United States of America · 3 Days · 8 Moments · June 2016

Beth' senior trip

5 June 2016

Today was a great morning in nyc. Check out of hotel and left out bags. Went to the met. It was huge and awesome. I am so empresses by Beth's knowledge of world history. Made the museum experience much more fun. No problem getting back and using uber to get to the airport. Now we wait got Italy!!!
The highlight of Saturday was the lion king. It was so good it brought tears to my eyes. The talent...the choreography..,the makeup...crazy good. With every bit of the $100 plus ticket price. Beth loved it. Times Square was insane. very very crowed. I hated that many people. Got back to the hotel at midnight..,,great great day!!!
Saturday was tourist day. Will up early and went to battery park to see the stature of Liberty. Left the hotel at six. Found a great ny deli for Nagaland. Was pleasantly surprised that our ticket got upgraded to the pediatal. Was in the forest cruise and had no waiting. It was great. Was there an hour. Went to Ellis island and went through all 3 floors. I liked it, but Beth liked the statue better. We got back and walked to the 9/11 memorial. It hit me hard. 2nd period giving a test and Mrs a came in to tell us...Beth didn't enjoy...she was three at the time. Had really good pizza and beer at the stage door. Then back to the hotel.

4 June 2016

New York City 6/5/16

3 June 2016

Spent the night in Times Square. We figured out the subway and headed downtown. Times Square was crowded and full of strange people. Had good New York pizza.
New York
Waiting to board the plane to New York while listening to the wh baseball boys playing Lufkin.