January 2019

#Day108 #Colfax,CA Day of be back to work. There was some stuff to be done. I started to paint the doors and I felt so frustrated. It was the first painting on those and the wood absorbed a lot. It looked terrible and I was sad. While Aaroon told me it was alright for the first time, Kev was saying it looked terrible. In the afternoon I finally made the painting with the rool and it looked so much better. Even though we got there late, we made about 6 hours of working. Back home, the guys talked a lot about cars and guns and I was so tired and decided to sleep early. I was pretty emotional specially because of my period. Everything worked out by the end!!

8 January 2019

#Day107 #Colfax,CA Another day off! Aaron's dad was supposed to come and we left for work to pack some stuff. Tools and things like that. We were having a hard time with that lady since she didn't want to pay us. Since she did we were so happy, everyone got paid and we went to the grocerie to buy food. We still talked to his dad a lot during the day. We played soccer a bit whole Aaron was fixing his car. In the evening we went for a rid and it was fun!! We stayed in and I could relax a bit. #Good day!!

7 January 2019

#Day106 #Colfax,CA Day off!! After some time working a lot we deserved that. Kev and I talked a lot during the day. I exercised, tried to read a bit. In the afternoon we were planning to go hiking but it didn't happen. Instead I took a good bath and relaxed. Aaroon was excited about packing up and he did a lot during the day. I got new clothes and it was great. In the evening Angelo came by and we played cards against humanity. Fun game, we had a good time. # Thanks God!!

6 January 2019

#Day105 #Colfax,CA Sunday! Work day again. It was raining and we left not that early. We finished some details in the house and ended up with 5 days of work. In the evening we stayed at home and I was confused about the sleep. Then Aaroon left and Kev and I stayed by the living room. It was great to do that. We got back to the point we were before. Sunday! Confused day!!

5 January 2019

#Day104 #Colfax,CA Another working day. We woke up kinda late and we left for work. It was still close to Kev and I felt like there was some connection yet. We got back early and we decided to see a movie. It was great!! Jackie Chan movie. We laughed a lot, we fell also lol When we got back we talked by the living room and then everyone went sleeping at the same spot as the night before.

31 December 2018

#Day99 #North San Juan, CA. Last day of the year!!! We woke up early (around 9am) and we started to work. It was cold and not that easy but we took our time. In the afternoon we stopped the work at 3pm and we went watching a movie (Romeo and Juliet). I was so sleepy and it was okay. In the evening we went to get some food and we cooked a great spaghetti:) After that we went to see some fireworks and to the bar. It was fun, some music too. Then we got back at the dark and cold but it was nice!! Thanks God for 2018!!

30 December 2018

#Day98 #Colfax, CA. This day was a different one! In the morning I got so much energy and things to think of and it was good to go to the trampoline!!! Around noon Nick and I left to Nicks place to do some work. It was great this time by ourselves, we got to talk a lot and we went to a nice river!! It was fun! I didn’t take any pics. I regret!! But that is okay!! We got to Nicks and I learned about wax. It was cold tho. We finished by the sunset and we started a movie marathon!! So fun!! Three movie in a rom and we laughed and everyone had a good time. The night was good too!! Great day!!

29 December 2018

#Day97 #Colfax, CA. This day was an off one! We were supposed to go to work but we didn’t. We went jumping by the trampoline and it was fun. Firstly we talked about going to the river but it didn’t happen. Then we went to shot a gun and it was great. After that we went to a bar and it was nice to see the redneckers and understand them!! It was getting late and we got back but it was a nice day off!! I did wanted to make money tho hehe

28 December 2018

#Day96 #Colfax, CA. Another working day!!! We were by ourselves this day and we did alright! At the begging Kev and I were not talking that much and we disagreed about few things. He was not okay. In the afternoon Aaron showed up and the lady payed us. It was great!!! I just got paid the feeling..uow!!! In the evening we went to the grocery store and we bought a lot of stuff!! Everyone was happy. It was a good day in general:))

27 December 2018

#Day95 #Colfax, CA. In the morning we went working at the house and it was interesting to finish some painting and get recognized by that. I learned new stuff and start to work at the selling. At some point I was so upset because Kev didn't put effort to make the painting nice. It is not that hard. In the evening we got home I was so tired and just wanted to rest but we decided to come to downtown to get internet. It was good to talk to my people. Great day!!

