United Kingdom · 2 Days · 3 Moments · May 2017

Lara's journi to Edinburgh, SC, UK

13 May 2017

My absolutely favorite part of Edinburgh was Arthur's seat. Arthurs Seat is a Mountain located in the Hollywood park in the middle of Edinburgh. It is another part that shows how green Edinburgh actually is. You have to hike up there for only 20 minutes. (Tip: local uberdrivers know secret paths and can drive you further up by car but only do that if you already arrive with the cab) the hike itself is beautiful because you walk up the Scottish highlands and you will just see a Green landscape which is really stunning. While hiking up there be prepared to adjust the weather conditions. Scotland is always cold and on Arthur's seat the wind is even worse. But all that is worth the view. On top of the mountain you can not only see the city you can also see the ocean. So if you are in Edinburgh, Arthur's seat is definitely the most beautiful thing to do!
While visiting Edinburgh, you should definitely stop by the royal botanic garden. Even though Edinburgh is already a very green city, the botanic gardens were still an amazing thing to do. We payed 5$ and then walked through 10 different houses. There we felt like we ended up in Bali. If you don't want to spend that much money to see some flowers, the glass houses are the only part of the botanic gardens that cost money. The big park in front of it is for free and still worth seeing!

12 May 2017

Another beautiful part of Edinburgh is for sure the stunning architecture. While exploring the city you are going to see a lot of old buildings. You are literally going to feel like in Harry Potter. That's at least the first thing I thought, and at that time I had no idea that it was also the birthplace of Harry Potter. A lot of buildings even have Harry Potter related themes, which was for me as a huge fan an awesome part of Edinburgh. If you are also a fan go to the elephant house. It is a coffee shop where jk Rowling wrote the book. Other things I would recommend are: Old town (just nice to walk through or grab dinner) Castle (it makes you feel like being part of the Arthur movie yourself) Calton hill (another option to have a view of the city) Old burial ground (a cementory with a lot of history) Scott monument (stunning architecture) Princes street gardens (huge garden in front of the castle) For a short stay i'd also recommend a bus tour. Edinburgh - my favorite city