Mexico · 53 Days · 53 Moments · January 2019

Larissa's Journi to Mexico

10 March 2019

#Day168 #Mahahual to Caye Caulker This day was so long. Time to leave Mexico and see another country. I bought the ticket Bacalar to Belize city and in the morning I left Mahahual. I confess I was not on the best mood. Not connected to the place anymore. The bus ride was okay but crossing the border was not the best experience. I didn't have pesos enough to pay and I got lucky the drivers helped me. When I arrived in Belize city I didn't feel that good. Not safe place and I was kinda in a hurry and stressed. I made it to the ferry and see the sunrise at the water was incredible. In the evening I arrived at the hostel and few minutes later I was playing cards with the new guys. Life is fun!! Mexico you were a blast but it was good to leave. It was time for a new chapter on my trip.

9 March 2019

#Day167 #Mahahual I was supposed to leave this day but I could not. Amanda was joining the Australian guys and I thought one more night would be fine. I talked to people and was still trying to figure out what happened last night. A bit sad to be honest when I saw the new couple at the hostel. In the afternoon I went to the beach with my friend from Czech Republic and it was fun. We spoke in Spanish most of the time which it was good. In the evening we went to a different place to eat and I met some new friends from a diving centre. I got delicious tacos and went bed early. Not going out was good.

8 March 2019

Day166 #Mahahual This day was chill by the beach. New connections and I was trying to decide what would be the next step. Just thinking about leaving Mexico I was sad. During the day having the Australian friend so close it was not the best. I tried to keep my space. But I was excited for the evening. We played beer pong and went to dance salsa. I confess I was happier than usual and did things I regret. I was fine afterwards but I realized not everyone is trusteable. Back on my bed I tried to sleep. Not the best night.

7 March 2019

Day165 #Mahahual After leaving the Jardin hostel I decided to join my new friends at Bamboo and by the afternoon we went snorkeling.. Being there by myself was great. I meant not tours. I helped my Brazilian friend and we had a good time. Everyone so chill and I felt really comfortable. In the evening we decided to stay by the beach and drank a bit. When I realized we were kinda couples and at some point I thought I didn't want to go further. I went to bed after struggling to have my space. Life is confusing sometimes. Fun day!!

6 March 2019

#Day164 #Mahahual In the morning I was still really down and did nothing. Why did it have to be so hard? I didn't get it. In the late afternoon I decided to visit Bambo hostel and I'm glad I did. I connected again with few people and meet new one. Suddenly I was on my good mood again. I ended up staying for dinner and it was good. Around 11pm I decided to come back to my place and I was glad. This day showed me I am a fênix and always can restart.

5 March 2019

#Day163 #Mahahual This was a blue day. Maurice had to leave in the morning and I was just so sad. After two weeks I was so used to have this company. I barely got up from bed. Decided to watch some Netflix but didn't want to socialize at all. I didn't know what was going on but for me traveling would not be good anymore. I confess it was a shock. I survived afterwards!

4 March 2019

#Day162 #Mahahual In the morning we decided to do a snorkeling tour and it was good. We saw a lot of stuff like turtles and it was enjoyable. We got good food for lunch after being tired. It was chill the rest of the day and in the evening we went check out another local place to eat. It was really fun because Mauricio ate a lot of spicy food and I got fun videos. Good day!!

2 March 2019

#Day160 #Bacalar Another day in the paradise. In the morning we booked this tour to see the Lake itself and it was nice. All the cenotes and spots to chill. It was a bit cold but okay. In the afternoon we went for a swimming and decided to grab a fancy dinner at night. Good food. I felt like eating a salad. Good day of exploring the lake again.

1 March 2019

#Day159 #Tulum to Bacalar After few nights in Tulum it was time to move on. We booked the same hostel I stayed last time. Blue Monkey. The view upstairs was incredible. We were happy and really chill. We went grabbing some lunch and walked a bit by the downtown. It was raining tho..but we didn't mind. I was supposed to see some friends from Playa but it did not was fine. In the evening we ate some burritos and we had a tough talk about the future. Everything seemed so complicated because we liked each other. I decided not to overthink and live at the moment. Best decision. Back home, we slept early.

