Australia, Philippines · 16 Days · 13 Moments · January 2018

Kristy's journi to Philippines

28 January 2018

Home sweet home

24 January 2018

While waiting at the ferry station, we bumped into our friend from the Plane, Saren. He offered to help us on the other end by sharing a car with some Canadians that were also on our plane and ended up on same ferry! The minibus we eventually got on was his friend who gave us a lift for free and dropped us off at dunking donuts, then the Canadians gave us a lift with their hotel bus to our much appreciate 5 star hotel! Finally, we can relax!
Hectic day getting from boracay to Bohol. Our flight had to circle for 2 hrs then as we were landing the plane took a sudden change of direction back UP. We had no idea what was happening and we ended up landing in Cebu. Everyone wanted to get off & catch a ferry instead, after all the locals almost started a riot we were eventually allowed off the plane with equivalent $25 compensation. We then taxi to the ferry port - last tickets SOLD OUT just as we arrived. We then met some “friendly” locals who said they could help us out going another route. They just needed our ID’s to get us tickets... after we didn’t see them for about 15 minutes we started to stress & Kristy put her foot down, picked up the bags and demanded to be taken to the guy with our ID’s. After walking for a while through the streets we eventually found him having some dinner and given our IDs to someone else! They were going to sell us tickets for double the price! We got our tickets for 2am ferry...!

23 January 2018

View from spider house

22 January 2018

Spider house, an amazing and unique restaurant on Diniwid Beach hanging over the water - since been shut down!
Kristy making friends with the locals 🐾

18 January 2018

Gorgeous sunset from El Nido 👌🏼

16 January 2018

Tour C - crazy waves cool secret beach! Then we went to Happiness Bar in El Nido town and bumped into an old friend Trent! We then had drinks with him and his friends at Pukka Bar, a reggae bar on the beach. Paid for it the next day though!

15 January 2018

Day 2

14 January 2018

Day 1. We made it 😃 Flew on a tiny propeller plane, I was seat 1C - facing everyone else! We arrived in El Nido airport and assigned a tricycle (motorbike with added side carriage!) to take us to our resort. Once we arrived, there was a lovey welcome sign for "Chris & Co." 😐 Spent the rest of the day exploring Las Cabanas Beach, via a secret pathway a helpful guy showed us which saved us walking on some dodgey rocks. Finished the night with some cocktails and a game of chess, guess who won 😝#checkmate
Checking in for our AirSwift flight to El Nido, we were 2 hours early so managed to get on the 8:40 flight! Came straight through to the gate where we were given a complimentary Snack Pack! We got comfortable in the gate, chris went to get us coffee then came running back remembering that El Nido is a CASH ONLY island... so he has just run out of the gate to get more money. Hoping he gets back in time and that the ATM works ok 🤞🏼thank god he remembered now!!

13 January 2018

Flight to Manila, no in-flight entertainment so we watched Netflix, read our books & played dots, naughty and crosses and hangman. While playing hangman, instead of drawing the blank spaces for the letters, Chris started writing M,O and then realised what he was doing, then he told me he was writing the word MORON 😂 we couldn't stop laughing!!!
First stop of the year, Philippines! Can't wait to kick back and put our feet up in El Nido 🏖