United States of America · 6 Days · 9 Moments · June 2018

14 June 2018

Decisions decisions

13 June 2018

San Diego state university . We toured spontaneously after a disappointing UCSD tour and loved the campus. We did a self guided tour which was less good but still nice to see the campus. Kindof small but cute and nice.
UCSD. best parking so far, we got to pet dogs while we waited for the shuttle. The campus was far below unimpressive, it was ugly and grey. Really not impressed. Their “crown jewel” is the library which looked kinda cool outside but inside was just as outdated and claustrophobic as the rest of the campus. We had a good tour guide, but people all looked kinda lifeless. Installment 1/2 of pictures. They also have a super evil meal plan . Like the 6 college system though, and how they aren’t academically themed but more value themed.
More of UCSD campus. Kinda grey, the color featured in pics was about all of it.

11 June 2018

6/11/18- toured UCLA this morning, traffic was terrible there which was sort of an immediate turn off but the campus was BEAUTIFUL!! Like on Stanford level... we loved our tour guide and were definitely the most enthusiastic people in the group! They offer a lot of services for students like free food and bikes and laptops to use for the day, de-stressing massages during finals and therapy animals, good restaurants. We went up and talked to a few people, some of whom were in their cap and gown for graduation, and they all were super nice and cool. all in all very impressed. We explored the so called “college town” of Westwood next to UCLA and liked it too, but it wasn’t like a real college town. Still comforting to know you’re not just in the city though.

10 June 2018

Misc. including 5$ a scoop ice cream with lily and Kate, our friends from middle school, overpriced millennial food in SLO, a super fun bonfire we went to with wonderful people in wonderful weather, ava wearing a hat?

9 June 2018

Malibu exploration 6/8/18 !! Creepily looked in people’s houses, almost got run over by a lambo)