26 December 2018

#Day94 #Colfax, CA. Day outside!! After few days in we went working back at the house. This time we were putting the type and painting. It was good to learn about it. We didn't have lunch but we ate burritos and I was okay. I loved to do it. After work on the house we left and we were ready to eat something. In the evening we went to a grocery store and grabbed some vegetables to make a salad. Aarron cooked and it was so delicious!! Productive day!!

25 December 2018

#Day93 #Colfax, CA. This was another day of work. We were supposed to go painting but we decided to stay and keep treaming. My rhythm was slowly and it was hard to find good stuff. I kept going even though they left for a while. But I knew I had a break. Around 4pm I went walking and get connected. I didn't talk to anybody and I felt they could be worried. It was a good walk and I called my family and text some friends. I felt better so did they. It was dark when I got back and I was a bit lost. Gladly Kev picked me up! Then we got back to work and around 1am I finished half pound!

23 December 2018

#Day91 #Colfax, CA Day of see new things. We woke up really early and I was not sure what was going on. I'm glad I did since the guys were heading to the Lake Tahoe. It was a long time in the van but it was worth it. The landscapes were incredible, the snow and the forest itself. We got at Aaron's parent house and it was cool. Nice place made by wood and they were friendly. We got a good breakfast and I spent some time seeing around. Around 1pm we left and Aaroon dropped us off by the hot spring. It was good for few minutes but I didn't feel that comfortable with the hot water and being naked. I decided to go for a walk and had a time by myself. After that we went to a friend's place and I could take a nap. In the evening we drove back and there was some snow torm but we made it. Good day!!

22 December 2018

#Day90 #Colfax, CA This day was a really productive one!!! Aaron made breakfast for us and we left to work with woodworking and painting. I learned a lot. I did some painting, cleaning and also sanding wood. I had some pizza but it was not enough. We worked from 11am to 6pm and I felt tired and great!! Then we went shopping and we got so much food!! When we came back we cooked our dinner! It was delicious and spicy at the same time. But we had some wine and danced. It was pretty fun!! Good day!!

21 December 2018

#Day89 #Colfax, CA We got back to the house in the morning and met the owners again. But this time they were more friendly and we started to help Aaron. We packed up a lot of stuff. Decoration, clothes, furniture and so on. Then we were going back and forward to the storage. There was a point I was so tired. But I kept going. When we finished we went grabbing a pizza which was delicious. Tiring but good day!!

20 December 2018

#Day88 #Colfax, CA In the morning we woke up early since Aaron's parents needed to work on the house. It was time to grab a coffee in downtown and get to know the city. In the afternoon we did some hiking and went to the library. I got a nice book and we stayed there for a while. It was bored at some point since we were expecting to be working during the day. In the evening we got some Tacos and Aaron told us he would be back just in the morning. We figured out another place to crash this night. It was a cabin into the woods. Douglas from warmshowers helped us. Very cute! God takes care of me!!

19 December 2018

#Day87 #California, USA Day on the road. I could get some sleep on the way SD/SF and after some traffic I got to San Francisco around 8am. The ride was comfortable also. Luckily I made the reservation to Sacramento early..then I just had to wait until 9am. Then another ride to Sacramento and around 11am I was there. In the afternoon it was such a struggle in Sacramento. First of all I got lost by the highway. Then I decided to go to the Amtrak station. After 2 hours I made it. However there was one bus at 4ish to Auburn (very expensive ://) and it was not easy to get this ticket too. But I did. Around 5pm I got to Auburn and then another long wait and tough situation. In the evening I didn't get any connection and Kev was supposed to meet there. But he never showed up. Thank God I got a quick internet and I saw he was in Colfax. That's when I decided to get a bus to there. And a bus driver helped me and I met him and Aaron finally! It was a tiring day but God helped me!!

