Europe, North America · 362 Days · 29 Moments · July 2016

Kymberley's Adventure in Italy

27 June 2017

Love the Waffle House

7 July 2016

Time to go home....Arrivederci Italia!!!๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

6 July 2016

Hanging out in Rome.
Vatican City 2016

5 July 2016

Dinner on a mountain top...Castel Gandolfo!!!
The Pantheon Square
The Roman Forum
Inside the Flรกvio Amphitheater ...The Colosseum!
On the rode to Rome!

4 July 2016

Shout out to my Sorors!!!!!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’š
Lucca is a city on the Serchio river in the Italian Tuscany area. Itโ€™s known for the well-preserved Renaissance walls encircling its historic city center and its cobblestone streets.
Running the mean streets of Lucca Italy!
Next year... my older brother is coming with me to check out this music festival!๐ŸŽค
The Tower of Pisa is easily one of the most iconic monuments in Italy. We think of it as a significant building in Italy. But when it was built, it was bell tower... on unstable land.
Our day at the Tower Pisa.

3 July 2016

I was strolling along downtown and I see this?!?! Nostalgia?????? be the judge!
Adventures in Florence!
Leonardo Leather Company established in 1964. One of the premiere leather companies in Italy.
This was the first cathedral we saw, it's all in pink stone. I forgot the official name of it, I'll updated soon...
In Bolognia... On the Road to Florence!

2 July 2016

We were on an awesome gondola ride. This looks just like the movie "The Italian Job" starring Mark Wahlberg.
Nothing is better than pizza in Italy!
Palazzo Ducale or Doge's Palace. The architecture is breathtaking! The interior chambers and masterpieces of art will be well remembered!!!
Glass blowing in Venice
Glass blowing in Venice.

1 July 2016

The girls in the Palladian Basilica. They were taking in the sights. The 16th-century building designed by famous architect Palladio houses cultural exhibitions...and occasional street performers.
The view from Aaliyah's room.
Flying over Venice.