North America, Europe · 40 Days · 49 Moments · August 2018

Kuhta Family 6x6 European Tour

24 September 2018

Never again....we must strive to stand up against prejudice, stereotyping and violence so that history does not repeat itself. The disturbing photos below are from Sonja’s stop at Dachau concentration camp located just outside of Munich. The camp operated continuously for 12 years. On liberation day, 32000 prisoners were liberated from a facility built for 6000.
Sonja met up with a friend in Munich, Germany for the biggest party in the world. She was there for opening parade and ceremonies where the mayor tapped the first keg and chugged the first beer.
Sonja up to more shenanigans in Munich!

21 September 2018

More photos from Sonja in Interlaken, Murren and Grindlewald:
Sonja continues on her own journey. On her trip to Europe three years ago she rode the train through Switzerland and vowed she would return to explore its beauty. She found a hostel for $20 Euros a night in Interlaken but found food in general and other expenses there were quite expensive for a backpackers budget. Also, a lot of couples traveling around and not as many singles so it was more difficult to meet and travel with people there. Photos from Interlaken, Grindlewald and Murren:

20 September 2018

Travel tips: Travel light Ditch travel books-use downloaded books. No more than two pairs of shoes-1 dress/sandal, 1 sport shoe that you can each walk 10 miles a day in mini first air kit-backpackers style. All clothes-quick dry. Washers readily available in Airbnb but dryers are not. Pack a washcloth. Mini sewing kit-type from a hotel room. Autumn is a beautiful time to travel in Europe. Days have been consistently warm for the beach-80 degrees or so most days. Almost no rain. Put a tile in your bags for bag tracking-and carry a change of clothes and essentials on the plane. Keep small bills-you need to frequently pay for WC. I paid as much as $1.7 USD for a restroom (same price as gelato). On holiday, gelato and beer/wine are food groups. Pack a few gel pods for laundry. We did not use the maps we brought. Data and phone navigation worked great. Intricacies of driving to Airbnb required data on phone.

19 September 2018

We are headed for the long journey home tomorrow, just three weeks shy of our original return date. Sadly we will miss Grindlewald (Switzerland), Lyon (France), our friends Joe and Angie in south France at Montbrun-Bocage, and Barcelona (Spain). 4 reasons to come back for a visit. In three weeks time we have had a life time of memories and we have seen and done amazing things and encountered beautiful people and are fortunate to be able to have the time here that we did with Sonja and Daniel. Dovidenja Zbogom CIao
Verona last day: visit to Roman Coliseum, visit to Giardino Gusto (gardens), Church of San Fermo, and Museum of Castelvecchio at the former military protectorate of the city. Visiting churches on hot sunny afternoons (82) after walking is a nice way to sit and reflect. The church of San Fermo was particularly interesting because it had an upper and lower church and of course the art work was amazing. The church reminded me a bit of a Dan Brown novel as it is protected by the Catholic Templars. This association tries to identify, restore and reconsecrate abandoned churches with particular attention to those desecrated.
UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization and this organization is devoted to specific landmarks important to world or cultural heritage that are legally protected by international treaties. We have been privileged to explore a number of them on this trip and hope to continue adding to this list. Old City Dubrovnik, Croatia Plitvice National Park, Croatia Palace of Diocletian, Split, Croatia Zadar, Croatia Cathedral of St James, Sibenik, Croatia Julian Alps, Triglav NP, Slovenia, Biosphere Reserve Ljubljana, Slovenia-City of Literature Old City Verona, Italy

18 September 2018

A Verona city pass gains you access to 20 venues, including museums, Roman archeological ruins, churches, towers and gardens. It is a great way to explore the city. This is what you can do with 18,000 steps: Visit the Casa de Giulietta (house of the Cappello family said to inspire Romeo and Juliet), climb up Lamberti bell tower-386 steps), visit museum of modern art, tour church of St Anastasia, and visit Roman archeological digs/museum which is also the setting for modern opera and theater. The most interesting item today was the first picture in the museum of modern art, painted in 1839. It was a scene from piazza Erbe where I just had lunch, and it was identical! 1839 is the type of modern art I like.
Kj and I are trying to figure out if we will abandon our trip and find a flight home, or try to stay until our October 11 scheduled departure from Barcelona. My back is not getting better and it is difficult to move around. I did manage to walk around a bit this morning in the old part of Verona. Verona came under Roman rule in 89 BC and hosts the 4rd largest Roman Colusseum, built in the first century AD, pre-dating the famous on in Rome. The Colosseum hosts Verona's opera company. The city gate in the pictures, Porta Borsari, was also constructed in the first century. Tha Adage River is the second longest river in Italy, after the Po. The reddish colored Roman arched bridge in the picture, Ponte Pietra, was blown up by retreating Nazis in WWII and reconstructed in 1957 using original materials. Only the far left arch survived the destruction.