18 December 2018

#Day86 #Tijuana, MX to California, USA After a wonderful night with no pain, I woke up and was deciding what's next. The plan then was to go back to USA. I took a look on the tickets during the morning and decided to cross the border in the afternoon. Around 1pm I left the hostel and headed to the bus station. It was a long wait since the bus was around 03:35pm. When the time came, I was the only one in the bus. By the border, it was another wait but then I crossed by foot, so many questions again. But I made it. Then I saw how different everything was! Two worlds!! In the evening I got to San Diego and my bus to SF was about 9pm, I went to the Starbucks and met a sweet woman called Bex who helped me :) Around 9pm I took the bus and was ready for a long journey!!!

17 December 2018

#Day85 #Tijuana, MX I woke up around 8am to make my way to the dentist. The night before was not easy but my thought was..this pain is going to end! I didn't have breakfast by the hostel and I took an Uber to the center of the city. They looked at my tooth and it was worse than I thought (fair for the pain). It would be necessary to do a root canal and then a crown. I was so shocked. Especially because of the price (300 + 400usd). Veeeery expensive!! Luckily I found another dentist for 250usd and besides the professional and kind behavior she also did a permanent resine (not crown for now). I was so grateful and happy! I got back to the hostel and walked a bit by the beach. Then I decided to search about my next destination. Sometimes that's not a fun thing to do. I went sleeping not that late and it was glad in general!

16 December 2018

#Day84 #San Diego,CA Sunday! Fun day!!! We were supposed to leave early to see La Jolla but Justin texted me he was tired and would be sleeping until late. It was okay for me. I packed up and had the plane to enjoy San Diego and travel to Mexico in the evening. My tooth could not wait. In the afternoon we left to see La Jolla and it was incredible. The first spot to see the whole city and then the Cave. On the way we decided to explore a small beach and it was an adventure. After that we went to see the sealions and seals. Great view!! About 4pm we met some girls (Justin's friends) and they went surfing while I stay laying by the beach. There was not sunset this day. But it was fun. In the evening Justin dropped me off by the bus station and I took the bus to Tijuana. It was easy the immigration but I had to pay 30usd. I got at the hostel by 09:30pm after took a bus ride from the airport. I was so tired but took a shower and got ready for the dentist appointment in the mornin

15 December 2018

#Day83 #San Diego,CA Saturday!!! Nice day outside!!! We took our time in the morning and got back to the hostel. We decided to have breakfast by a bar close by which it was a good choice. Some hot tacos. In the afternoon Justin went surfing and I decided to look for a dentist. The pain was tremendous. I went to a spot nearby which it was closed. Then someone told me another place far away and I took a scooter. Such a long ride (not that easy). But it was also closed and I was like..Fuck it!! I called and the person told me it would be 250usd just to dentist see me. And I's not gonna happen. I decided to wake the way back and it was a good exercise. By the sunset Justin joined me and it was a good time. We decided to cook pasta again and it was tasty again!!! So busy by the beach! There were some fun guys by the hostel and it was different. They made barbecue but my tooth was not good for meat. In the evening I took a shower and I spent some time with the folks.

14 December 2018

#Day82 #San Diego,CA This day I was supposed to leave. I was sad, I woke up around 8:30am to pack up and I was not sure where I was doing. I took a good shower and meet Justin and Yael by the deck. She had to do the same. And I was kinda...what am I going to do??? We left to take a breakfast (pancakes and eggs) which I loved it!! Until 4pm I was stuck by the hostel and I thought..I'm staying. So I booked one more night. Friday night was a good day to enjoy Downtown. So I went riding a bike in the afternoon and I loved it (years later). Then I got ready to see Justin and downtown afterwards. I met him and we left to visit Coronado Islands and a Skydeck called Altitude. Good tour by downtown (big city indeed). We danced, drank a bit and we were wishing to make the most. So did wee. We found a good location by Pacific beach and stayed overnight. It was good to rest and enjoy our companion for a while. I'm glad I stayed!!

