Peru · 4 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

20 April 2017

After breakfast and boat ride 🚣 we take the bus at 10am and get breakfast again, a lunch stop and crazy nature where we mentioned how curvy this street is 🀒 The tour with the regional working company "Quechua" was really nice but it's crazy that we had 5people who are working for us in a comfortable lodge. We feel a little bit like special personalities which feels strange. 😬

19 April 2017

After lunch we paddle to the monkey island where we saw one monkey πŸ’ Oh and an Caiman on the way back πŸ˜…πŸŠ
After breakfast at 8:30 back in the lodge we do at 10am a walk through the forest and visiting a family living in the rainforest (Machiguengas)
For this day at 4:30 driving to a Clay point where nice birds are waiting.

18 April 2017

After the long journey to the Lake we eat dinner and drive in the dark on the Rio Madre de Dios to visit some Caimares.
We saw a Tarantula, Caimars, Birds, Chameleon, Street of Termites, Monkeys and enjoyed the rainforest instead of being sick 😷
Next day i start with a lot of pills to get trough the day. After early breakfast we start with boat and walking 3km into the forest to the Lake Sandoval. #pillfulldays πŸ’ŠπŸ€₯

17 April 2017

Only a nightwalk we can do at the evening, eating again and sleeping πŸ™‚

16 April 2017

Picked up from our guide at 7am at the bus terminal and taking breakfast in Puerto Maldonado. It begins very hard raining and in a break of this we drove with a boat 🚣 an hour to our lodge. #reallynicelodge 😻 #rainingalltheday #noactivitiesbecauseofraining #onlyeating&relaxing πŸ€—
After chilling in the city and visiting the Cafe- & Chocolatemuseum we take the bus at 9pm to Puerto Maldonado in comfortable Cama-seats πŸ’Ί A las 7 en la maΓ±ana we arrived and everybody has to take pills πŸ’Šon the way cause the curved road in the night was worse.