United States of America · 137 Days · 27 Moments · May 2017

Our blessed life

20 September 2017

Today was a pretty big change for us. We decided to set up a school table in the shop, so that we can be around the farm more. We can all learn and help more with the farm and still get the general studies in.

19 September 2017

Another day at the farm during earliage.

12 September 2017

Cole helped to see how empty the corn bin was today. It’s a long way up there. He doesn’t seem to be afraid of heights.

6 September 2017

A nap at the farm and some sibling love!

5 September 2017

While we were at our first day of CC, Gwen was at the farm with Dad! Our little farmer. Then we met up with them at the Lake Odessa Livestock Auction to watch them buy some calves.
First day for Cole, Kaitlyn, Blake and Wade of Classical Conversations in Alto!

4 September 2017

These two.... two peas in a pod. Oh my heart!

1 September 2017

Silage harvest 2017 in the books!

31 August 2017

A great big brother!
Some more happy baby!

25 August 2017

Some pics from the annual Agape public safety day. The kids in the back of the police car, hopefully the only time I see that. Wade playing dead on the ambulance gurney and Blake driving the police robot up my legs.

7 August 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Blake! Voltron!

6 August 2017

Some summer randomness

2 August 2017

Wild hair Wednesday! I don’t remember if it was a Wednesday, but it sounds good. 🤣

27 July 2017

Certainly not a fun photo, but it was this that helped save her. At Madilyn ‘s 2 month appt, what we thought was just some minor congestion we were told was a floppy airway. At that time we didn’t suspect surgery would be needed, only if it got worse. It got worse quickly and she started to have bouts of very labored breathing. After a bit of a struggle, we were able to get her into the ENT and he said we could either do surgery the next day or wait 3 months, due to his schedule. We decided to opt for the next day. We didn’t want to risk it getting worse and our little one not being able to breath. Madilyn was considered in “failure to thrive” because of poor weight gain and this was suppose to help.

24 July 2017

Happy baby! 😍
Happy 8th Birthday Kaitlyn!

22 July 2017

Grandma and Grandpa came up to celebrate some birthdays! We spent most of the day at the SMAT fly-in. We caught flying pancakes for breakfast, watched them start a WW1 engine, inflate a hot air balloon, and sat in some airplanes. The best part of the day was getting a helicopter ride over the farm and our house. It was really amazing! Grandpa went up with Kaitlyn and Wade. I went up with Cole and Blake. Unfortunately Ryan wasn’t able to join us, but he did wave to Kaitlyn and Wade as they went over the farm.

16 July 2017

Wheat Harvest 2017

10 July 2017

Posing with one of the Big Greens 😁

8 July 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Wade!

2 July 2017

Enjoying a lazy summer afternoon and a beautiful sunset!

30 June 2017

I suppose we will never know what really happened, but to the best of what we can figure out Blake ate a piece of metal. Really glad for Ryan’s instincts and telling me to take him to the ER. After a quick X-ray, it was evident to me that there was something there that didn’t belong. It required an ambulance ride to Helen Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, supposedly for a quick surgery and home. We went to Ionia hospital at noon, I thought we would be home by 9 at the very latest. The surgery line up was full until after hours and then went to only one team, so we had to wait until midnight for a team and room to become available. Cole stayed with us for the whole time and of course as soon as we went to the cafeteria before it closed to grab a bite to eat, Cole and I came back to an empty room. We met up with them in the surgery prep area. Blake was so brave, at least he never showed that he was nervous. About 10 minutes and the surgeon came out with his trophy. No bread tie.

27 June 2017

Adjusting to a typical day at home.

26 June 2017

Wade driving the tractor. His absolute favorite place to be at the farm with his dad. He enjoys riding with Mark too.
Posing for a quick picture next to grandma’s corn field.

6 May 2017

We welcomed our sixth child into the world! Madilyn Cynthia. 8 lbs 4oz and 19 inches long. It was another quick delivery. Yolanda made it just in time to catch. Madilyn came out screaming. Carrie joined for the birth and was able to take these pictures for us. Carol also was at the house and cleaned the kitchen while I labored. The kids had just gone to bed. Cole, Kaitlyn and Gwen were still awake, so once we got settled in bed there were able to meet their sister.