13 December 2018

#Day81 #San Diego,CA This day I woke up around noon again! I needed that after the bad experience during the last night. Justin told me some people were supposed to surf and I decided to give a second try. Surfing is such a challenge! It was cold and I couldn't focus, not fun as I thought. It was Justin day off so we decided to check Ocean Beach out. We had lunch by a Mexican restaurant and it was delicious!!! Then we walked by the sidewalk and finally we went to Sunset Cliffs to see the sunset!!! Incredible places!! In the evening we got back to the hostel and had some food. It was Sangria night and we drank, danced and it was fun! I decided to go to the bed early because I got headache. Good day in general! I saw a lot!!

11 December 2018

#Day79 #San Diego,CA I woke up around 8:30 and I was still tired but I could not sleep more so I decided to enjoy the day!! I went for a run and it was great!! I saw the cristal pier, Mission Bay and took my time. When I got back I decided to grab a salad for lunch and went to do some exercise by the beach. After that I got back to the hostel, Mark was hanging out and he offered me to teach me how to surf. It was cool!! I was kinda scared by the begging but he was great. I got to surfboard with Justin and we had a good time. In the evening we didn’t have the dinner because we left to the Taco Tuesday. It was fun! I ate some burrito, good people , we went to a few bars, we had fun!! When we got back I was still awake and we decided to be by the fire. Eventually Justin came and we were hangout and left to see a movie. We were getting close and I kinda liked it. Eventually it was just two of us and we had fun !!! About 5am I went to bed and I was so tired.

10 December 2018

#Day78 #Los Angeles, CA to San Diego, CA Day of moving!! I got my ticket to San Diego at 1pm. I woke up around 9am, I got to talk to Steven a bit and left to Downtown Los Angeles. I felt so happy after I did. It was not what I was expecting for. The bus ride took a while and I got in San Diego around 3pm. I made it to the hostel around 4pm and I was so glad I got to see the sunset!! Such a beautiful view!! I got the dinner (pasta) and went to watch a movie by the living room. I got to meet Pietra, Roc and Axel. It was a great movie afterwards. I did laught a lot. I was so relaxed. After the movie we decided to make a fire and I met Daniel, Michael, Evan, Mark, Justin and I had a great time. We watched a documentary after the fire and I talked to Justin a bit. I went to bed around 3:30 and I was so happy!!! Great day!!

9 December 2018

#Day77 #Los Angeles, CA Sunday! Lazy day!! I didn't have any plans. My friend Steven was busy with his family and I decided to have my hair done by Dirk. He really wanted to do that. I got eggs and coffee for the breakfast (as usual). Around 3:30pm we went to the salon and it was nice!! I got my haircut and he dried my hair. I confess it was something I did want for a while. We had good talks but he was already drinking. He did a good job and I was grateful for that. In the evening we had a movie night and it was fantastic!! The first one was The Greatest Showman. What a great story and soundtrack!! I loved it. The second one was Chips and it was so funny!! Grateful for the day!!!

8 December 2018

#Day76 #Los Angeles, CA Day to be back to the beach. I was supposed to wake up early but I didn't. That's ok. I left home around 11/12pm towards Santa Monica Beach. I took the metro and around 1pm I was there. I walked a lot, saw the Santa Monica pier and took my time. So many people and it was a good atmosphere. I decided to go by myself. Not into the mood to socialize. I had a Peruvian tacos which it was delicious but so small. I had a dessert by McDonald's after struggle to find a traditional one. Around 5pm it was the sunset and I was amazed. How beautiful it was. I felt in peace and grateful for the life. Around 5:30 I took the metro back to Los Feliz cause we would go to a Holiday Party. In the evening I got ready very fast and we went to a friend's house of Dirk. What a great time!! I ate a lot and drank a bit. Good people around and the Christmas spirit. Good day :)

