France · 4 Days · 4 Moments · May 2018

La Palmyre, Les Mathes, France

5 May 2018

Today we are off to our new camp! We went for a quick play and walk around the lighthouse before we were off. This camp made us do our own cleaning which is one way to save them money! We quickly learnt the hard way that it’s not a good idea to travel on the weekend, it’s a huge difference to midweek! On to our next Yelloh Camp!

4 May 2018

Today we decided to hire one of those 4 people hilarious bikes. After some croissants (we need to tone it down on the croissants!), we went to hire our cool bike. Kids in the front, us in the back doing all the work haha! It was super fun and we had a ball, whilst snap chatting dad and Lonnae who were snapping us Nana for her 80th! Once we finished we went back to the camp and played in the pools. We thought it was pool weather but turns out although warmish, it really wasn’t freezing cold pool material haha! Bring on some warmer weather! We chilled tonight and dan surprised me by going to get some of my favourite oysters!! Yum yum. Tonight was our last night, tomorrow onwards to another camp!

3 May 2018

Today was pretty much all about the kids... and so we should take days to do what they want. It started exploring the activities at the camp, which had some bouncy castles and a play area which included a ball pit. The kiddies looooved it. Lucas loved the ball pit and Indi the smaller bouncy castle. We hung out playing until about lunch and then decided to drive into the La Palmyre village. It was a slightly warmer day so we were able to go to the beach for a bit, but not quite swimming weather yet! We had a nice lunch across from the beach (although nothing on the oysters!!) and then took the kids for a walk down to an inflatable world. The afternoon was spent watching the kids have so much fun. Lucas was sooo brave and went down some huge slides!! Indi had fun doing her own thing in the smaller children areas. I didn’t get many photos just vids. It was back for oysters for dinner.. dan said we had to go back because it was such a treat for me.. what a guy

2 May 2018

Since we loved the last Yelloh camp so much, we decided to give it another go, this time in a smaller, beach side community. Again, it was still cold which was upsetting but upon arrival and check-in, we were delighted to realise there was an indoor water playground, complete with a bucket.. Lucas and Indi were stoked! We played here for most of the afternoon before we headed into the town for dinner. We were a little disappointed with the cabin, it was much smaller and cramped but it was still pretty cool. We had dinner at a restaurant that looked out over the water and we stumbled upon an absolute gem... I got the most amazing oysters I’ve ever tried and when we googled them, we realised they are famous throughout France! Yum.