28 February 2019

#Day158 #Tulum For the third time I went visiting thr ruins of Tulum. I didn't mind since it was different company. The ride bike was really good I did enjoy it. In the afternoon we spent some time by the beach but not much to see since the seaweeds were everywhere. Time to chill after coming back. Having Maurício as my travel buddy was being very nice. He was always up to the adventure. Good times.

27 February 2019

#Day157 #Tulum Tulum was a blast. Day to see other cenotes. We decided to explore the ones I hadn't seen it. It was called Big Ojos. Good choice. After spending the day over those incredible water's places, we went out to check out night life. We saw some traditional music and then reggatton place. We both were so tired and went back to the hostel not that late. Good day in general.

26 February 2019

#Day156 #Holbox to Tulum That was another travel day!! And the picture selected has a good story. We decided to leave Holbox after four nights and go to Tulum. There was no direct buses so we'd head to Playa first. I got the tickets online and screenshot only the Maurice one because I was sending through whatsapp. However when we got to Chiquita there was no internet available and I almost missed my ticket. Gladly the energy came back and I could get the second one. The ride was alright and we made it to Tulum. He didn't like Playa that much which is understandable. The hostel was nice but not much social. We got some beers and chilled in the evening. Good day in general!!

25 February 2019

#Day155 #Holbox Another day in the paradise. We got breakfast nearby and decided to explore the beach by ourselves. Take pics and everything. It was really nice. We had to change accommodation but it was alright. Although this day I had a mini stroke when I didn't find my phone. After two hours I realized it had been missing and I kinda freaked out. We decided to go back to the bar and luckily it was still there. Thank God!! I know it's just a material thing but being with Maurice made me vê distracted. I only had eyes for him. In general Holbox was such a pleasant place. The company was the best. And the atmosphere too. Nothing is perfect but at least we tried.

24 February 2019

#Day154 #Holbox This day we decided to bike to Punta Mosquito. We also did the check out and went to a small hotel. We finally had some time by ourselves and it felt great. We found people from the hostel hanging out there which it was good. Maurice didn't like the place so far but we stayed until the raining. Back to the hotel we relaxed a bit more and hung out at night. Good day!! What a good place!

23 February 2019

#Day153 #Holbox Island First day on the paradise. We had breakfast in the hostel and then we joined the tour to see Punta Cocos. It was fun, lots of people biking together. We stayed there for a couple of hours. In the afternoon we got to see this rooftop place and it was fun with this pool over the ocean. After that we got some lunch and went to see the sunset. It was so beautiful!! In the evening we went exploring the town and see some tradicional music. Very nice!!

22 February 2019

#Day152 #Valladolid to Holbox island I had such a terrible night after going to the toilet and vomit a bit. I was so bad and the day ahead was full of activities. In the morning we left to Chitchen Itza by coletivo. The site itself was full but we had a good walk, saw the pyramids and learned about the history through audios. On the way back we stopped by few cenotes and they were beautiful. We could not enjoy more because we had a bus to Holbox later. Back to Valladolid, we packed up and took a good shower. On the bus station we met other Dutch girl and the bus ride was okay. I got to sleep a bit and in the evening we arrived there. We were on a hurry because the ferry was leaving soon but everything worked out. We arrived in Holbox at Che Tulum and drank a bit and then chilled at the hostel. Long day but I could make it.

21 February 2019

#Day151 #Merida to Valladolid. This was a moving day and a bit tiring. We had breakfast in the morning and then we were headed to the bus station. We got the bus and arrived in Valladolid to this new hostel. In the afternoon we took a good nap and just chilled. We walked a bit in the city but didn’t make to the light show in the evening. We stayed talking to Sandra from Germany and it was alright. I was glad I decided to be traveling with Maurice, such a good company.

20 February 2019

#Day150 #Merida This was a cultural day. We went seeing some museums and it was cool. We enjoyed twice because we picked the most creatives ones and also it was not warm inside. We chilled by the pool in the afternoon, took a nap and just socializing a bit. Lots of people from Germany and the Netherlands everywhere. That’s nice tho. In the evening we had dinner at Mercado 60 and went to check other places for dancing. Sandra eventually came over and I was happier than usual. The place was crowded but it was okay. Brazilian and Mexican music are the best. Cultural day!!