7 December 2018

#Day75 #Los Angeles, CA Nice weather!! Time to explore again!! I woke up around 9am and I took my time to eat and get ready to another day! I took a Lift and went to Hollywood. I saw the walk of the fame and the theaters around. In the afternoon I went to Downtown LA to see the Broad Museum (Contemporary art) with Nick and John. Good pieces of art!! After that we left to eat In - n - out Burger and see the Art District. We ended up by the wrong place but whatever! We went to Venice Beach by the sunset and it was nice! The sun went down really fast but I could appreciate a good walk by myself. Around 7pm we went to the meeting by the Food trucks. I got two donuts and it was enough! Expensive foods. We went to a bar afterwards and took me two hours the metro rice back to my place. I was so tired and kinda sick! I got there around 11pm and got some rest. Great day of walking and meet new people!

6 December 2018

#Day74 #Los Angeles, CA Very chill day!! It was raining in the morning and I had planned to go to Hollywood and walk a bit around the area. But I didn't leave because of the weather. So I decided to sleep as much as I could. Two really busy days before!! In the afternoon I left to have lunch. I found a Chinese restaurant and I had such a delicious food!! Then I got back and stayed on the bed for a while. Steven came up and we got ready to the party in Beverly Hills. In the evening we went to the bar and it was a good time. I got to talk to some people and drank a bit. But I was so hungry and there was no food :/ When we got back to his place I had the leftover from the lunch and it felt great! Good and relaxing day!!

5 December 2018

#Day73 #Los Angeles, CA I got in Los Angeles about 10am. The bus was so delayed but I'm glad I could sleep during the journey. Steven was gone for work but I found his place, took a shower and left for the Griffith Park. I got by the Griffith Observatory around 1pm and meet Ehsan, Nic and Jasper. Good crew! We saw some stuff and we left to see the Hollywood sign. After that we had some good by the Lemonade restaurant. And then the Getty Center (museum). It was cool! Around 5pm I did my way back to the Steven's place! It was raining and it was not that easy. Traffic was terrible but I made it about 7pm and I got there. Then I met Dirk and Ron (his roommates). Great people!!! I had some apple pie, ice cream and pizza for dinner! It was Ron's birthday. Nice time! Then I had a time with Steven (it was confused by the end). Where's my trip is going? I need to find my way!!

2 December 2018

#Day70 #San Francisco, CA Second day in SF. We were very lazy and I was still processing last night. When I got up, Sandra and her mom were cooking breakfast and the smell was so good. After we ate (arepas from Colombia), we went for a walk by the district (so cute btw). We got coffee and even my USB cable (finally lol). It was a sunny day in SF, I took advantage by walking and being happy! Samppee was happy too. When we got back to Sandra's place, I took a shower and we got ready to go out. In the afternoon we went to the Haight street (for shopping) and to a park (Roseleta). People and dogs playing, it was nice seeing that. I fell down three times and I got so dirty afterwards lol We got back around 6/7pm to North San Juan. A couple of hours on the road and we were back. Home sweet home!!

30 November 2018

#Day68 #North San Juan,CA Another lazy day. Although I woke up around 10am (early). I did some breakfast and we stayed in while Nick was out doing his stuff. In the afternoon we had the leftover and it was good. Kev showed some pics, I talked to a bunch of people online and we shared some stories. Around 4pm I decided to go for a run, nice day outside. I could see a bit of the neighborhood and enjoyed myself. In the evening I was by myself for a while, did some treaming and talked to Nick as well. Later Kev and Sandra came and we had some pizza and watched TV. Good day!

29 November 2018

#Day67 #North San Juan, CA In the morning I woke up with an incredible view from the window. It was about 11:30am when I got up. The guys were heading to the town (Nevada city) and I decided to join them. We went to a bank, Nick had to solve something and a grocerie store afterwards. It was good, I got some stuff and we had a hot lunch (chicken and salad). When we got back, I was reading my book while Kev was doing another thing. I cooked some tacos and we had some wine. They left for a friend's house and I stayed to finish my book. It was good to be by myself for a while. When they got back, we started to watch a documentary about Trump. It was kinda fun. Good and relaxing day!

