South America, Europe · 45 Days · 29 Moments · October 2016

Kristi's voyage in Peru

15 November 2016

Tasuta meik Londoni lennujaamas ja nüüd olengi Tallinna kodus. Aitäh kõigile kes mind toetasid ja ka kõigile kes mind hulluks pidasid 😘 Love you world ❤️

13 November 2016

Second flight try was successful. Will arrive to Gatwick in 20 minutes now. Had a wonderful day in Ica the sand boarding capital of Peru 🇵🇪yesterday. The buggy ride was scary even to me 😜hit my head to the roof two times and screamed as hard as I could when we descended from huge sand mountains. Sand boarding was great as well. Also the pool and sunshine ☀️ enjoyment after it relaxed all the muscles 🙃. Made a chocolate cake to Angelos family who hosted me here. And also made some amazing pancakes with dulce de leche and bananamango mix. 👌Gave Angelo an Estonian T-shirt 🇪🇪 ☺️ Now heading back to snowy ❄️home and start to pump up for the volleyball 🏐 season and also giving my best at work in Transferwise ✨ This trip taught me so much. Remember to always love yourself and only do the things you really really love with your heart. Also let the life flow - don't over plan and enjoy every moment of every second of your life. Traveling is an investment into your soul. ❤️

11 November 2016

Missed my flight because being in the airport two hours before is not early enough apparently. So now looking around in Lima instead :) and it has only surprised me. Lima in the other side of the town is more wonderful than near the airport. Went surfing 🏄 yesterday and also fulfilled my dream doing paragliding. Enjoy the pictures 😘❤️ Hope to get a flight back home on 15th but not sure yet... life brings so many unexpectednesses and I am taking them all in. On my way to Ica now - maybe a sandboard will wait for me there 🌴☀️😊And thank you Eva for being the coolest companion 😘

8 November 2016

After Patagonia felt like this :D Heading back to Lima soon to enjoy the last warm day in South America and then will start my long trip back home :)

6 November 2016

5 days and 100 km later finished the W track of Patagonia with my Mari. Got into a snowstorm, slept in the same freezing cold sleeping bag with Mari, fell into the river 😄, conquered our inner obstacles, met with a lot of new people and that all with a wide smile + a mesmerizing view throughout the whole trip.

2 November 2016

First day in Patagonia me and Mari had a sunny start what turned into a cold rainy night. Luckily the park guards invited us in and gave some local Matte and warm blankets :) The next day a Dutch actress was making a movie 🎥 about Patagonia - even got a picture with him - the movie will be "La Holandaisa". Everybody here are holding together and sharing everything they have as outside is amazingly cold and together (although we don't know each other) we feel stronger and that helps us to move on through snow, rain and heavy wind with spectacular views 🌎😊❤️

31 October 2016

A day trip to Viña Del Mar - had a nice swim and gazed at the palm trees 🌴 Sunset in Santiago was amazing 😉

29 October 2016

Happiest ice cream eater 🤓 And my longest bus drive (23 hours) to Santiago may begin. There I will meet my dear Mari and an adventure in Patagonia national park.
San Pedro de Atacama has hidden a Valle de Luna in itself. A bike drive away the beautiful caves and salty sand mountains were awaiting. It felt like home as the ground was white as snow. The power from the mountains poored into me.

28 October 2016

Third day started with PANCAKES 😍Local dulce de leche on it tasted like caramel. A little city of San Pedro de Atacama waited us ahead. As the weather was warm and thanks to Halloween not many hostels had room decided to spend a night under the stars with a sleeping bag. Morning with bird songs and bright sunrise as an alarm clock sweetened our cold feet.
Salar de Uyuni showed all of it's beauty to our Gringo team of 6 people from day one. Andreas tour and a three day trip with 6 different nationalities (Lithuania, Peru, Austria, Netherlands, Estonia + a driver from Bolivia) - adventure was awaiting. The pictures talk for themselves. :)

27 October 2016

Second day in Uyuni we spent with Volcanos and geysers. Also our gringo team got renamed to flagringos for the amazing pink flamingos who surrounded the colorful lakes. The day ended in a hot water geyser gazing at the millions of stars which kept shooting themselves down in every once in a while.

23 October 2016

Death road they say to it for a reason :D Basically straight down and a bump after a bump in like 1000 km/h. Took a bike and conquered it. Warm shower and a pool after it felt like a dessert. Heading to Salar de Uyuni salt flats now :) and yes they drink tea from a plastic bag here. :D
Peru done :) now headed to Copacabana beach and conquered a little mountain here. Enjoyed the warm sunshine. At night will try to reach La Paz and tomorrow already the salt fields of Salar de Uyuni.