19 February 2019

#Day149 #Merida This day was one the best. I woke up early to grab breakfast and do something tourist. The food was amazing and I got to sit with a Mexican girl called Sandra, a German guy called Cris and him, Maurice from the Netherlands. I invited everyone to join me but just Maurice was available. We left in the morning and after a coletivo, me made to Santa Bárbara cenotes. They were so nice. We got to bike and then enjoy a swimming and chill. We both were talking about travel experiences and life in general and it felt so great. Around 5/6 pm we came back to Merida. In the evening we had Salsa class and it was really fun. Everyone was learning a lot and we went dancing later. Although Maurice was so tired, we got really close and I felt so good about us at the point. Great and beautiful day!!

18 February 2019

#Day148 #Merida Day to move to the famous hostel in town. It was good to chill on Sunday but I wanted some action. I arrived there and my first thought was the pool because it’s always so hot. I did the check in and went relaxing by the hammock. But I don’t know, I felt like I had to push myself to talk to people. I don’t like this feeling tbh. I just wanted to take my time. I heard about cenotes and I thought it would be nice but it didn’t work for the moment. In the evening I talked to a girl in the room to grab some food and we ended up going with a big group and I got to meet more people. Afterwards we went to a salsa club, dance and drink and it was nice. I came back with the Canadian guy who was a good company. Good day!!

17 February 2019

#Day146 #Merida This was a nice day. It was so hot, but we decided to explore Merida. I thought about biking but we went just walking a bit. In the afternoon the guys went to another place and I stayed at the hostel. I could not leave because of the heat. When it was getting dark, I decided to go to the main square and I saw this cultural presentation. Very nice. In the evening I had dinner with Adam before they left and then went back to the hostel and chill and watch movie. It was necessary. Thanks Merida. Good day although I was burning lol

16 February 2019

#Day145 #Valladolid to Merida That was a really and beautiful day! We woke up around 9am to have breakfast and go to Ek Balam. Sandra, Gio and Mike arrived in the morning and we left together. We took two taxis to get there. We got into this place and it was really fun. We paid for the cenotes and the activities included. Zip lines and rapels. Everything was super safe and everyone enjoyed yourself. Some of the guys decided to check the pyramids but I really wanted to chill so I stayed by the hammocks with Adam, Sandra and Cris. Around 5pm we left because we would moving to Merida. Just four of us made it. Adam, Andrey, Gio and me. We got in Merida around 8pm, got ready and then we went grabbing some food and see the night life. I came back earlier because I was so tired. But glad about the day!

15 February 2019

#Day144 #Mahahual to Valladolid This was a loong and nice day!! I woke up around 7pm to see the sunrise and it was beautiful. We missed a bit but it was okay. Then I did my workout and went swimming. I felt great afterwards. Around 10:30 it was my bus to Playa del Carmen, I had breakfast with Ryan before and said goodbye. The bus ride it was really comfy. I got to update all my Journy and i was happy. I met Adam, Sandra, Sebi, Cris and the rest of the group in Playa and we were ready to leave to Valladolid. We took us more time than we thought but it was okay. In the evening we went grabbing some food, saw a light show and came back to the hostel. Everyone was so tired and we decided to get some sleep. Good day in general where I could see good friends again.

14 February 2019

#Day143 #Mahahual Day to wake up early. I told Lupita I'd like to see the sunrise with her. Around 7am we were by the beach and it was beautiful!! God is incredible!! We went to the water park but it was so expensive for foreigners. Lupita got in and I decided to go to the beach. It was lovely! I took my time, took a nap, had lunch, spent some time by myself and I loved it! I saw some fishes while snorkeling and around 4pm I came back. I hung out with Ryan for a bit and he was really sweet. I feel like a good friend, like a brother with him. Lupita came back, I went with her to the station and it was a hard goodbye. Ryan and I were hanging out by the hammocks close to the hostel and then we went out for dinner because of Valentines day. It was really lovely. We got good food and he gave me some gifts. We got some sleep afterwards. Chill day!!