28 November 2018

#Day66 #North San Juan, CA Relaxing day. I woke up late and we went to the Café again. Kev had a meeting with his friend Susan. I didn't have breakfast and I was so freaking hungry. When we got back I had the soup and it was alright. I joined the guys in the afternoon. I read the book and about 4/5pm we left for the hot springs. The way you drove it was so beautiful. The trip was with Nick, Sandra, Kevin and I. Good crew. We got there about 7pm. In the beginning it was not easy. The hot and cold tubes kinda messed me up. I took my time, I went to the sauna and it felt better. About 10/11pm we got back and I was tired but I did enjoy my time over there. What a great experience!!!

27 November 2018

#Day65 #North San Juan, CA This day I woke up very early and we went to the café. I didn't eat anything but I knew there was the lunch around 11am. We went to the community center (Silvia invited us) and we had a good time. There were soup, salad and coffee in the begging. The main dish was a delicious lasagna. For the dessert we had ice cream and chocolate. Everything was incredible!! We washed the dishes and it was good to help them out. We got back home and I slept the whole afternoon. Kev woke me up and I got ready for the dance night. I met Sandra (Nick's gf) and two Spanish girls. The evening was so much fun. The first place we could not talk and no shoes. Ever

26 November 2018

#Day65 #North San Juan, CA In the morning Kev had a meeting to talk about his toys and he left early to the café. I joined him afterwards. I did the walk by myself and it felt good. A time to think and reflect. While in the café we met his friend Mike and his girlfriend. They were nice and even invited us to a dinner in the evening. We got to hangout with Rows and another friend of Kev and came back to the cabin. Mike would pick us up around 4/5pm. I took a good shower in the afternoon and got ready to the dinner. In the evening they came and we went to the farm. It was supposed to be a fancy dinner but I had no idea about that. Lots of friends came up and the food was incredible. We bought a wine and cookies and ate a lot of different things. Some guys were playing guitar and even got to dance. It was kinda intense and I hurt my knee a bit. Not big deal tho. They drove us back! Such a fun day!!

25 November 2018

#Day64 #North San Juan, CA First day in this small town. I woke up around 9:30am and we left for a walk by the downtown. The dog Samp met another pet on the way and it was fun. Kev knows everyone and the café is such a nice plane..hippie vibe! Many people hanging out. I was able to talk to few people and it was cool. I met Silvia, a lovely old lady. After a while we got back and decided to take a nap, it was a good one. I felt tired specially after the time by the cemitery. The sunset was incredible that day, not raining and we saw a lot. During the evening Kev made the pizza again and we started treaming. It was not easy for me. At some point I was about to give up but I took my time and after 10:30pm I finished. This day we decided to sleep by the cabin and it felt better than the couch at the main house. Sunny and beautiful day!!

24 November 2018

#Day63 San Francisco, CA to North San Juan, CA. That was a loong day! I was supposed to go to the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning and go back to the hostel. I could not wake up early so I did the check out and then I headed there with my two backpacks. It was a good view, nice park but it was so hard to be with so much heavy stuff. Around noon I got a bus back to the downtown to get the other backpack. I'm glad I did, it's so nice! However I missed the bus to Sacramento because I could not get to the bus station on time. Luckily there was another one and I took it. I got in Sacramento around 5pm and there was just a train to Auburn and nothing else to Nevada city afterwards. So I decided to take this one at 8pm and Kev would pick me up in Auburn. While waiting at the train station (cute one) I donated my two old backpacks and it felt great. I took the train (good journy) and around 9:30pm Kev got three. I met his friend Pauline and after 1 hour we made it to North San Juan.

23 November 2018

#Day62 Livermore to San Francisco, CA. I was supposed to wake up at 8am but I didn't make it. So tired, my body hurts but here I am. I woke up around 10am and spent some time with Scott and his family. Around noon he dropped me off in Dublin and I did my way to San Francisco. It was raining a lot and I decided to walk by the downtown and see the Black Friday. I stopped by Declaton and stayed for hours. I got a hiking shoe, a raincut, a hiking pants and a mountain backpack. I was looking for that for a while so no regrets hehe. I went to the hostel and my plan was mostly to rest. I took a nap and woke up around 8pm. So I packed my stuff in the new backpack and tried to get ride of some things. Not that late and after I good shower I got some sleep.

