North America, Europe · 10 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Lance & Steffy's tour A long way to Asgard

9 June 2017

Today we drove from Oslo Norway, thru Sweden back into Denmark, to prepare for our departure for home tomorrow. We stopped for a couple of hours in Gothenburg Sweden, a very worthwhile stop in this charming place, many outdoor cafes & unique shops! Lastly we enjoyed a lovely dinner in Glastrop, Denmark, situated not to far from the airport.

6 June 2017

Hello from Norway friends! We are currently in Oslo Norway, however we spent 2 magnificent days at the Trysil dogsled farm in Norway. My sweetie surprised me by booking us at an Air b&b up in the woods, in a secluded area which happened to also be a husky dog farm/dog sled training farm! It was quite a surprise! The dogs were just beautiful, our hosts at the farm most hospitable, and we stayed in the original cozy farmhouse! I absolutely loved it, we enjoyed the natural beauty of this most scenic, quiet location. The cabin was large and cozy, i really enjoyed cooking for us, and snuggling up by the fire. Daylight remained almost 24 hrs, so that was pretty neat too! Here are some pics!

5 June 2017

Have seen and experienced so much in Stockholm! We both loved the old part of the city-so much character & history! We shall never forget our meal at the Viking hall restaurant! The Vassa Viking ship museum is a must see in stockholm, it was an awesome sight! Much fun was had at the ABBA museum, sure to put a smile on your face! We had a great meal at Herman's vegetarian restaurant-one of Stockholm's best places to dine, with great views!

3 June 2017

Hey Jen! This ones for you!!! I had to pick up some Sephora supplies in Denmark, and look at all the freebies i was given! Never so much! Had to share with you!

1 June 2017

Today we had the amazing pleasure of sailing a Viking ship in Roshilde, Denmark! What a thrilling experience! Lance was the lead row hand, and i got to steer the ship! It was an experience we shall never forget! He was my Ragnar & i his Lagartha!

31 May 2017

We arrived in Iceland to a cool grey day via Wow air-a very pleasant, quiet flight! and then on to Denmark.. the airport in Copenhagen is a feast for the eyes! A beautiful, modern airport with so many boutiques, restaurants and sweets shops! After a very brief rest, we drove into Kronborg, to the town of Helsingor for some exploration! It was windy & cold, but found this old town most charming & whimsical with its old stone lanes, & cottage like homes. We stopped into a cafe for some much needed warmth, and feasted on some amazing fries with garlic mayo dip!

30 May 2017

our Vikingland journey begins! we are comfortably awaiting to board our flight to Iceland, thru to Copenhagen, munching on chocolate covered jubes!