13 February 2019

#Day142 #Mahahual I was really lazy to get up. Ryan went shopping and I stayed. I met Lupita and she was already up to the sunrise. I didn't have breakfast or lunch properly. Around 2/3pm we went snorkeling. Ryan didn't go in but we did with our gears. It was beautiful. I confess I was bit scared to swimm on the open ocean but I made it. Lupita helped me and we ended up seeing turtles, fishes and other reefs. It was totally worth it. After that I was really hungry. We got some lunch afterwards and we got few things to make a drink over the sunset. It was nice! We danced and we had a good time. In the evening we had dinner by the hostel which it was tasty. I was really tired and I didn't stay up longer. Ryan did and I was not that comfortable with that. Dunno why. Good day!

12 February 2019

#Day142 #Bacalar to Mahahual We decided to go to Mahahual this day. After checkout at the hostel we went towards the station. Ryan had to checkout around 12pm and the bus was at 1pm. We took us one hour and half to get to Mahahual but we talked all the way down. We got in Mahahual by the check in time and we were all set after some minutes. I put my bikini on and went to the sand with Lupita. I was really lazy and stayed just chilling. She was taking pics and swimming. I decided to working out, snorkeling and swimming a bit afterwards. Ryan was taking a nap. We didn't see the sunset but some mosquitoes. We decided to grab dinner out and we found this Mexican place. I got Taco árabe and it was so delicious. Lupita decided to come back earlier and Ryan and I were just walking. I confess I felt drunk although I didn't get anything. We came back to the hostel and we stayed in. We were cuddling and he was not the kind at the some point. He left to his bed and I could sleep.

11 February 2019

#Day141 #Bacalar In the morning Sebi left and I was planning on doing something with Lupita. We took our time and we decided to go to the cenotes. We got lunch by Cenote Azul, got to talk about life experiences and had so much fun. We swam a lot and I felt my whole body in moviment. I loved it!! After few hours we decided to go kayaking by the hostel. However on the way we met Ryan from California and he told us about the other cenote. Great tip! We stopped by there and we decided to stay. Few hammocks, clear water and such a nice guy. In the evening we went to have dinner by downtown. We got pizza and Mexican food also. Lupita left early and we went to a nice bar by called La Catrina. We got really close and he joined me to my hostel. We spent the night talking about life and felt so good. We got to sleep really late. Good day!!

10 February 2019

#Day140 #Bacalar This day was more chill. I was glad I didn't have to wake up early. My other friends didn't see the sunrise over the tour because it was cloudy. We met Lupita from Mexico, such a nice girl. Around noon we went to downtown to have lunch and grab our laundry. We biked again. We saw also a fort and took some pics. We had tacos for lunch again and we went to this restaurant called Aluxes to spend the afternoon. Nice place! We tried to see the sunrise but it was not at our direction. After that the guys left for Playa and we stayed by the hostel. I got some burger and Lupita, Sebi and I got to talk at night. Good day..

9 February 2019

#Day139 #Bacalar That was a long day. So much to do..we woke up before 6am to see the sunrise on a stand up paddle tour. I had to confess I thought it was easy. We were on a group of 10 people and I was the last one. I could not be stand most of the time. But I did exercise my arms. The sunrise was beautiful. In the afternoon Sebi and I went to do some laundry and biked all the way. After that we joined Evita and her friends to a boat tour. It was fun but we went to the same spots twice. There was no sunset because it was really cloudy. My friends from Playa came in the evening and we got to see them at the hostel. We stayed there until 10/11pm. We were chilling by the hammocks and I didn't feel that comfortable with Cris and Sebi. We went partying although I was very tired from the day. Sebi stayed in and we spent some time there. It was not the best party but it was to see something different. We came back around 1am and I went bed. Beautiful and tiring day!