22 November 2018

#Day62 # Groveland to Livermore, CA This was a chilling and nice day! Around 8:30am I woke up. Juan was gone and we were getting ready to see Scott's family. Around 10am we headed out to Livermore. His family was so nice. Firstly I met his parents (Roger and Lily) then her grandma. Also the dogs (Best and Cathy). Everyone was welcoming and i felt good. Around 3pm we had the Thanksgiving dinner and it was delicious. Potatoes, turkey and other foods (including Pumpkin and Apple pies). I was feeling so sleepy but I could control myself. In the evening (around 9pm) we left to see the movie called A star is born..good movie but I was expecting more. Back home, I could get a property sleep.

21 November 2018

#Day61 #Las Vegas,NV to California In the morning I woke up really early once we had planned to hit California and two parks during the day (Sequoia National Park and Yosemite Park). Around 7/8am we left and it was really interesting to see the different landscapes in California. Firstly the desert then the mountains. I just thought about that quote, it's not all about the destination but the way. Around 3pm we hit the Sequoia Park. We had to wait for a while since the road was closed but I did enjoy the view. When we were allowed we went to the General Sherman tree. Then we left to Yosemite. In the evening it started to rain and some roads were not the best but I'm glad you made it. We met Scott and we took our rest eventually.. Great day (and expensive one too).

20 November 2018

#Day60 Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon, AR Two months on the road! Day of to get a road trip to Grand Canyon. I had breakfast in the morning and walked a bit before going to the Bellagio Fountaine. Juan got a bit delayed and we ended up leaving around 11am. The road trip was good. The couple from Czech Republic was alright. We got to talk few times and we got to the Grand Canyon around 4pm. Although it was cold I had a good time over there. Everyone worried about the perfect photo but it was great just to see the canyon. Few more hours on the road and around 9pm we arrived to Las Vegas. We saw a bit of the Strip and headed to the hostel. Time to rest and take a good hot shower. Another good day!!

19 November 2018

#Day59 #Chicago, IL to Las Vegas, NV Looong day (26 hours to be exact). I woke up around 6am to catch the flight to Las Vegas. About 8:30 I made it to the airport. Everything worked out fine. I got to Las Vegas at 12:30pm and went straight to the hostel. I had to wait until 3pm to check in but it was good. I left the place around 4pm to meet Jonathan by the Strip. We walked a loot. It was getting dark already but seeing the lights was fantastic! We saw different hotels (including Wynn, Venecian, Bellagio and etc). We took some snacks (crossaint, ice cream, cappuccino. He was very kind. And mainly we saw casinos everywhere. Rich people as well. I was very tired by the end and decided to head back around 11pm. Las Vegas amazed me with its colors and vibe. If one has money, it's worth it too. Superficial pleasure tho.

18 November 2018

#Day58 #Chicago, IL Last day in Chicago. I got back around 9am and I took a quick nap. So tired. I think I took two/three hours of sleeping in total. Then William gave me the pass to the museums. Around noon I left to see the Art Contemporary Museum which it was interesting. I learned a bit about photography and I liked it! I headed to the Art Institute of Chicago after that and saw different piece of works. Also I could see the Christmas tree by the Millennium's Park. It was beautiful and cold. I got a headache and decided to get back early. I went to the pool to relax a bit but it was cooold. William's friend was staying at the place and we talked a bit. Around 10pm we left to have dinner and it was good time. Back home I packed everything and was ready to get some sleep and fly to a new area of the country.

