Australia and Oceania, Europe, Asia · 31 Days · 69 Moments · September 2017

Kurt and Angela’s Europe Escapades 2017

31 October 2017

Had a great night with Kim and Allan
Visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi!

30 October 2017

Ferrari world at Yas island was super cool. Went on the Ferrari Rossa ride and was blown away.

29 October 2017

Best nightclub in Dubai. White!

28 October 2017

Day safari was fantastic. Almost got killed by a camel lol 😂
Arrived in Dubai early and checking into the Park Hyatt Dubai. Went for a drive to see the Burj Al Arab and then onto the Cheesecake Factory and the Mall of the Emirates.

26 October 2017

Part 2 of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was the best play we have ever seen.
Visited Cambridge and left immensely inspired to come back as a student!

25 October 2017

Off to watch Thor Ragnarok at Leicester Square

24 October 2017

Harry Potter day at the studios in Watford

23 October 2017

Random chilled shopping day

22 October 2017

Off to see NFL in London. Cardinals vs Rams. Rams destroyed them 33-0 but boring. Not on this fn bus writing this up and it’s 50 degrees!!!!!
Absolute highlight was seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Just fantastic.
Went out to have breakfast with Bec and Marcus and then a quick lap around the tourist areas. Quickly saw the changing of the guard and the onto St James’ park.

21 October 2017

First night in London was fantastic. Ang fell in love immediately. Went from a great walk everywhere through the circuses, Soho, Conventry Garden, and on to Embankment and to Duck and Waffle for a top meal.

20 October 2017

Clubbing at Queens Club
Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame followed by best ice cream joint in Paris. We then headed to the Nike Lab in Marais and Ang got some shoes.
Photography pics!

19 October 2017

Headed to the Trocadero to get a brilliant view of the Eiffel Tower.
River cruise along the Seine took all the way from the EiffelTower past Notre Dame. Had some cool opera singers on board. Great trip.
Trip to the Louvre was magic. Spent most of the day there and did our Rick Steve’s tour. Favs were Venus de Milo, Wedding at Cana and the Virgin on the Rocks by DaVinci. Truely great place and need to come back.

18 October 2017

Sneaky night at Le Crazy Horse
Had a great free private tour of Montmartre got to see some great local food places and many areas inspiring artist for years. Saw the Dali museum and bought a small painting. Beautiful area need to come back.

17 October 2017

We are finally in Paris! After a trip from Geneva. Spent the afternoon eating meat and shopping. Went to see Blade Runner 2049. After eating at Hippos of course. Went to the best urban even Citadium!

16 October 2017

We head up to Glacier Paradise to the highest viewing platform in the alps. Wow what a view.

15 October 2017

Today we travelled on a train to Brig and then to Zermatt. The Backstage Boutique was quirky and fantastic. Quiet in Zermatt this time of the year. We head up to the Gornergrat on the train and whoa absolute highlight of the trip. We hiked 7kms to Riffelsee and Riffelberg and saw some amazing things.

14 October 2017

Grindelwald stopover on way back to Adelboden.
Capped an amazing period in the Jungfrau Region with a trip to Jungfraujoch via Lauterbrunnen and returned via Grindelwald. The glacier was spectacular. Best brownie ever in Lauterbrunnen. Worst lunch. Watched street luge in Grindelwald.
Top of Europe

13 October 2017

Spent the night in Cambrian hotel in Adelboden.
Spent the day in Bern on the way to the alps. The lock in town was awesome. Bit boring InTown but very pretty.

12 October 2017

Today we travelled from Lugano to Lucerne. Beautiful town with lots to see. Couldn’t justify the food prices so we had no dinner (again). Bridge was a highlight but one of the most memorable things we have done it visit Pilatus. The most amazing view you can imagine.
Stayed at Chateau Gutsch which was great. We had a fab view of the entire city.

11 October 2017

Caught the funicular up to Monte San Salvatore. This was amazing it’s one of the oldest and steepest in the world. View was magic, the church was really old and hard to imagine.
Pinnacle of the trip for me was to drive out to lake Como and take out a speed boat. AC boating hooked us up with a 100hp speed boat. We took it out to see Bellagio Villa Carlotta Villa Balbianello and dropped by George Clooney’s house. Magical experience.

