Austria, Germany · 10 Days · 44 Moments · March 2016

Larissa's voyage in Austria

1 April 2016

I'm coming home
Off to Poland!

31 March 2016

Today was my last day in Europe. I leave tomorrow at 6:15 a.m. for the airport. It's been such a great experience and I'm so grateful to have parents who love and support me and allow me to experience things like this. I've loved every second of this trip even through a nasty sunburn, awful head cold, and blistered feet. It's been so much fun and it's something I'll remember for the rest of my life. AUF WIERDENSEHEN, AUSTRIA!
Munich, Germany
Last stop in Austria. Melk Abbey.

30 March 2016

March 30- Our last concert was tonight. It was sad thinking about this being our last time singing in Austria and to think about my senior friends leaving so soon after. But I'm happy I got to experience this trip and sing with this amazing group of people. Tomorrow is our last day in Austria and I'm super bummed that my trip is coming to an end so soon but I'm leaving satisfied and happy knowing that I have made very special memories here with some very special people.
Dinner was super good!
Summer palace of Empress Maria Theresa.
I get to sing in this building!!

29 March 2016

Walking through Vienna's park at night.
Walk through the city with friends. Also shopping!
My junior friends at dinner!
Food Market❤️
Graves of famous composers
Beethoven's house!
Few shots from the bus tour of Vienna.

28 March 2016

From today's city walk
First look at Vienna.
I didn't post about yesterday's choir concert so I figured I'd do that now that there is time on the bus ride. We sang better than we ever have before in front a very large and enthused crowd. They asked for an encore and wanted to speak to us personally after the concert. It was a very different experience than singing in concerts back in Kenosha and the audience was much more interested and appreciative than what you usually expect. One guy was so cute and came up to me struggling a bit with his English saying, "we don't have singers who can sing as high as you guys do. It made me very happy. Thank you". It was nice to hear that our singing is making other people happy. That's what choir is all about.
I did not take a lot of photos because it felt inappropriate but I went to the Mathausen Concentration Camp today. It was one of the most emotional things I've ever experienced to stand in the same spot as thousands and thousands of prisoners. We walked through a day of what life as a prisoner would have been like and ended the tour in a gas chamber. It was truly humbling and life changing.

27 March 2016

Best lunch so far in a very great cafe just outside of Linz. If I ever make it back here, I'm definitely going there again.
St. Florian Monastery! Beautiful.

26 March 2016

I was at the top of the Swiss Alps. I honestly don't know what to say because it was so surreal. Just wow.
Took trains and slides through the salt mines in the mountains!
Went to a fortress and had an amazing view of Salzburg!
It's super late here, 12:36 am, but I can't sleep because I'm so hyped up from the awesome day I've had. You would think we were here for a week with all of the things we jammed into one day. My favorite moments being a cute lunch with friends on the lake, a sound of music tour, and an incredible choir concert. The music that I am producing with this group is something that I can't even put into words. The text is beautiful and moving and I really feel connected to the music that we sing. It makes this trip so much more to be able to make and share this universal love for music. We brought people who don't even speak English to tears. Music is so powerful! This is such an amazing experience and I'm so beyond grateful to have this opportunity.

25 March 2016

The beautiful area of our first performance
Pretty cathedral used in the Sound of Music
"I am sixteen going on seventeen"..Sound of Music tour!!!!
Tricky Fountains. So beautiful.

24 March 2016

Night walks
March 24- Today was so busy! Started the day with a ferry ride and a tour of a palace. Then went to Austria for a city tour. My favorite part about the tour was the street performers! They played instruments and sounded beautiful! Mozart's house was cool too. Oh and the cathedral was great. Basically everything we did was amazing. Everything about today is my favorite part!
Tour through the Salzburg! Saw Mozart's house, the Dom cathedral, the fountain where they filmed "do re mi" from the sound of music, and some really cute shopping streets!
Officially in Austria!
March 24- Our first stop was a tour of Neues Schloss Herrenchiemsee which was a palace built by King Ludwig something or another. It was one of three palaces built under his reign but was never finished because of financial issues. There were rooms completely made of gold. Every room had paintings on the ceiling and walls, beautiful chandeliers, and huge mirrors that were used to make the rooms look larger. The coolest thing was the "magic table". It's a table with a secret elevator allowing servants to set the table and bring it up without anyone seeing it being set like magic!
Wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the palace but it was gorgeous!
Ferry Ride on the way to a palace

23 March 2016

First meal in Germany! Carrot Soup, Salad, and Bread for the appetizer. Main course= turkey or possibly chicken (I can't decide) and fries!
Adventure Begins!
March 23- My "first" flight was not as scary as I anticipated. Take off was rough because I didn't realize it would take so long for us to ascend. My ears were popping a lot but it was bearable. I attempted to watch movies: Princess and the Frog, Yes Man, The Peanuts Movie. But every time I started one I ended up falling asleep. The seats were uncomfortable but I managed to fall asleep and that made the flight feel so much faster. After this last flight from Poland to Austria, the plan is to go to the hotel and sleep. I'm so excited to start this trip!
Next Destination= Germany!
Coffee during Poland Layover
Waiting to board in Poland
Flight from O'Hare