17 September 2018

Today was a long day. Kj drove Dan to the airport at 5 am and successfully returned the rental car (!!!!!). We hired a shuttle service called GoOpti to drive us from Lj to Verona, about a 3.5 hour drive on great roads. As soon as we crossed the border to Italy, the mountains disappeared into a flat agricultural landscape with many, many vineyards. Our home for the next few days is super clean, spacious and comfortable. It is a modern apartment just outside of the old city of Verona in the middle of residential neighborhood. A well equipped market, restaurant, bakery and bar are all within 300 meters of the apartment. First things How to Use Bidet!

16 September 2018

Today is our last day together as a family for awhile plus our last day in Ljubljana and Slovenia. Tonight Sonja departs on an overnight train to Switzerland, Dan leaves tomorrow for school in Spokane, and Scott and I depart for Verona. I think our trip from here on out will be a bit slower paced. Today, we woke early and went to the the Postjana caves in the Karst region-a 60 km drive way. The caves are home to a blind salamander that is also called the baby dragon-the symbol of Lj. The caves are 24 km in length and we visited 3k by train and 2k walking. Breakfast for Kj was a traditional gibanica cake for breakfast-almonds, cheese, apples in layers of strudel like dough. Afternoon playful trip to the Illusion Museum followed by Aperol spritz.

15 September 2018

Today we traveled from Bohinj to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia with a quick stop and walk through lake Bled. The total drive was 1.5 hours with only a few freakouts from Kj’s panicked driving. Much of the city including its famous bridges along the river were designed by revered Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik who also had major influence in Vienna and Prague.

14 September 2018

Triglav NP day 3...part 1. Today we had our final day in Triglav National Park. We had already explored the Bohing Valley but Kj wanted to see the Socca Valley. The park is not large by US standards but the trip to Socca Valley involved a trip around the park over two mountain passes so we elected to travel with a tour. VSIC pass involved 50 hairpin turns, the views were cloudy in the morning but thankfully the clouds held off! The pass was built by Russian POW during WW1 with over 10,000 deaths and is the inspiration for Ernest Hemmingway’s book Farewell to Arms. Frika for lunch-rich pancake made of cheese, egg, and potato-yum!
Triglav NP day 3-part 3. Beekeeping and car train over the second pass. The train runs 4 times a day and holds about 10 cars. Cost is 30 Euros per car ($35 USD) cutting an hour of drive time off the journey. We brought home some honey schnapps for a night cap-a local favorite.
Triglav NP day 3 part 2. More pics from the tour-waterfalls, river rafting. We listened to some Slovenian folk tales. We are told they never have a happy ending but always have a moral. The boy either dies or returns home to live with Mom and the girl enters the convent.
This is a post I did not want to write, but it has become a big part of the story, so here we go. As most of you know, I have been dealing with back issues for years. I had disk surgery almost 3 years ago and have experienced significant nerve and muscle issues since that time. In June, I had a pretty significant setback, but recovered fairly well. I was so afraid that this fantastic trip would not happen, so I was thrilled and relieved to make it to Europe. I felt GREAT for the first week, but aggravated it in Zadar. I was dealing with it until the drive to Slovenia, when I felt immediate, sharp pain shifting positions in the car seat. The past 3 days have been spent in our apartment, mostly laying down. I had great hope that it would feel good enough to get out, but not yet. We drive to Ljubljana tomorrow for two nights, then off to Verona. Crossing fingers that my old face will appear once again in a few photos.

13 September 2018

Triglav NP Day 2. Today Sonja and Kj woke up to find a hike through Mostica Gorge that follows the river and ends at a waterfall. Just finding the trailhead was a journey by itself with unmarked single lane roads and questionable availability of parking. Near the falls was most quaint cabin offering blueberry apple and apple cheese struedel which we bought in exchange for use of the WC. Lunch smelled amazing but it was much to early for lunch. The valley is reminiscent of the Methow with steep canyon walls and meadows on the canyon floor. The hike to the falls had no road access but followed a gravel road (for local use?) that was sparsely sprinkled with what looked to be rustic seasonal cabins. In the afternoon we drove to Lake Bled for a quick walk to see the castle and church which are probably the most well known landmarks in Slovenia.

