Asia, Europe · 16 Days · 16 Moments · June 2017

CullzyPops Honeymoon at Defqon

4 July 2017

We're baaaack! Sorry been off the grid... basically Budapest chewed us up and spat us out later than we had planned! What a beautiful place WOW so much to see and such amazing old buildings, palaces, bridges, statues and thermal spa was amaze! It's got everything you want to see as far as a European city goes I reckon. We stayed at The Hive Part Hostel... and party we did... first night Bingo Bar Crawl which Matt one... his prize was a ticket to a Boat Party the next night! So off we went everyone gets a bottle of champagne, DJ pumping tunes on the roof top cruising the river at night past all the monuments lit up... it was sick! Big night though. Then the next day we went to Balaton Sound, music festival about 2 hours from Budapest.. I'll do another post on that, epic! Unfortunately, I had some horrific heatstroke after Balaton and was very unwell... Which led to a missed flight and some other dramas, but don't want to bore you with the crap stuff!! We are at Madrid leaving for NYC ✌️

3 July 2017

More photos of Belgrade 😍

2 July 2017

SERBIA πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ύ Wow. I don't even know what to say... what we thought Serbia was to what we actually experienced is hard to put in words. It was beautiful... the city, the parks, the beach, the clubs and most of all the people! It actually reminded me alot of Melbourne. Oh yeah.. and it's cheap as!!! We did so much... golf, cable boarding, military museum, dinosaur park, went to 2 sick clubs and ate yummy food. Proud to be a Serb... πŸ’ͺ Can't wait to go back with Dad one day!!!!! 😍😍😍

30 June 2017

Last stop in Croatia... DUBROVNIK. Holy moly... there is no other place like it. The old town has so much history and has been so well restored since the war in the 90's... it's so beautiful, it takes serenity to a whole other level... I cried again cos I was feeling it.. STANDARD. Cullzy went for a swim in the choppy sea and nearly called for help cos his arms were hurting so much trying to swim against the current. We had beautiful food both days (not cheap) went to a club last night, Revelin, which was off Chops. Was fun for a while but the kids were too young and drunk we got outta there (so old!) HAHA. Today we walked around the old town walls which was amazing.. Cullzy went slalom skiing off the coast... it was so choppy but he killed it!! The guys were so impressed. We are now in Belgrade and so far loving it... more updates on Serbia later... we have a lot of boxes to tick over the next 2 days... LETS GOOOO πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΎπŸ’ͺ

29 June 2017

Hvar... our AirBnb (which we booked 2 days before) was absolutely amazing! All the beach bars and the amazing castle which we actually ended up walking to 3 times because we loved it so much... beautiful terrace restaurants hidden in the back streets and just amazing friendly people who aren't pushy or ripping you off or anything... and... everyone is so smokin hot, the eye candy is ridiculous!!! Hvar.. we love you and will never forget you 😘😘😘
OMG HVAR BLEW OUR MINDS!! Most beautiful place I've ever seen... I'll have to post some more photos.. pretty much everything you see is a postcard! Fave place so far... (besides Defqon of course).

27 June 2017

S P L I T... So cool!!! Big day celebrating Matts Bday yesterday kicked the day off with a lot of orange breezers on the beach, met a couple of cool American gals we were chillin with for a while! Cullzy made a friend called Wilson... his volleyball... great bloke. Had an amazing dinner at Chops Grill then went to a couple of bars and this awesome outdoor club!! Then it got a bit messy and we lost each other πŸ‘Ž Had to be at our boat with all or luggage at 7:45 this morning we woke up at 7:30.. it was hectic 😫 ! But we got there went to 2 islands and finished up in Hvar! Have had a chilled day walking around be island and just about to have a siesta then off to a club later on! We're wrecked. Toodles:
WOOHOO just booked 2 nights in Hvar! Thanks AirBnb! We leave tomorrow 😝

26 June 2017

Easy to recover from Defqon in a place like this! Checked into our hostel, then hired a scooter and drove to the beach... enjoyed a much needed swim after not having time to shower this morning after Defqon (gross)... couple of beers and a massive pizza! Early night and Cullzy mates Bday tomorrow πŸ€™β€οΈ

23 June 2017

D E F Q O N 1 - 15 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ! Let's just say if there is a year we could pick to go to Defqon... this was the one. We are so so fricken happy, it was incredible... So incredible I actually cried a couple of times cos I was feeling it so much πŸ˜‚ Not surprising. Met so many amazing people had an unforgettable experience. Can't talk it up enough! ❀️

22 June 2017

Whoa... that was different!!! πŸ˜³πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
This place is off its doodle!! So much to see... you could walk the streets forever just discovering more and more cool shit! Went to the NEMO science museum this morning and sprinted through the streets of Amsterdam to get back just in time for our 10:00am canal cruise with a few Sydney blokes also going to Defqon... lovinggggg.

20 June 2017

Bit of a look around before we check in πŸ‘€ So much amazingness already.. some interesting people and have been laughing the whole time πŸ˜‚ Amsterdam.. what the actual..!?
Going a bit loopy... but we made it!!! Few scotches in the morning got us going and the beautiful views flying over the Middle East, Russia then pulling into Amsterdam... fair to say, it's going to be a good day πŸ‘
Matt and I are recovering from a big first night... haha... we had a ball with a bunch of Canadians and a couple of Aussies. Matt's lost his voice so just resting up so we are tip top for Defqon πŸ‘Œ

19 June 2017

Snoozing at Hong Kong airport... Rrrrrrippaaaaa