South Korea, China, India · 13 Days · 30 Moments · October 2017

Flat Jay's adventures in India

3 November 2017

Flat Jay ate so much food in India that we had to not only check him, but also buy a bag for him to fit in

2 November 2017

A lovely morning cycle tour of the lakes surrounding Udipur. And then capped it off with a meal of Thali- basically an Indian curry buffet where they keep bringing the food to you. This was Flat Jays highlight of the trip!
Udipur - the Venice of the East. And setting of a Bond film. Beautiful, and quieter than the rest of India so far. Went on a lovely sunset cruise and our hostel had Great Lake views from our rooms.

31 October 2017

We climbed a hill near our home stay. Flat Jay mastered his fear of heights, but needed a rest at the top. The surrounding area is very dry as desert like, but it is impressive how much farming they are able to do.

30 October 2017

Learning how to make pottery. The wheel was 1m wide and turned with a stick to betit spinning fast.
Staying a the most wonderful home stay outside of Jodhpur. The family is lovely and lovely to lean about the local culture and food. Plus, there was baby goats!!!

29 October 2017

Jodhpur ‘the blue city’
Exploring around Jodhpur visiting Art Deco/Indian palaces, temples and an amazing fort.

28 October 2017

Ranthambore National Park. We saw a mother tiger with two cubs within the first 100m of our safari.

27 October 2017

Chand Baori one of the deepest step wells in the world 19.5m deep. Built in the 8th-9th century AD.
Wildelife spotting - urban style. This morning we saw camels, peacocks, monkeys, cows, wild boar and some sort of large weasels.
Nahargarh fort. Eating popadoms bigger than our face and fantastic views of Jaipur city and it’s 8million residents. While we were looking around the tuk tuk driver fixed the tuk tuk

26 October 2017

Today we explored around Jaipur. It is by far our favourite city so far, and known as the 'Pink City'. We saw palaces, markets, and a variety of wildlife along the road - elephants and camels! Flat Jay is very much enjoying all the food here too!
Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Wind)
Full scale geek out trip for Rob visiting the latest sundial in the world! Flat Jay getting his photo taken with his star sign sundial

25 October 2017

A fantastic afternoon learning to cook and eating. Mostly eating. Eating amazing food. Food. Eating. Mmmmm
Taj Mahal this morning! It really is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Unfortunately Flat Jay was confiscated by security (don’t panic we got him back) so he didn’t get to enjoy it. But we got to enjoy watching a man drop his phone in the fountain and his friend going in to save it!

24 October 2017

Riding on trains. Tomorrow we have the final stretch over night from Udaipur to New Delhi.
First train journey New Delhi to Agra. Rob and Krystyna felt like locals pushing to climb on the train. Rob’s now enjoying reading Krystyna’s book at telling her how good it is. Krystyna and Flat Jay are watching some Outlander! Flat Jay is really enjoying it!
Exploring the Spice Market. A lovely change to have your senses assaulted with the delicious smells, slights and sounds of the market. It is in Old Delhi and the area has so much, well everything going on. People and animals everywhere, spices and food and such a mix of architecture where it seems as if it has always been old. Oh, and we had the most incredible melt-in-your-mouth dates
New Delhi Spice Market. An assault on the nose both good and bad.
More Delhi street madness!
Explored the Red Fort in Delhi. Krystyna was de facto your guide, complete with audio guide for assistance. Flat Jay did not have a lot to say about it. Red Fort was beautiful and would have been magical when it was truly a palace with all its gardens and water features.

23 October 2017

Last night we did a street food tour. Flat Jay enjoyed his meal (no surprises there haha)
Lunch today! Street food! Food heaven
Exploring Old Delhi - markets, street food and insane traffic
Got lost. Found a mosque. But found lovely gowns to wear. ;)
Made it to Delhi - our hostel has the cutest wee courtyard and a view from the roof tops. Oh! And the chai is actually the most amazing drink. Mmmmmm

22 October 2017

Flat Jay enjoying the lounge in Shanghai - he was very excited about the free buffet. And we even found him a seat on he plane (but left something to be desired as a head rest).
Boarded the plane and ready for take off! I have to share my seat with Jay :)