8 February 2019

#Day138 #Tulum to Bacalar This day i planned to go to Bacalar with Sebi. I realized people from the hostel would go to Akumal beach and I decided to go with them and go to Bacalar later. Sebi joined me. The beach was okay. I didn't see the famous turtles with I was excited to see. But I spent some time with the Duch guys and I met Silvia, a funny Brazilian girl. About 6pm we left Tulum towards Bacalar. We talked a lot on the bus. Sebi and I were glad and tired of the day but we didn't sleep on the way. When we got in Bacalar we did the check in and we went bed early since we wanted to wake up early. He wanted more than talks but I was not ready. Nice day

7 February 2019

#Day137 #Tulum Day of being with the new group. We decided to go the ruins although I've been there I wanted to bike with them and see again some spots. We'd go the cenotes also so it'd be new for me. It was a beautiful day. I got to explain about some stuff and we had fun. We decided to come back to the downtown to have lunch. That took a while. When we left to the cenotes it was really late but we went to. They were nice. Good to jump, swimm. We enjoyed one hour between Cenote escondido and the other one. We went to the see the sunset by the rooftop and it was lovely!! At night we had a party by the hostel which it was fun. I hang out with the girls from the hostel. I got to talk more with Wouf and we went to see the rooftop and I did enjoy it. I had no place to sleep that night but Nicole helped me and I stayed with them. Good day!!

6 February 2019

#Day136 #Tulum This day I joined a free tour of the hostel to Caleta Tankak. It was like a beach club with cenotes and other stuff. The group was really big, we got few coletivos to get there. My friends from Argentina joined us too. It was a nice and beautiful day. I enjoyed a natural pool, snorkel a bit. We got some lunch, we spent some time by the cenote and everything was fun. I wish I would spend more time with Wout from Holland. But instead I got to talk to Sebi from Germany. I was not into Ton that much. We left before the sunset and it was good. In the evening we decided to have dinner together and I did enjoy it. We had a group now and I was proud of it. We were back to the hostel and it was really fun. I was hanging out with Sebi more and he was really kind. Good day!!

5 February 2019

#Day135 #Tulum This day I was by myself mostly with it was okay. I needed that somehow. I decided to see the cenotes close to the hostel. The bike was a bit different but alright. I saw Ton but I left alone. A bit late. In the afternoon I got to the first cenote (smaller). I spebt few hours there which I didn't expect. It was hard to be brave to jump. It was my first time at cenotes but I made it. First I snorkled and then I took my time. I met some nice Brazilians also. After that I went to Gran Cenote and it was cool. More tourist but okay. Beautiful one. I saw some turtles and swimming a lot around. Around 5pm I had to leave. In the evening I met two lovely Argentinian girls Priscilla and Nicole. We had some dinner and stayed by the bar. I got to meet tons of people a d was having fun. We went to the same place again and I came back later. Fun day!

4 February 2019

#Day134 #Playa to Tulum Day of leaving Playa. I confess I was a bit sad but it was necessary. That's life! At the same time I was happy because I'd have company of my friends of Playa during the day. So we were Adam, Alan, Stefan, Cam and I. Good team. We left around 10 and took a coletivo. It was a lovely day. We went to my hostel and dropped my luggage. Then we rented bikes and rode since downtown Tulum to the ruins. Then we spent the afternoon on the beach. We got some lunch and were just laying on the sand. By sunset we found a nice bar with rooftop. We got some drinks and chilled. Then we said goodbye and it was not easy. Back to my hostel I had a shower and met this girl from Mexico and went downstairs to the bar. It was fun, this game (flip cups). I met the girl from Australia, Ton from the Netherlands. I was pretty tired but I ended up going to the Santino bar afterwards. I was dancing a lot with Ton and it was fun. We got back together. Great day!!

3 February 2019

#Day133 #Playa del Carmen Lazy day. I woke up late and saw Tom by the pool. We decided to grab some breakfast nearby. Then Rafael joined us. I was still processing all the last events. In the afternoon we went to the beach and it was really nice. We swam a bit and mostly laying down. I chatted a lot with the girl from Peru. We were expecting to see the Super Bowl by the hostel but I had to do some stuff first. When I got to watch I joined Cam, Ryan, Stephen and Adam by the screen. Rafael and cia were at another bar. I was not at the party mode that day. Then I stayed chilling by the hostel with Ryan. We talked a lot and ended up going to grab some juice. We stayed on the beach for a while and then we came back to the hostel. Good and beach day.

