Thailand · 87 Days · 33 Moments · March 2017

Océane in Thailand!

15 April 2017

Bye bye Thailand !😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

14 April 2017

Here it's the new year= water gun fight !

11 April 2017

There is a lot of monkeys 🐒
At the temple
I loved this monkey because he stole the soda and run, he open the bottle by his self and drink it like human. It was so funny 😂

9 April 2017

There's a lot of lézards

8 April 2017

The asara hôtel in Hua Hin !

7 April 2017

The restaurant at Lebua hôtel
The floor of the restaurant

6 April 2017

The elephants are the symbols of Thaïlande 🇹🇭
Even if the king in Thailand is dead he is celebrated with honor!

5 April 2017

So good

4 April 2017

The menu at the restaurant of the hotel Holiday lnn
It's a very big tower with 60th floor !
The name of the tower is :"Lebua".
This building is very ... different! 😜😝
Bangkok, here I come
There's a lot of cars !!
So happy 😊, I went to Thaïlande 5 times !

3 April 2017

Going to the airport!!

14 March 2017

I am going to be in vacation in 17 day, 6 hours and 17min. I will soon be writing for you by!