10 October 2017

Night time visit to Lugano downtown area.
Just completely overwhelmed by the Kurhaus Cademario. What a fantastic place to stay with its pools spas and sauna areas. Best value and potentially best hotel we visited.
Caught the train fromVenice to Milan then on to Lugano

8 October 2017

Finished our first day with a concerto by Interpreti Veneziani who performed piece ms from Vivaldi, Venice’s most famous musician. KP fell asleep.
We went to St Marks square which is amazing. We did some of our Rick Steve’s tour and then headed to a pizza joint called ROSSOPOPLO or something like that.
We headed out to the Rialto Bridge followed by a gondola ride with Fabio. Perfect dude for us and gave us an extra long tour.
We arrived in Venice! Our bnb was Ca Bonvicini and it is an effort to get her, but the perfect spot to stay.
Checked out of the Negresco and headed to the Côte de zur airport for our flight to Venice. We loved our Jamie’s baguettes.
Headed out for some food and drinks. We had dinner at Hard Rock Nice (mistake as we found an excellent area to head to) went to the 3Diables and American bar to drink and watched soccer. Went to garbage Boa Cabaret.

7 October 2017

Arrived in Nice after our morning drive to San Remo and the train onto Nice. Our hotel and room are wonderful! 6000 piece artwork collection and 100 yr old lift. Lunch at blue beach to check out the ‘blue beach’ among other things 🙄🤤😬

6 October 2017

Night out at Nobu Fairmont and then onto the Monte Carlo. Fabulous food, Salmon sashimi was 😮. Ended up doubling our 100 euro to 200 in roulette. Woot woot.
Pool session
Lunch and people watching session at Cafe de Paris.
Good morning Monet Carlo!

5 October 2017

Crazy day in the Cinque Terre followed by a 6 hr total road trip from Florence to Monte Carlo. Visited Riomaggiore and Vernazza by sea. Had a great lunch. Oh and lost my sunglasses (later found) and drone hit a pigeon on its maiden voyage. All in all an eventful day 😓😏

4 October 2017

Great afternoon leaving the Palazzo Vecchio and headed towards the Piazzale Michelangelo for an amazing people watching afternoon session. Left my stupid camera gimbal and phone at the chemist. Had to do the hike up the hill 2 times 😪😪😪
Cerca Trova! The Hall of the 500 inside the Palazzo Vecchio was and absolute highlight. Just an amazing building with every inch painted by Vasari.
The Uffizi Gallery was wow! Got to see some true masterpieces from the Florentine renaissance from Michelangelo Davinci Botechelli Bernini Raphael and others.

3 October 2017

Ponte Vecchio afternoon followed by Ponte Vecchio morning.
Completed our Rick Steve’s Audi tour of Renaissance Florence.
Visited the Duomo and was blown away!!!! We climbed Giotto’s tower and saw Bruneleschi’s dome. 414 steps was painful but worth it.
Arrived at our bnb and had the challenge of getting to town on public transport, which we failed. Visited the Academia and saw David which was an experience never to be forgotten!

2 October 2017

Our walk after a big morning at the Vaticano. We walked from St Peter’s Basilica through Piazza Navona and the Pantheon (which happens to be a top 10 place I’ve ever been). The Pantheon is staggering and hard to believe it still stands (and how it was made in the first place).
St Peter’s Basilica is the most amazing man made structure I’ve ever seen. Photos can not convey.
Took some sneaky shots from inside the Sistine Chapel. This place is amazing. We really needed more time to reflect in there.
Vatican museum was awesome. Really need much more time in here to enjoy it. We had a great guide who knew soo much.

1 October 2017

After 90min tour with Valentina through the Colosseum Circus Maximus and through to Trastevere. We chilled at the fountain to listen to live performers and visited an amazing church and service. Food was average.
Pallantine hill Roman Forum and Colosseum tour was tops!
Morning stroll in Piazza del Popollo

30 September 2017

Trevi Fountain 😱 then we had Pizza at the best pizza place in Roma.
Spanish steps
Bambuino Suites
Business class baby