2 February 2019

#Day132 #Playa del Carmen Back to Playa to party again. I got a good sleep and went grabbing some lunch and get ready to pool party at the hostel. I was so excited to this party but it was not organized. Kids and no one to plan this. I spent most time by myself which it was okay. Then I ended up meeting two Brazilians. Especially Rafael, we talked a lot about life and everything. In the evening Rafael and I decided to have tacos. He brought a Canadian friend and some people from Argentina and Brazil. Good group. After that we went to Lobo de mar hostel and others joined us. Ryan from England and Cam from NZ I got the chance to talk more. Back home I was glad for everything. I still got to talk a lot with Nick from NYC. He was funny but weird at the same time. I went bed around 6am. Long day!!

1 February 2019

#Day131 #Cozumel to Playa I woke up after one night with really bad sleep. So hot the room. I could not rest properly. After awhile I ended up booking a tour to snorkel. It'd be my first one and I was excited. The group was mixed but mostly tourists. Couples and family. I enjoyed myself. We stopped by few reefs and they were incredible. Some of them deeper than others but everything was fine. I got to talk to most of them and saw a bunch of fishes and sea stars. Another world definitely!! I got the ferry at 6pm to Playa and it was excited to see the weekend over there. This time I stayed at Selina hostel. So big. I was supposed to meet people from CS later for a Pub crawl. In the evening we had few games and went to see different bars and clubs. Good people I got to meet. We ended up at La Embajada and I left about 4am. I was really really tired.

31 January 2019

#Day130 #Playa del Carmen Last day in Playa for a while. I decided to go visiting Cozumel since I was close and it seemed nice. I took the ferry in the morning and I confess it was not easy the ride. But it was okay. I got there by lunchtime. I found a spot to eat good and cheap food which it was great. Then I went walking north of the beach. I had no idea it was so big. I snorkled a bit and chilled by the beach. I saw the sunset and it was fantastic!!! Back to the hostel I rested and met the couchsurfer in the evening. We had few drinks and visited a club in the island..he's from Peru. I was tired and decided to come back around 1am. I'm glad I made it back. The hostel was closed but they finally opened it.

30 January 2019

#Day129 #Playa del Carmen I came back to my hostel early and lost guys were sleeping. So I decided to get some rest too. I woke up around 2pm and went to meet the guys and chill with them. We enjoyed some time by the sun, drank some stuff and spent some time with Fabian. It was fun. When it was getting dark we left for dinner and we were not sure what it was going to happen. Then with a heartbroken I decided to stay by myself. I didn't go out or anything a early sleep. Fun and sad day at the same time.

29 January 2019

#Day128 #Playa del Carmen This was another chill day. No plans. No tours, no schedule. I went to the beach and laid down, one of my favorite things in the world. I was texting few people and I got to meet Fabian and your friend Cris. The first one was so easy going and laid back. We talked a lot and he was so cute too. I stayed until 7pm and they would join me by the hostel later. Around 9pm I went to the bar and my other friends came and we spent few time there. Afterwards we went to a bar and Argentinian glib and it was fun. Fabian and I ended up leaving early and crashed at his place. Unexpected day!

28 January 2019

#Day127 #Cancun to Playa del Carmen In the morning I decided to leave. Tobias was a bit confused but he said okay. I took a bus to Playa and a new chapter was about to start. The backpack was so heavy and it was tiring to get into the hostel. It was not check in time yet. I decided to stay a bit and go to the beach. Had a great time there. When I returned I took a long nap. I really needed that. When I woke up all my homes were there and I met those incredible guys. They invited me to go upstairs to drink something. And it was nice. Around midnight we came back and we slept again.. Good day!!