22 October 2016

After a nine hour bus ride (without any toilet stops) got from jungle to freezing cold Juliaca at 6 AM where took another bus to Puno. After almost saying goodbyes to my travel companion as we did not get to Titicaca floating islands on time; a man showed up saying he is going exactly to the place we wanted with a school trip so we can pay less and just hang along (as it would normally happen). As "pay less" has become the moto of this trip - then of course we went. Pink flamingos sending our way met with a local on Taquile island - man who cooked us trout and told stories about the island. On our way back right now found another broken boat and transporting it to the harbour in Puno. Life never gets boring here.
Finally found a way out of the jungle. Got stuck in "Chipitiari," but named it "Shittypiari" after being there a day. No water, phone service, internet and also no schedule when to get out. Thanks to a local shipping boat got to "Boca Manu" where found a Brazilian local who cooked for us free. Also played volley with the locals - it is pretty popular here. Next day we were supposed to leave at 6 with a pregnant woman who had complications and she was supposed to be transported to a bigger hospital. As no other way than a boat out of there we waited at the harbour at 5:50. But the pregnant woman decided not to go. At 9:30 the doctor got her to move forward and so we moved as well. After a boat, car, boat and car rides I remember the sweat and tiredness on my body. And then there was the next car driver who opened the door for me and said "Señorita" as I would had high heels and a fancy Gucci bag instead of my muddy boots and a huge backpack. "Gracias" I answered with a wide smile.

19 October 2016

Just gapping up all the past moments. Met with Klara - a Czech Republican with who we shared a lot of views. :) Got into the jungle - like so deep that no phone connection was available. Even not electricity. A shaman showed us his knowledge and painted our bodies. We ate his special made chicken from a bamboo. For lunch we gathered 5 coconuts and I opened them with a machete. Now waiting for a boat that is not sure to come in the middle of nowhere next to nothing. :D When I asked for a "baño" - a bathroom, they showed me everywhere :D

16 October 2016

Enjoyed real Peruvian country life in Langui with my friends cousin. Felt like a family member. Angelo made some delicios trout. Enjoyed the mountains around the mermaid lake as they call it. I made them some chocolate cake and we all ate it over the table. Also all the little sisters needed some hairdressing :) Caught 3 fish with a plastic bag thanks to Evelina . Can't even describe how good everyone have been to me here. Thank you world :)

9 October 2016

No words needed
It's not about where you go it is more about how you get there. Live, love, enjoy

7 October 2016

When life gives you avocado then eat it :) butterflies, parrots and avocado everywhere in the jungle here. Walked 20 km and got to aguas calientes - tomorrow I will see my dream Macchu Picchu :) And can you see a mans face on the last picture made of stone?

4 October 2016

On my way to Macchu Picchu :) The mountains remind me how small we really are and how big and powerful is the mother nature. People here are so nice and welcoming. Played with local kids and forgot all the problems of the world with them. Today staying a night free at a locals home.

3 October 2016

Just enjoying. Found a new friend Angelo and discovered some local places here in Cusco. And YES one picture has an avocado on it - they are huge here :D I just love how all the locals here have all the time in the world. Angelo is a farmer and he is currently waiting for rain and enjoying the moment while the rain will come. So he was very happy just to show me around Cusco Inca trails and mountains.
Hommikuvõimlemine tehtud, duši all käidud, Mama söötis kõhu täis ja tingis mulle odava takso, kust jõudsin paar kiirklõpsu teha. Nüüd kärarikkast Limast ootan lennukit Cuscosse. Muchos gracias Mamale :)

2 October 2016

Kohal! :) Mama backpacker house-is võttis mind Mama isiklikult vastu ja saime mulle kohaliku kõnekaardi. Minu number hetkel: 993289283. Homme Cusco-sse ja siis saab juba loodusvaateid nautima hakata.
Maailm on väike. Inglismaal tutvusin 4 eestlasest maailmaränduriga ja nüüd istun koos nendega juba Lima lennuki peal. 12 tunni pärast algab seiklus Limas! :)

1 October 2016

Esimene samm Lõuna-Ameerika poole tehtud. Saksamaa lennujaamas.
There is always a blue sky, even behind the darkest clouds. Seega kui sügisilm tahab sangpommidega suunurkasid allapoole suruda siis mõtle sellele helesinisele taevale tumedate pilvede taga. Tunneta, et tegelikult just selles hetkes kus oled praegu ei ole midagi tähtsamat kui selle hetke nautimine. See hingetõmme, need helid, lõhnad, tunded, mõtted, su imeline keha, su teadlikkus, sina ise - aksepteeri neid, nad on lahutamatu osa sinu teekonnast. Nüüd vaata uuesti õue - sügis on päris ilus, eks? :)
Siit väravatest läbi ja reis võib alata :)