Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam · 2 Days · 17 Moments · November 2017

Kuala Lumpur and Melaka, Malaysia

18 November 2017

One of Khin’s friend brought us fresh durian at our Airbnb. So nice of them! The smell was amazing (at least to Jenn and me), but the fruit was a bit bitter so I didn’t actually enjoy it that much. Still pretty cool experience tho. We just went to bed afterwards since everyone was already so tired.
We went to a bar in KLCC Park to continue watching the water show. We all got a melon ball shooter, which was okay (better than yesterday). I also got a pina colada but it was terrible.
Then we went around to explore KL a little bit. We wanted to go up to the sky bridge at the twin towers but the tickets were sold out ;(. But we went to this KLCC Park in the back that had some beautiful water show, so it was still a great experience.
For dinner, we went to this local restaurant for Nasi pandar (which is pretty much rice mixed with miscellaneous topping that you get to choose). We also got some very cool roti dish. The food was pretty good. We met another set of twins who were Khin’s friend so that was very interesting.
We definitely hit the jackpots with our accommodation in Malaysia. Our KL Airbnb was even cooler than the Melaka one. It was sooo fancy and took forever to get too, but very interesting. Gorgeous view of KLCC and really fancy decor inside. We were all instantly in a good mood when we got there. Good spot! (Their internet sucked though)
We then just walked around a little bit before grabbing an Uber back to KL. I got to really see the Dutch influence in Melaka architecture so that was very cool. It was soo hot tho so everyone was tired quickly.
I think it’s a common theme for us to have second rounds of food in Malaysia because “we did it again” lol. We went To another local restaurant for some chicken rice balls. The food was really good but I suddenly felt really nauseous in the middle so I stopped eating. Still very delicious food tho!
Since we went to bed so late the night before, we al pretty much woke up just in time for our check-out at noon. Then we went to a very famous restaurant for some laksa and cencol (Malaysian shaved ice). Both of them were soooo good (best food I ate through the whole trip!). A bit spicy for the laksa but nothing too bad. The restaurant was really crowded but we got lucky and almost got a table right away. Great start to the day!

17 November 2017

After the bar, we headed back to our Airbnb but the fun continued! This time, in the name of a card game called “exploding kitten”. It was sooo fun! I didn’t win any of the games we played tho :(.
The nightlife continued at a bar close to the end of Jonker street market. The drinks were terrible (I ordered a watermelon mojito and I think there was probably half a bottle of rums in there 😭) but we played Russian roulette to determine who has to pay for the drinks (my sister lost) so that was really fun.
After second round of food, we walked around Jonker street, which has a very famous night market. There were a lot of vendors selling food, drink, snack and almost anything you can think of. A few highlights that I remember: - some snack being frozen by liquid nitrogen, which will cause you to breathe smoke when you eat it (picture). Snack was ok but we did breathe out smoke! - durian croissant: actually a bit disappointing. The durian cream was ok but the croissant was bad. - durian cream puff: sooooo goood!!!! Khin, Jenn and I took cream puff “shot” together. That was fun! - toy store: they sold a lot of toys from my childhood. They even had Malaysian knock-off of LEGO called “Lesin”. My sister and I bought miniature Russian roulette (I’ve always wanted to own one!) - some random karaoke stage where we heard some terrible horrifying performances 😭😱. There was this old guy dancing to some girls pop song. Our eyes hurt after that, but was a fun experience.
For dinner, we went to a very famous local clay pot restaurant called Asam Pedas (I think this is the name of the dish in Malay?). Either way, we each ordered a clay pot dish with the protein we wanted (I got ikan pari, which meant stingray fish). The portion was pretty small so it wasn’t too much food for us. It tastes like a watered down spicy curry (better than it sounds lol). It was pretty good but a bit too spicy for me.
We then went for second dinner 😝. This time the featured dish is called satay something. We basically had a huge pot of some sauce (a bit peanutty and very sweet) and we got to choose our own sticks to dip into the sauce. It was pretty interesting. I didn’t really like it to be honest since it was a bit too sweet but very unique experience! So definitely worth a try. And the food was really cheap!
Melaka river at night. So beautiful!
Our Airbnb was soooo neat!!! It had a direct view of the Melaka river. The inside decor was pretty chic with two floors and even a jacuzzi inside the second floor bathroom. The couch in the living area was pretty comfy too so we hung out there a lot. The location was awesome because we just walked everywhere. More to come later on!
After old town white coffee, we took an Uber from KL airport to Melaka. The ride was a bit long but we talked a lot and learned a bit more abt Malaysia. Things I remember: - Malaysia is comprised of 13 states. - each state generally has a king (who doesn’t really have power) and there’s one overall king for all 13 states. Melaka doesn’t have a king (because the king ran away a long time ago), but it does have a “really important” person who’s equivalent to a king (also no real power and just for show). This is a pretty shady story because Khin didn’t really know how this “really important” person came to be, so I don’t know. I’m not buying it lol - the Kings rotate every 5 years and usually is replaced by bloodline. Again, no clue how melaka’s “really important” person is replaced ;)). - Melaka means “red city” (?). This name came from when the city was dominated by the Dutch who painted all the buildings in red color. Our Uber driver was so entertained by us that he wanted a selfie
We’re finally in Malaysia! Immigration took forever because the line was soooo long. Khin and Khong were really nice to wait for us. But we finally made it out without any issues at all. Once we met Khin/Khong, we decided to stop by old town white coffee restaurant for a quick bite before a 1.5-hour drive to Melaka (which is our first stop in Malaysia). We all ordered some much needed coffee and a little bit of food. I got a Cham coffee, which is a mix between coffee and milk tea, and it was delicious! The food was also pretty good but nothing special so I didn’t remember the names.