North America, South America · 63 Days · 123 Moments · April 2017

Kurtis's adventure in Machu Picchu Cusco, Per

27 June 2017

Well we finally made it home. The doggies are happy to see us. I want thank all those that have help make this dream come true, Stela, Edger, Lilie, Soloman, Sara, Danil, Mamita, Papi And most of all my wonderful wife Luz. It has been a wonderful trip that she took care of every thing.
We are almost on our last and final plane ( number 15) Dallas to Grand Junction and guess what... It's raining and storming in Dallas again.

26 June 2017

We leave for te airport in one hour. The boys have been sad all day because we are leaving. I'm sad to. Part of me wish we could stay.
We had the opportunity to speak a church Sunday. The church was in the same neighborhood as the apartment. It was a great service and I believe that some where touched to work on missions. This trip has been a trip of many reunions for Luz. We ran into many people that she went to the seminary with.

25 June 2017

Our nephews Jaun and Miguel.

24 June 2017

Last night we had the opportunity to speak at a church and we had a surprise guest. A lady who's son is a missionary in Pakistan that our church Clifton Christian Church sent some financial help last year.
Papa rellena for breakfast in Cali Colombia

23 June 2017

Visiting more family.

22 June 2017

Downtown Cali Colombia
They took us out for Cholados. It's a cup of all kinds of fruit, shaved ice and syrup. Then for empanadas at one of the nicest homes in Downtown Cali.
We visited with friends that went to school with Luz and now they are working through a Shalom Community Church. Their names are Oscar and Dora.

20 June 2017

Cali our journey from the airport to the apartment.
12 airplanes so far, 3 more to go. We are going to stay in Cali for a week.
Bogota to Cali today. We sadly had to leave the family but hopefully we Will be together again soon.

18 June 2017

Colombian rain, it sure doesn't rain like this in Colorado. Spent Father's day with the family. My daughter called me and made my day. I'm very worried about Pastor Paris Wallace missing for 5 days now.

17 June 2017

The family took us to Florida in Bogata. lol. It's a park in Bogata. We had a picnic.

14 June 2017

We get to spend time with family in Bogata.

13 June 2017

Flying hi to Panama.....
Lima Peru, we arrived with our small luggage. Next stop Panama.
Leaving Cuscoo.

12 June 2017

Last Pisco Sour.
Heading to the Plaza be Armas in Cusco for a celebration.
Rock quarry for Saqsaywaman
Cuy..... Speciality of Peru
Maracuya... Passion fruit juice in the market.
Christo Blanco de Cusco
Saqsaywaman Cusco
Today we are off on a tour of Cusco.
Cusco Altitude

11 June 2017

Back in Cuscoo with our new Colombian friends.
Our restaurant friend in Aguas Caliente.
Last Coke in Aguas Caliente.

10 June 2017

We had our last dinner in Aguas Caliente. Luz had very good fish and I had a very good pizza.our train leaves tomorrow for Cuscoo. Sad our time hear is ending, it has been an assume time at Macchu Picchu. Thanks to my wonderful wife for this trip. Many said I couldn't do it with my MS but with God's help I did it and if I did it you can to.
Pachacutec was the last Inkan emperor. He was killed by the Spaniards in the 15 hundreds.
Walking through Aguas Caliente.
Walking through Aguas Caliente.
Or new friend Juan Pablo. He pushed me all the way from the train station to the hotel in a wheelchair. He always was there to open the door for us as served our breakfast.
See the Structure to the far left. It is the Principle Temple. It has damage from an earthquake, the right left corner. The wall I'm standing by is the outside of the temple. Β The wall behind me is the damaged area from the earthquake. Notice the stone above my head it is the same unfinished stone I wrote about in a previous post.
More Macchu Picchu fotos.
Main fountain, some men repair/restore the wall.

