Austria, Slovakia · 5 Days · 11 Moments · July 2017


24 July 2017

Something which really has been strucking me the past few days (Mostly Bratislava but also in some areas of Vienna) is the mix between old architecture and post-war architecture. For example, in Bratislava, the old town is very typical with not so modern but elegant buildings and then the next street you can see the 20th century architecture and the remains of post-war buildings. It is two different worlds, and both have left their mark.

23 July 2017

DAY 4 - LUNCH : We stopped at "MONDIEU!" which is a really nice coffee shop/brasserie. Their cakes and crepes are to die for (just look at the pictures!). It was delicious, not so expensive and I finally tried the lemonade I mentioned before. 😍🥞🍰
DAY 4 : Sunday, Morning - I went to Bratislava by train (only one hour between the two cities) to continue my trip. I arrived around 2pm and headed directly to my airbnb with my friends. We visited the old town right away and discovered some wonderful buildings with many colors. We then went to the city's castle which isn't very far or high, in 15-20 minutes you're there. The castle looks really modern because it was rebuilt last century.

22 July 2017

Day 3 : SATURDAY afternoon - I went (for the fourth time) to Stephansplatz (main place of the city with a lot of shops and beautiful architecture) to buy some Manner (local biscuits). I also visited the Karlskirche which is a huge, roman style, church; This is a must see because it is a delight for the eyes just to see it. We then went to a restaurant called Plachutta which does a traditional dish with boiled meat (you can also enjoy the wiener schnitzel!).
DAY 3 - Saturday : We took a walk near the Danube all morning and then headed over to a mall because of the hot weather. I ate korean food for lunch - bulgogi - (asian food is very cheap, you can have a decent meal for less than 10 euros) and did some shopping.

21 July 2017

The summer is REAL in Vienna : today's temperature hit 32 celsius degree, and tomorrow it will be up to 31 (that's why we mostly visit museums). Plus, there's a drink which seems to be popular in here : a soda/lemonade mixed with lemon or raspberries, gonna have to taste it! 🍹
DAY 2 : Afternoon - I then went to the Museumsquartier to see the 'leopold museum' and its collection of klimt's works of art as well as some paintings of other really talented austrian artists. The Museumsquartier is, in fact, a sort of little village with museums, restaurants and animations. I later took a drink with my friends at one bar in the main place of this quartier, near the leopold.
DAY 2 : Friday - Today, I went to the Belvedere which is a huge palace. What's great is that the Belvedere has an extremely large collection of paintings from the middle ages to modern/contemporary times. The architecture is spectacular, mostly because of its white interior. However, I only did the upper Belvedere, which is enough for a morning. (What's up Napoleon? 😼)

20 July 2017

DAY 1 : Japanese food for diner (near Stephansplatz) and then a great hot chocolate (yes, it is summer, I know).
DAY 1 - Thursday Morning : Went to the Albertina Museum and saw Monet's paintings. Then I went to the Hofburg (palace) which explains really well the Habsbourg part of austrian's history.

19 July 2017

1RST night in VIENNA : went to the Wiener Prater which is a huge park with lots of merry-go-rounds and fun games! I also went to a typical restaurant to eat typical Austrian food (schnitzel) near the Prater and it was delicious, very consistent and not expensive at all. VIENNA's architecture is, so far, beautiful. Tomorrow's planning is full of museums (albertina, holfburg) and sightseeing (stephansplatz, rathausplatz etc.) and I can't wait to discover this town completely 🌞