27 January 2019

#Day126 #San Cristóbal de Las Casas,CH to Cancun. This day was a lazy day. Tobi was not good because some food. Then we decided to rest since we had a flight in the afternoon. I went to grab lunch which it was really delicious and cheap. I brought him some tea and helped as much as I could. We chilled and went to the airport. It was so hot and not easy. But we made it. When we arrived in Cancun I was not feeling good. Hungry, coughing all time and not enjoying Tobi anymore. He was being a bit rude and I was wondering what was the point to keep that. Also he had another rhythm of traveling. Faster than me. I was so tired and decided to get some sleep. Not the best day.

26 January 2019

#Day125 #San Cristóbal de Las Casas,CH This day we tried to get up early but we ended up being in a rush. We made it to the center. We were so excited about the tour. The site was called Cañón del Sumidero. What a beautiful place! We spent three hours over there and boat took us to do the whole way. After that we went to the viewpoints which were nice too. After the tour I was so hungry. I could not believe it. So weak. We stopped by a small village and grabbed some tacos. Good choice!! When we got back to the hostel and we took some rest and went out to grab some dinner. We had an Argentinian meat and it was so delicious. Later we drank something and danced reggatton. Good day!!

25 January 2019

#Day124 #San Cristóbal de Las Casas,CH We arrived in the city about 11am. It was a tiring walk to the hostel but we made it. After taking a shower, we went out to eat something. We found a nice place to eat. I got burritos and tacos and it was delicious. We kept walking and I we drank something in another good place. Back to the hostel, we had a good nap. For dinner we found a nice place and I had salad and Tobias had risoto. After that we got back to the hostel. It was really cold.

24 January 2019

#Day123 #Oaxaca,OX to San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas. This day I decided to travel with Tobias and keep this good time. We checked out and left for the pyramids by Monte Albán. It was a good walk. We spent three hours exploring the place. Good pics and history. I was so tired when we came back and rested a bit. I ate something and it was getting ready to the bus trip at night. Around 10:30pm the bus left for San Cristobal de Las Casas in Chiapas. It was really crowded and not that comfy. I got some sleep eventually. Good day in general!!

23 January 2019

#Day122 # Oaxaca, OX This day I woke up around 8:30 to get ready to my first tour in Oaxaca. It was so excited. I met Tobias by the hostel and at 10am the van came. The first stop was by the Tule. One of the largest tree in the world. We spent some minutes and headed to archaeological site. We saw some ruins and it was nice. Then we went to two different spots to see artesanias. We visited a place which make carpets and then another one to make mezcal, a typical drink. Both were interesting and really cool. Later we had lunch (a Mexican buffet) and it was delicious. Then we were ready for the last and main place for me. Hieve Del Água (waterfalls and natural pools). It was cold but totally worth it. The mountains view were incredible also. In the evening we got back and we got out for dinner. I got a delicious lasagna and we went dancing afterwards. It was a good night also. Great day!!

22 January 2019

#Day121 # Oaxaca, OX Although I was really tired, I decided to wake up to have breakfast. There were few girls in the room and they seemed nice. During the breakfast I met Argélia from México and she would be visiting se museums during the day and invited me. I took my shower, saw some things online and around 12pm we went walking. It was good our walking tour, we saw the churches, different museums and the markets. We were so hungry. I decided to taste the tradicional tortilla from Oaxaca which it was so big and spicy haha. Argélia bought some stuff and we tried a good chocolate. Around 4pm she had to leave and I kept walking by myself. I went to another market and it was nice. Also some squares to shopping. I came back to the hostel before 7pm and I texted the couchsurfer Tobias to hangout at night. Around 8:30pm we had the salsa class which it was fun. Tobias joined us and we practiced different moves. After that we went to a bar nearby and drank and danced. Good time!!

21 January 2019

#Day120 #CDMX,MX to Oaxaca City, OX Day of leaving. I woke up around 8am to be ready for the journey. I packed up the last things, took a shower and had some breakfast with Sara and Ricardo. Around 10am we left and it was fast to get to the bus station. The bus came and I was happy to finish this time and be ready for the new one. It would be 6 hours on the road and I wanted that. I read, took a nap, wrote a bit and relaxed. It was hard not to have a bathroom tho.. Around 5:30 the bus arrived and I went to the hostel. It was a tough walk, so heavy the backpack and all the way was getting up to the hills. I did the check in and I just wanted to sleep. I tried but somehow I left to see the city and go shopping. I ate a hot dog on the way and it was small. The city super cute and I liked it. In general I didn't feel on my best mood. So lonely and empty inside. I hoped for the best.