12 September 2018

Hike up to Slap Savica Waterfall at Triglav National Park, it was 10 miles from our Sobe each way via bike and hike. The lake pictures are Lake Bohinj which is 3 miles from our apartment. The weather is still nice enough for swimming with high temps of 82 degrees.
Bike ride to/from our home in Cesnjica to Lake Bohinj at Triglav National Park. It is autumn here with hay harvest, pumpkins, corn and apples. If we had stayed two days longer we would be able to attend Kranji Bal-Cow's Ball) or a Fly Fishing Festival later in the month. The Cow's ball is the 61st annual celebration of the cows return from their summer pastures.

11 September 2018

We arrived in a village of Bohinjska, Slovenia, 6 km from Lake Bohinjska and Triglavsksi National Park where we will ride to on bicycles tomorrow. We have never seen a more beautiful setting as these foothills to the Julian Alps. Hiking trails galore await and rafting if we are adventurous. My trail friends should pencil this in for a destination! This village of single lane roads is a working farm town with tractors on every street, cows mooing at our sobe, and sheep in a pen connected to a restaurant. Our place is lovely and we have chosen to eat in for much of the next few days. Shopping was an adventure! If we return, this family has several rentals-including a house in Star Fuzina and our apartment in Bohinjska Cesnjica. 386-0-51-893-800. 386-0-45-723-726.
Today we say goodbye to Croatia and hello to Slovenia. We decided to take a less direct route to visit Mrkopalj, the birth home of Scott's great-grandmother Pauline Barich. We found a lovely town and quickly located the church and cemetery. Unfortunately, we could not find the graves of Pauline's parents, the Paskvan's, and the Father was not available to show us the church records. After downing a beer at the local bar (because you cannot just use the toilet), we found our way to the Slovenian border. The guards scanned our passports and sent us on our way, no questions. Quite a different experience compared to entering the US. Google directed us to some winding country roads as we found our way to Mrkopalj. We stopped at a little town called Mjesto Primislje for a stretch and found buildings showing the scars of the Balkan war. A memorial to a fallen son occupies the corner of the property. The war ended about the time Sonja was born. And we saw a tame fox hunting something.

10 September 2018

We made up for the slow start yesterday with a 6 am departure to Plitvice National Park. It is the second most popular destination in Croatia after the Dubrovnik. We wanted to beat the crowds and we are all glad we did! The drive was over and through mountains and the temperatures a brisk 50 degrees at the start. Plitvice is a series of 16 cascading lakes and waterfalls made blue by algae, moss and limestone located in a rocky canyon. The lakes are connected by charming boardwalk trails. We walked about 10 miles today.

9 September 2018

After a slow start, we made our way to Baric Draga, about an hour drive from Zadar. It is the birthplace of Scott's great-Grandfather, Vance Barich, who immigrated to the U.S. in 1905. "Town" is actually a bit generous as there is no center, only narrow access streets plunging down from the main highway towards the sea. Our mission was to find the graves of Fillip and Marta, Scott's 2x grandparents. We found out that there are no markers for them, so we did not locate their final resting place. It was wonderful to see the church in such good condition. We did meet some fun people at Bar Marko, just down from the cemetery on the water and owned by a father and son. After Scott explained the situation, they took him to meet Ishto Baric and his wife. There is no telling whether they are related, but they treated him like family. While Scott was gone, the people at the bar invited us to stay in their house and eat goulash. They are German and they wanted to party!
Today was our last ocean beach day. The picturesque shallow beach is at Restoran Jure nearby Baric Draga. The other photos were Baric Draga at Caffe Bar Marko. We did not inquire on rates but I would recommend this to family who want to visit. Dan was offered a job at the nearby German's house as their Housemaster as they only live there part time. His only job would be to feed the cats! The winters in Baric Draga can be quite boring as only 12 people live in the town year round. The only non-house is the church.

