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Study Abroad: Morocco 2015/Switzerland 2016

19 March 2016


17 March 2016

Saint Patrick's day

11 March 2016


7 March 2016


27 February 2016

Saints-Croix + snowboarding

21 February 2016

Switzerland so far

16 December 2015

Fez 2.0

19 November 2015

Chaouen again

25 October 2015

More chaouen

24 October 2015

Northern excursion. Espana (shweeya) and chefchaouen (zween)

9 October 2015

Sunset at the beach just outside of the old Medina of Rabat

30 September 2015

Sunset in the Sahara desert
Woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise

29 September 2015

The obligatory camel ride was such a blast
We drove to the desert in a combination of bus and land rovers. The Land Rovers were incredibly fun

22 September 2015

We did Arabic calligraphy in class today. The last photo is my full name in Arabic

21 September 2015

Went to Iceberry frozen yogurt (basically Pinkberry) with my host sister and had a hard time believing I wasn't in California or something.
Today, We had a class on the history of Moroccan garment. The evolution from full facial coverage and back again is very interesting to look at.

9 September 2015

Decided to take advantage of the cool air and do my homework on the roof.

8 September 2015

Yesterday our homestay coordinator/mama Doha taught us students about Moroccan cooking and specifically making couscous. She made a couscous with canalized onions and steamed chickpeas. It was really interesting to see the entire process it was to make the dish. The couscous has to be cooked multiple times and there are a lot of factors and ingredients in making a good couscous

4 September 2015

Today was couscous day! According to tradition, Friday is a special day for Moroccans when there is a special prayer (of some sort) and a big meal of couscous is prepared. Usually people have shorter days Friday, as to allow them to partake in the prayer and meal.

3 September 2015

*First picture is the view from the top of the building where we take most of our classes. Thursday was our first evening with our host families. Mine is a (relatively) small family with 3 daughters (one lives in France) and two sons. As far as I can tell the mother stays at home and is in charge of the house old/children. I have not met the father (actually may have just encountered him, but I am not sure) and he seems to be out of the host most of the time. I have been told he runs a book store, but I'm not totally sure what that encompasses.
Toda we had our first introduction to Arabic. For the next week we'll be learning Darija Arabic (the Moroccan dialect), then we'll start with Fus'ha Arabic (the high brow Arabic) next week.

30 August 2015

After getting back to the hotel and settling in (we will meet our home stays Friday) we went to the SIT headquarters and checked out the facilities. Picture 1 is the central area of the main building. It's a 19th century large family home, which SIT now occupies. There is a terrace at the top of the building, which gives a great view of the surrounding area (pic 2). I found it interesting looking down on the homes of the surrounding people (most of them have a lot visible from above). This (apparently) is a city of cats, and there are many strays. I also saw a chicken chilling on a roof (pic 3)!
So today was my first day in morocco! I flew into Rabat from Paris at around 2:30 Moroccan time, which turned out to be when the majority of all the SIT students arrived. Picture one is off Rabat from above. The second picture is of the outside of the airport. First real touches of that Muslim architecture

28 August 2015

Just about to board my flight to London Heathrow!
LAX overnight layover! Tomorrow it's London then I'll be in Morocco the 30th

18 September 2014