9 June 2017

Final at Machu Picchu as we leave.
The Main plaza...
Where should we go now?..... Macchu Picchu is BIG!
Temple of Three Windows.
Look at these walls. The stones are finished very smooth. This high quality was used for special structures. This is a wall of a temple. Notice the stone that is head high, to the right, it is incomplete. The holding tabs are still there and would have been removed at completion. Also the part sticking out would have been evened out with the other stones.
We walked on till we got to where the rocks were cut and made ready to place in the walls. This was on the top of the mountain and the area was unfinished. They moved the largerocks with rollers and lots of man-power. The did not have the use of animals like horses or mules.
Our guide Hike led us to the Temple of The Sun. The sun shines through the windows at the solstice.
As we entered Macchu Picchu I could not believe my eyes,I knew it was big but it was even bigger then I thought. We looked as the sun came over the mountains.
In the early morning about 5:00 we went to the bus station and caught the bus. And traveled a winding road up up and up. The mountains where straight up. Living in Colorado for 27 years,I have seen it's of mountains but the mountains here are the steppest I have ever seen.

8 June 2017

Rocoto relleno and limo saltado for dinner
At dinner with my wife in Aguas Caliente. You know those mountains we saw today are over 20,000 feet high..... Wow!!!
We are in Aguas Caliente. Our hotel is very nice We are waiting for the room to be cleaned. Luz went to get the bus tickets for M.P.
Getting on the train.
Today it's off to Aguas Caliente. This is photos of our 30 minute trip.
Of to Aguas Caliente and Machu Pichu.

7 June 2017

Streets of Cusco
A little market we found with llamas and alpacas. Luz started to help the lady make money by selling and taking good.
We are going to get our train tickets for Aguas Caliente at Perurail.
Thanks Tony for he jacket! It is a little cool here.
Our breakfast in the Air B&B kitchen and the REAL flowers.

6 June 2017

Plaza de Armas, the center of the Inka world. It is the place you see in any video of Cusco. .
Our first dinner.... Alpaca. It was like between pork and veneson.
A Peruvian lady selling hats.
The weather is very like being in the mountains I the fall. It is winter down here. We are almost 300 miles south of the equator.
We made it to Cusco Peru. It is a beautiful city. The most beautiful in Latin America. Ur room ery nice.
We have made it to Cusco!
This man gave me some dried leaves and told me to chew them so I did.they were pretty​ good. Don't know what it was,.... Lol πŸŒπŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰
This man gave me these dried leaves and told me to chew them. Don't know what it was but it was pretty good! LOLπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…
Andes Mountains
We made the to Peru and now just a 1 hour flight to Cusco, Peru. The city is on the Pacific. It is under a big invention. Very cloud ad cool, but higher mountains are clear.
Lima Peru......
Our Peruvian friend Stephanie.
In Panama City, Panama on our way to Cuscoo.
We got to use the diplomats gate at the air port in Bogata. I felt like finally I'm important! πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Off to Peru.... No luggage, dirty clothes but we are on our way. This morning they said our luggage is in Dallas or Houston or Miami or Bogata or Cali..... Who knows .... But we are on our way to Macchu Picchu Peru!

5 June 2017

There apartment.......
Made it back to Bogata and guess bags.......... Maybe tonight.....maybe they told us at American Airlines. These are good of the place our Cuzens live.
Outside plain in Cali
Now it's back to Bogata to catch our flight to Peru tomorrow. They found our bags in Houston and hopefully sent them to Bogata. I need a good shave when we get our bags. My glasses broke this morning but thanks to Papito he fixed them. You always need to carry a glasses repair kit when you travel..... See you in Bogata!!!!!

4 June 2017

Papito after dinner.
Dinner made by papito arepeswitt pork.
We made it to Cali Colombia (we had to go all the way to Cali because of our tickets) and they found our bags and said they will be in Bogata tonight. We will fly back to Bogata in the morning. Got a shower after 3 days without and got 6 hour of sleep and now I feel like a new world man! Going to go out and meet my nephews for the first time.
Our luggage is still in Dallas but now we have to fly to Cali. Very frustrating with American Airlines.