8 September 2018

We rented a car in Split to take us to Zadar, Baric Draga, Plitvitca National Park and to Slovenia. Scott is driving the manual transmission pretty well (saving 9 euros per day over an automatic) and we have had only one close call by not yielding properly. The biggest challenge in the cities is being able to read the street signs, which are located on buildings. The traffic is not too crazy and toll highways are wide and smooth with ample shoulders and convenient rest stops. There is a noticeable lack of garbage along the roads and in the cities. Cars generally stop for pedestrians at cross walks. We have seen few bikes as the city streets are quite narrow with no shoulders. Dubrovnik had a tremendous number of scooters, likely due to small spaces and few places to park cars.
Croatia day 8 facts-What is that HR we see EVERYWHERE? It is the designation for Croatia. From Wikipedia... the name of Croatia (Croatian: Hrvatska) derives from Medieval Latin Croātia, ... Josef Dobrovský believed it to be linked to the root * hrev "tree", whereas Johann Kaspar Zeuss ... from its Latin name Hrvatska. HRK is the symbol for the Croatian currency kuna. Today we arrive in Zadar, another coastal city. Scott's back is a bit glitchy so the kids and I wandered to a craft beer festival on the ocean and were entertained by live music. We called it quits about 11:00 but the party kept going until 3 am!
We stopped in Sibenik on the way to Zadar from Split and found the city hosting a medieval fair, complete with costumes and actors telling local ancient tales. We sure wish we could understand the language. It was fantastic to see a festival oriented to local and regional residents and not to tourists. While eating lunch in Sibenik, Kjersten opened a Croatian fashion magazine and Scott immediately recognized a model, Natalie Ogg, who is the daughter of a Prosser High School friend. Such an unlikely discovery! Zadar also hosts an event this weekend called the Silk Road Festival. There is live music and cultural showcases from China, India, Russia and Iran. Although there is a large port and ferry terminal, it feels like there are far fewer international tourists here. The Old Town is not nearly as crowded as Split or Dubrovnik. Scott likes each town better as we move north through the country.
This is Kj. I have been disconnected from work with no panicked calls and completely unplugged-at least no phone or data without the use of wifi. My hope is that I get some concentration back from the fast paced world we live in that seems to revolve around bite sized headlines and articles. I just finished reading Educated, a memoir by Tara Westover thanks to suggestion from Tirrell. This is the story of a girl raised near Ruby Ridge without school or medical care who ultimately earns a phd from Harvard. Does anyone have any recommendations for reading material?
Goodbye Split! More views of our apartment and balcony. Dan's shorts dropped from the clothes line to the floor below and we are not certain whose door to knock on to retrieve them!

7 September 2018

Today marks the end of our first week and our last day in Split. The family went on a speedboat tour with a group of 12. We visited Stiniva Beach on the Island Vis (voted best beach in Europe in 2016), the Blue Cave, the Blue Lagoon, and the island Hvar (Hwar). While Hvar is popular among Hollywood stars, it is the off season and there was only a few yachts in the harbor-lucky for us! On Hvar we hiked to fort Espanjola built in 600 ad for views of town and the Pakleni Islands. The Blue Cave is located on the island of Bisevo which is inhabited by 8 men whom are women and no families. The skipper said they are very strange, drink too much wine and are not social-even with each other. Vis and Bisevo are both part of a protected Archipelago. My watch says for the last 7 days, I have averaged 18,000 steps of walking and 44 flights of stairs per day. We are not sure what activities are ahead but tonight I am exhausted. This evening we picked up a rental car.

6 September 2018

We are staying in the old town of Split close to the marina and Palace of Diocletian. This first picture is a photo from our balcony overlooking adjacent buildings and courtyards. It is accessed off an impossibly narrow ally/street. Today was a town day with a self guided tour of the Palace built in 400 AD for the Romans and later re appropriated as a Catholic Church. We booked a small boat tour for tomorrow and headed to Kasjuni beach for a swim on bus #12. The beaches here are mostly pebbly or rocky but the water warm and clear. The girl who helped us book the boat said that rocky beaches are the best because sandy ones are so dirty and ruin your swimsuit. That settled it for me that Scott was true Croatian since he hates the mess of sand-much as he dislikes the sticky nature of S'mores.
Before joining us in Croatia, Sonja and Daniel spent time in Crete. Attached are a few of their pictures. They were so disappointed because a tour to an island on their last day did not pick them up so they navigated their own way to the beach. Mostly they keep talking about the food which did not disappoint!