20 January 2019

#Day119 #CDMX,MX This day was the one I waked up really late. I didn’t feel good since the night before and it was not a good sleep. I did some laundry and we had breakfast. We got at the Chapultepec around 1:30pm. It was kinda late to bike on the avenue. I didn’t know it was mostly in the morning. I rode a scooter and we kinda got lost. Around 2:30 we found each other and then we headed to the Chapultepec bosque and castle. Tons of tons of people. Mexicans and foreigns enjoying the Sunday. The castle was pretty neat and I enjoyed exploring that. Then we had food around the bosque and headed to the Museo de Arqueologia. The museum had so much artifacts from the Maia and Aztecas. It was good to see that. Although I was very tired and sick. We got back home and started to watched movies. Ric’s parents came and we had some Mexican food and watched the lunar eclipse. They prayed for me and I went sleeping. Thank God for your love!

19 January 2019

#Day118 #CDMX,MX This was a cool day!! I really wanted to see the Embarcaderos so we left late in the morning to go there and try to see the district the Coyoacán and Frida Museum. We ended getting more time than we thought. Taking different public transportations. Ric and I went to another Embarcadero before but there was not coletivo boats. So we went to Nativitas and it was good. We paid about 60 pesos (round-trip) and it was nice. I saw families, tourists, locals enjoying the place. Party, anniversaries and so on. I took a lot of picture as usual hehe It was really cool this time. We got back home after eating on the streets and we headed back to cook some burritos and stay in. I had a little rest and I cooked guacamole and we had a good dinner. The whole family was present and after that we watched Coco or tried. Both were tired. Nice day!!

18 January 2019

#Day117 #CDMX,MX Day of be myself. I was supposed to wake up earlier but I couldn’t, so tired. I had breakfast and I left to the airport. I made some money exchange and then I went to the bus station. Around 1pm I got at Theotihuacana to see the pyramids. I met a friendly Cuban called Javier on the way and we talked a lot. I was pretty excited to see the Pyramids and it was great. So much history and culture all around. It was a bit tiring but totally worth it. I didn’t make it to the Pyramid of moon but it was alright. Around 4pm I left to try to catch the bus and try and see the Frida museum which I already got the ticket for 5pm. I didn’t make it but I ended up going to Cineteca and it was cool. In the evening Ricardo met me and we saw the movie La dos Irenes (Brazilian one). It was okay. I don’t know but the alternatives movies are not my area. We ate something on the way and we came back not too late. Good day!!

17 January 2019

#Day116 #CDMX,MX Day of exploring city. I woke up around 9am and I took my time. We had breakfast together (torta and tea) and we were ready to start the day. We took the train to the historic center. So much to see. Squares, churches, museums, galleries and so on. For lunch I had tacos and Ricardo had torta. We saw Templo Mayor and some master pieces of Diego Rivera. It was great to have watched the movie the night before. We saw some signs of Mexico City and I took so many pictures. The Alameda close to the Bellas Artes Museum was great too. In the evening we went to a family birthday which it was good. I got to talk to the family, we ate some sandwiches, cake and other snacks. I was so tired tho. We got back home and I got my rest after a long and nice day!!

16 January 2019

#Day115 #CDMX,MX Arrived in Mexico(for the third time) around 6am (local time). It was so tired and decided to wait a bit until going to my host’s Ricardo. I figured out how to make it by metro but it took a time. I did some money exchange and went to the station. I had to take two metros which were okay. Although my backpack was so heavy and tons of stars and people. When I arrive at the district, I got a bit confused about the streets but I finally made it. He left for a job interview and I decided to rest. In the afternoon his mom came (Sara) and we talked a bit and cooked too. So delicious!! We were comfy and didn’t go out that day. We watched some movie (Frida) and spent the day in. I needed that, was so tired. Good day with a good family!!