North America, Europe · 8 Days · 22 Moments · June 2017

Paris, London, and Bath FLL World Invitation

23 June 2017

2 busy tournament days and a final day exploring Bath and Stonehenge. We went on a morning excursion to Stonehenge. Afterwards in Bath, we caught a glimpse of a cricket match, enjoyed coffee at a café, explored the canal and river walks and heard a musician playing in the park. Later we hopped a bus to Heathrow and finally crashed in our rooms after midnight. Bye bye UK!

22 June 2017

After Highclere, I explored Bath and saw the Abbey and the amazing Roman Baths! I hit up Marks and Spencer for some dinner and headed back to the university.
Bucket List trip to Highclere Castle, home of Downton Abbey! Amazing gardens. No photos allowed inside... 😩hired a car and enjoyed the English countryside.

21 June 2017

We made it to Bath and got settled in our dorms! Up at 7:00 for pit set up and making new friends! University of Bath is amazing! 90 degrees and no AC made for a long day!

20 June 2017

I enjoyed a Bridget Jones moment shopping for lunch at Marks and Spencer! We took a relaxing picnic overlooking Tower Bridge and people watching. We recovered Mason's forgotten souvenirs and grabbed a tube then a cab to Paddington Station..... headed to Bath!
We hopped off to visit the Tower Bridge and learned so much!
Tried the hop on tour but spent most of the morning in a London traffic jam in the blazing sun.🌞

19 June 2017

Hopped on the London Eye after enjoying the Thames River walkway. What a view!!!
Au revoir Paris! Hello London! First time on Eurostar and under the English Channel in 2 hours! We made it to the Thames and took a river cruise after a Belgian lunch and a dip in the pool! Figuring out how to get around was difficult, but we got the hang of it.

18 June 2017

We missed our Eiffel Tower tour but tried escargot and enjoyed the Iron Lady in all of her dazzling nighttime splendor! "Mom, Paris is so fricking beautiful!" Followed by a big hug was my highlight for the night!
From boat tour to a surprise Segway tour, we couldn't ask for a more fun way to see so much of Paris! Pierre, our exchange student from 2014 and 15 joined us with his sister. The sky was blue and the golden evening light made everything even more beautiful!
Said goodbye to our friends after Notre Dame and ice cream at Berthillion. We hopped on Beateau Bus for a tour of Paris by water!
Buys day in Paris! We checked out St. Germain and then met my friends Martine and Jean-Marc from Belgium and Géraldine from Italy at Café de Flore for lunch. So awesome to catch up with old friends! I hadn't seen Géraldine in..... 27 YEARS! ❤️🇧🇪🇮🇹🇺🇸

17 June 2017

Lovely dinner in Versailles with my host family from 1989 and my first trip to France! Ma famille française!
Versailles sure is Grand but the crowds were insane and the lines were terrible. We did a speedy tour since the boys were over it and suffering jet-lag!
We toured Le Grand Trianon. We then visited Le petit Trianon, a palace built to house King Louis' 60 registered mistresses! Then Le Hammeau, a mini village where Marie Antoinette like to spend her days away from Court life.
A beautiful day in Versailles! We choose Blue Fox Travel and Blue Bike Tours. We went to the market for a picnic supplies, pedaled around the gardens, and stopped for lunch in the park.

16 June 2017

Picnic on the banks of the Seine with Marie, Alex, and Maude. Perfect first day in Paris!
The view from Chez Maud! Made it to Charles de Gaulle, onto the RER and all the way here on our own! Mason and Carson were awesome travelers!
Breakfast at Heathrow... still no sleeping 😌

15 June 2017

We are on the most gigantic plane! The Airbus A380.i don't know how it can fly! We are off on our big adventure! #cyberhoundsdashtobath