5 September 2018

Today we rode the cable car up Mt Srd to the Imperial Fort built by/for Napoleon. It is a fitting spot for the War Museum that documents the War of Croatian Independence from Yugoslavia due to aggression of the republics of Serbia and Montenegro. The City of Dubrovnik was under siege from the mountain top in a surprise attack. Dubrovnik never feared attack because it was a non-threatening UNESCO city with no military presence. The city and country were devastated and over 16K Croatian military and civilians died in this war of independence. Remarkable work has been done to restore the City. White concrete and bright red roofs are signs of repaired damage caused by the bombing. At 4:00 pm we boarded a high speed catamaran ferry for a 4 hour ride to the City of Split, Croatia where we join Sonja and Daniel. Travel was more much more comfortable than a bus ride. Dinner on this travel day is from the market-Burek (phyllo dough savory pastry with cheese) for me and a sandwich for Scott.

4 September 2018

Swimming near Dubrovnik-Gradac Park and Banje Beach. Gradac Park has rocks to sunbathe on and ladders to get out of the sea and is complete with a water polo net. Banje Beach gets much more action and made Scott shudder.

3 September 2018

Our bags have a story to tell that we will never know. After three days they showed up and we are forever grateful. Scott woke to me crying after a sleepless night of worry as I had convinced myself our bags were forever lost. Yesterday, we made the long trek to the airport yesterday to give them our two week itinerary (they do not answer their phones). Those who know me well know how much I detest shopping and the pickings here beyond souvenirs tees are pretty slim. Before the bags arrived, we cut loose on a three island tour (think Gilligan’s Island) to the Elaphite Islands of Lopud, Sipan and Kolcep. All the Islands were sleepy and quaint and we drank too much wine and grappa, some sort of brandy. We had so much fun with new best friends from Ireland, New Zealand and England! The water was beyond beautiful, the drinks generous and towns very quaint compared to the hustle of Dubrovnik.
Old Town Dubrovnik is basically a UNESCO Disneyland. Inside the walled city is crammed with tourists from cruise ships and organized tours. Only foot traffic is allowed to explore the myriad of narrow streets, which are lined with shops selling the same kitschy stuff. This is one of the most visited Mediterranean destinations. I cannot complain about the local pharmacy as they sold me a supply of medicine that was running out without a prescription...because lost luggage. This morning we started early to get ahead of the crowds in order to walk the perimeter wall. The total distance is 5.5 km, about 2km shy of its historic length, with many stairs. Kj's fancy watch tells us we climbed the equivalent of 94 stories today. The city was founded in the 1300's and the wall took over 400 years to build. Much damage was done in 1991 during a 7 month siege in by Serbian and Montenegran forces. Game of Thrones fans will recognize some of the sites.

2 September 2018

Sobe. It is common for locals to rent rooms called Sobes from their homes and we found ours through Airbnb. We are staying at Marijana’s Family house located on the hillside in Dubrovnik located a 1/2 mile outside the walled city near the Pile Gate. We have a room which also contains a private bath that we enter through a common foyer. The room is basic but very functional. We spent the day buying essential clothes which was not easy and required a trip to a very simple “mall.” Our top priorities were shoes, shirts, swimsuit, socks and sunscreen. After that a lunch and walk in Ston. We had a special evening watching chamber duo music at the Dominican monastery. The chamber featured guitar and flute in a unique intimate setting for 50 guests. We ran into a lady there from Seattle who also had lost luggage. It took 4 days for her luggage to find her! We will be in Split by then!