16 November 2018

#Day56 #Chicago, IL Lazy morning again. But I slept well, thank God. I ate eggs, avocado and coffee for the breakfast which it was great. After talking to few people about the Millennium Park and the bean, I went to check it out. Such a big park with modern sculptures and tons of people. Cold day again, but I could handle it. The worst thing is the wind. It's terrible!! But I could walk and went back around 4:30pm to go out to the museum in the evening. I took a good nap and William was late so we stayed in. In the evening we watched the movie The Secretariat which it was touching. Such a great horse and an incredible woman. I had to control myself to not tear up. I went to bed around 11:30pm and was pretty relaxed. I appreciate your kindness, my Lord.

15 November 2018

#Day55 #Chicago, IL First whole day in Chicago! I decided to wake up late and I'm glad I did. It was snowing hard and felt so good to be relaxing at home. William gave me the key and it was nice of him! In the afternoon I decided to leave and my goal was to see the Navy Pier. I walked by downtown, saw the buildings and finally could make it. It was so cold and I stayed in most of the time. There was some trees inside and nice place to relax. The initial plan was to visit the museum in the evening, but my host was late. In the evening I decided to go to the weekly meeting by South Chicago. It took a while but it was good to be there. I met tons of people and had a good time. Kev was supposed to go but the ID problem didn't allow him. I got back around 10:30pm, my wish was stay longer but since someone was hosting me, the situation was different. Good day at the big city!!

14 November 2018

#Day54 #Cleveland, OH to Chicago, IL Day of moving. In the morning Cathy recommended me to see the Rock and Roll place in Cleveland and also take a selfie by the sign. I went there. It was freezing the walk but I'm glad I did. Around 12:30 I got back, said goodbye for her and went to the station. It was not easy. So heavy my backpack and my back was sore. The bus left around 01:30pm and it was a good ride. I met Kev and Cris and we had good talks. In the evening, around 7pm the bus came and my host William was waiting for me. He's a good man from China. We had the traditional pizza from Chicago and it was so delicious. I was tired and since we got back, I got some sleep..during the night I felt so hot and my throat is not good at all. Hopefully it gets better :))

13 November 2018

#Day53 #Cleveland, OH Day of exploring the city by myself. We woke up late and we were on a hurry because Cathy needed to work. I got the direction to explore the museums alone. The bus dropped me off by the University and I took my time over there. Got my flight to Vegas and kept warm a bit. About 2pm I went to the Art Museum and I saw a lot. I'm not that patient to see all the painting but it was a good walk. About 6pm I was back and we spent some time by the wine section and I drank Rosé and white whine. We had a good dinner and it was a great day. Cathy is such an open hearted person. Love her!!

12 November 2018

#Day52 #Cleveland, OH Monday off!! We had breakfast in the morning (banana bred and coffee). We were supposed to meet the Uncle Mike and some more people. About 11/12 am we headed to a good café to meet them. There was uncle Mike and his friend Pam. I got some salad and soup. They were delicious. We talked a lot, laughted and it was a good time. Around 2pm we left and went to see a Jewish museum. Unfortunately it was closed but it was good to see a bit anyways. After that we went to a Mc Donald to meet her friend Roger. On the way we saw a lot of beautiful houses of some suburbs. By the sunset we went to a Little Italy which it was cute. I got a glass of wine by the Trattoria Restaurant and Cathy had a soup. We walked a bit, I saw the architecture and I loved it! Around 7pm we were to a restaurant to intend a meeting by Optimus organization. They help people around the world. I introduced myself also. We met Kevin afterwards and the day finished. Good day :))

11 November 2018

#Day51 #Cleveland, OH It was not easy to get up in the morning. I slept good. Somehow Cathy woke me up because of the brunch with her friend Eric. We went downstairs and meet him, then we went to a place called Stela music. It was a brunch during the American football game. It was good to watch, I ate a lot and also drank a bit. After the end of the game, we went walking by downtown, I could see historical buildings, squares which it was pretty good. Everyone was happy because Browns won and it was a sunny day. Although it was cold. In the evening we were supposed to meet some friends of hers but they couldn't show up. Then we decided to watch a comedian show by a Finish guy. It was fun, he spoke about the English challenges. At night we spent some time by the 9 and then home sweet home! Great day to see more of the American culture. I met lots of friends of Cathy and it was lovely and fun!