Morocco, Portugal · 4 Days · 8 Moments · May 2018

Lagos for Danielle's 29th

19 May 2018

Delightful last seafood dinner at a beautiful cliff side restaurant. We hiked straight up from the beach to our waiting table. We stopped green wine and watched the sunset fade to twilight then to the twinkling lights of the city and boats across the bay. The air was calm and perfect.
Lazy afternoon on an incredible back drinking wine and playing games. The sun felt scorching but we never got burned. Great swim Iberia the cold turbulent water. Had an interesting conversation with Carlos, who worked his way to the US on cruise ships, then back as a lifeguard of that very beach, taxi driver, and owner of the bar at the pool up on the cliff side. It was so cool to see the locals who casually came a few times a week. The beach makes a lifestyle with moving for.
Surprise science museum. Bonus: nautical source museum!

18 May 2018

Lunch on the Cliffside

17 May 2018

Sunset birthday dinner
Long hike along the Algarve
Morning walk through Lagos. We got "smoothie bowls" for breakfast in a nice little street cafe, visited a British(?) bookstore (a surprising number of businesses here are staffed by Brits) and checked out the seawall and beaches. There were many people out surfing, kayaking, sailing, and just hanging out. You can spot the locals, who are 5x tanner than everybody else.

16 May 2018

Nice flight out of Casa into Lagos. Getting there was tense. The time changed for Ramadan the day of our flight. We figured it out a day early, but many of the foreigners at the airport were panicking because they effectively arrived an hour late to the airport. A few people cut the customs line, then everybody was allowed to cut. Pretty soon this was making us late and we had to hustle to board. In Lagos we rented a little Renault Clio. We got a manual to save money. Neither of us wanted to drive. Danielle got it out of sight at the rental place, then we switched, then I struggled to get it into first gear for 10 minutes until cars started stacking up behind us. Danielle got us out of the city into the incredibly fresh night air of the countryside. We stopped for dinner, then switched and it was fairly smooth diving the rest of the way. The highway was perfectly arranged - aside from a few nice service areas in just the right places there was no civilization along the road.