1 September 2018

Lost bags. Yep, our checked bags did not make it to Dubrovnik. We only have the clothes on our backs and shoes that have already given Kjersten a blister. The good news is that Scott's back is doing ok after the long trip from Spokane to Seattle to Minneapolis to Frankfurt to Dubrovnik. We also successfully found our Airbnb after climbing 182 steps and knocking on only one wrong door. Our host, Martin, had beer and plum cobbler pie waiting for us upon our arrival. But at 4am and wide awake, we are HUNGRY!! UPDATE: Both of us fell back to sleep, now 9:30 and ready to take in Dubrovnik.
Yes please! A good start to travel to Frankfurt. The Spanish sparkling wine was a nice treat. Waiting at airport after a mostly sleepless night for our destination to Dubrovnik and we are quite zombie like.
Sonja and Daniel went to bed early last night (11:00) so they could beat the crowds to Vatican City. Dan’s notes from today: Sonja and I went to the Vatican City. So much to do and see. You could spend all day there if you really wanted just admiring everything. My favorite part by far was St. Peter’s Basilica. Extraordinary paintings on all of the walls, super high ceilings. We paid 8e to walk 500+ steps to the tops of the dome. At the first stop on the lower level of the dome from the inside you can see the beautiful painting on the wall. Then you walk up more to the very top and get to see almost the whole city from the outside. Amazing views and you realize how tall the building is. Amazing last day in Rome in total. Although it did take a little bit to get out of such a busy area.... way too many tourists groups. The museum was awesome as well. So many artifacts and relics from the past, who knew they had so much bling?? Wrapped up day at the Forum and Coliseum.
We conceived of this trip a year ago and have been planning in earnest for the last several months. We are now sitting on the runway in Spokane with our first flight delayed which could make for a very interesting 24 hours but this is all out of our hands now. Bags are packed and we will now live fairly unencumbered for awhile. My bag sits at 18 pounds and Scott’s at 23 pounds which is not bad for 6 weeks. If we forgot anything we will buy it! Everything I have packed is some shade of black to save on outfits and space. The only lesson learned so far is I wish I would have bought electronic travel books and loaded them on the kindle app on my iPad. The paper books remain at home as they are too bulky and heavy. I did mange to find some free travel books to download on Italy and France however. Max is in good hands with nephew Ian who we are grateful for his help. He starts EWU in two short weeks and it will be great to have more family in Spokane.

30 August 2018

Dan and Food I’m not sure about all of Italy but Rome is famous for these water fountains that are all over town (probably every couple of blocks). I was kind of sketched out at first because the water is constantly running and I wasn’t sure how they are recycling it (but it turns out they are not). But it tastes great and is cold. Other than that I had my first couple of glasses of wine tonight.... I still definitely like beer better but it was good! Sodas and Gatorade drinks are made with real cane sugar so taste a lot more sweet than I am used to. And lastly, I was pretty shocked by the pricing of food. I thought because Rome was a bigger city/tourist city that it would be more expensive but not bad at all. I paid 10 euro for a nice pasta dish tonight at a restaurant that only had one other tourist couple and the rest were locals (or at least were speaking Italian).

29 August 2018

Dan’s notes from today in response to questions about their hostel accommodations in Rome: Super fun. The hostel is called Yellow Square because the hostel is on both sides of the street. It has it’s own bar/restaurant, common area, laundry mat, and even a barber shop. The bar is the best though, everyone congregates there at the end of the day and talks about their travels. Very cool sitting at a table with people from numerous countries, talking about culture, etc. The rooms are very nice, very clean. The rooms have safes for each person and lockers under the beds. 6 people to a room. Kj’s notes from the Yellow Hostel Website: YOU will love it here if YOU like to get your party on, if YOU love socializing from dusk to dawn , if YOU want an international entourage, if you think LOUD is the new black....I bet the kids are having a great time!
Words from Sonja from Rome: Daniel and I walked over 5.5 miles today touring the Coliseum and the Roman Forum with 4 miles at one site alone. It is so hot! The best news is that fanny packs are back in style-especially the leather ones. The kids are impressed but little do they know that when we were their age, all the cool kids had fanny packs and we owned leather ones! It is too bad I do not save things that we do not use. I think I know what they are getting for Christmas!

28 August 2018

Notes from Dan on his first day in Rome: It’s spectacular. We went to all free stuff today. Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, a couple of Churches etc. We are taking a small break before free pasta at the hostel! Weather is nice-perhaps 90!

26 August 2018

Sonja and Daniel are departing today-5 days ahead of Scott and I. Sonja is going to show Daniel the in and out’s of backpacking in Europe including staying in youth hostels. Their trip begins in earnest in Rome because Sonja says that Dan needs to start there so it must have made a very good impression from Sonja’s last trip. This will be followed by a trip to Crete, Greece. How cool that these two siblings will get to experience this together! If you ever need a travel planner, contact Sonja but don’t ask for anything other than 1 star accommodations!

15 August 2018

Six countries in six weeks for our 6x6 tour. Are we CRAZY? We are not the type of people that wanted a whirlwind tour but to us this made sense. It started with a dream and starting place in Croatia for Scott to visit the ancestral home of the Barich family. In addition to family, Croatia has been on our radar for 12 years as a beautiful place to visit with 1100 miles of coastline set on the Adriatic Sea. A dream plus an adventure to find friends in southern France "because we are in the neighborhood." So, Croatia with a journey to France via Slovenia, Verona (Italy) and Grindlewald (Switzerland) with departure from Barcelona!