3 June 2017

We made it to Bogata! We are here with the family.
Ok... Let's try again... Dallas to Houston, Bogata, Cali!

2 June 2017

Well our flight to Bogata got canceled because​ of a storm and we are stuck in Dallas. Luz has been in line for an hour trying to get a flight. I'm praying she can get us there for our flight to Cuscoo.
Made it to Dallas just ahead of the storm. Then it hit. The hardest rain I have ever seen. And I have been through hurricanes. Our flight is 1 hour delayed at this point. PS Melissa love you and miss you.
Waiting in Grand JCT. In the airport can't wait till we leave met some nice folks heading for Europe.
Me and our friend Jerry.... Thanks Jerry for dropping us off at the airport....
We Are South bound... Our Adventure to South America!
Whst do ya say, ... Let's go to Peru!!!

1 June 2017

All was good with the doctor in Denver..... We leave tomorrow!!!

31 May 2017

Silverthorn, CO
On our way. To Denver. Sill winter up here. Cusco is still 1000 feet higher then Vail Pass!

30 May 2017

Now just a visit to my doctor in Denver and then I will be ready to go.
Got my last infusion before I leave. Everyone See's me off!

28 May 2017

Doing our list of things to do before we leave. Infusion this week and a trip to see my doctor in Denver.... This will be a busy week.

27 May 2017

Just a few more days and we will be Southbound. Found out Gregg Allman died today. Truly the day music died!

16 May 2017

I was thinking about the difficulty of making a trip like this to Macchu Picchu for someone with MS. MS has a way of steeling all your dreams. It is true that you can't do many of the things you used to do like sking and mountain biking but you have to realize that you can still do a lot of the things you used to, you just do them much slower. With God all things are possinle and with Him I will be able to do this trip and I will will be a testament to the fact that with God even you can can fulfill your dreams, even if you have MS!
Busy weekend . Spent the weekend with some very good friends from Ecquidor and Peru. There son had his confermation and there daughter graduated from Palisade High School last night. I got to talk with them about my trip to Peru and I got a lot of pointers. Half of the house emptied out this morning. They will be missed

11 May 2017

Kristen my physical therapist, getting me ready for our trip. 21 more days!!!!

8 May 2017

24 more days!!!!!

5 May 2017

We leave June 2nd, I can't wait. I have been studying about Macch Picchu, I'm like a walking encyclopedia All I talk about is Macchu Picchu facts. I'm sure I could go on for hours.
Luz is already packing for our journey!

29 April 2017

33 more days till we start our trip to Peru via Colombia. I love Colombia, it will be good to see her again....
Had a little fall last night but i'm ok I have a little bump on my head .I should have listened to my physical therapist and got rid of That rug.I told my sister this morning that I would die before her But Not until I went to Macchu Picchu! Did you know That Macchu Picchu Was re- discovered in 1909? It was built Around 1450. And its olny 7,970 feet in elevation, thats like Eagle Colorado. But Cusco Peru is 11,200 feet and thats 1000 feet higher then Leedville Colorado.

28 April 2017

Worked with my physical theropest today getting ready for my trip. I recorded 2 shows called expiditons unknown abou Peru and saw some of the towns we will visit cuzco and aguas calliente.

26 April 2017

This is the start of something BIG!!!!!
My wife told me the other day what she was going to do for me for my birthday .You see I had this dream of seeing this place but because of my MS, I knew that I would never be able to see this place in my life . She told me that she was going to take me to Machu Picchu Peru. WOW!!! I could not believe it. I was actually going to see this place that I dreamed-of seeing. I have a wonderful wife .I love her very. She has all the arrangements made .In June we will leave Grand Junction fly to Columbia and visit family and then fly on to Peru . No I must prepare for this journey .I'm working very hard to get into shape to make The trip .I have been working with my physical therapist to prepare . I will make it . I will keep this journal ,Along with photos as my trip Starting from now .I invite you to travel with me via this journal .