North America, Europe · 14 Days · 122 Moments · July 2018


2 August 2018

Stein Am Rhein
Rhine Falls
Good morning from Zurich ! Last day!

1 August 2018

Celebrated Swiss National Day at their festival at Burkliplatz
Exploring Zürich
Made it to the final destination of our trip, Zurich!

31 July 2018

At an amazing last dinner at Bilacus!
Bellagio at sunset
Exploring Lake Como and stopped for pizza at lunchtime!
Richard Branson’s villa on Lake Como
Exploring the Villa del Balbianello, an Italian villa built in the 1700s. They shot 007 Casino Royale here!
Taking a boat tour of Lake Como
Stopped at an awesome wine bar before dinner!

30 July 2018

Sunset in Bellagio
Ate dinner tonight at Trattatoria San Giacomo
Exploring Bellagio
Made it to Bellagio, Lake Como. Here is the view from our hotel, Hotel Bellagio

29 July 2018

Before heading to Italy we explored Saint Moritz for an evening!

28 July 2018

Traveling on the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St. Moritz
The church in the center square of Zermatt
The only vehicles allowed in the town of Zermatt
The Alpine Horn in the center square of Zermatt
Ate tonight at the Wilde-Hilde... they have THE BEST chicken you will ever have and is the cheapest meal in Zermatt!
The cute little mountain town of Z’Mutt
Stopped at the Jager Stube restaurant in the town of Z’Mutt to get out of the rain!
Hiking the Matterhorn Trail
Matterhorn Glacier Trail
Hiking the Matterhorn Glacier Trail
Took the gondola up to the Matterhorn Glacier- the highest peak in Europe over 13,000 feet!

27 July 2018

Eating dinner at the Weisshorn tonight!
Here is the view of Zermatt from our hike
Took a train to the top of Gornergrat this morning at 10,310 feet and then went on a 10 mile hike, the views were incredible
More pictures from our Gornergrot hike

26 July 2018

tonight we ate at an authentic Swiss restaurant the Whymper-Stube. We had a cheese and ham fondue and it was incredible!
Stopped by the Zermatt Matterhorn Brauerei. It’s a small brewery that makes Zermatt Bier and it can only be found in the town of Zermatt
Exploring the town of Zermatt
More images from The Five Lakes Hike
Completed the Five Lakes Hike today in Zermatt
Going up the mountain on the furnicular
Morning view of the Matterhorn

25 July 2018

Saw the Matterhorn on our first night in Zermatt!
Eating tonight at Zermatt’s oldest restaurant Du Pont!
Checked into our hotel in Zermatt - The Best Western Butterly. Here is the view from our balcony!
Stopped at this cute little dairy in Gluringen for some Amazing fresh frozen yogurt!
These were some of the views we saw while driving over the Grismel Pass from Interlaken to Visp where we are going to catch the train to Zermatt
The Aareschlucht or “air gorge”
Lake Brienz
Here are some pictures of the incredible view from our hike down Mount Rothorn
Here are the Swiss cows that were along the trail
Pictures of us from the hike!
Today we took the Brienz Rothorn steam train to the top of Mount Rothorn. Then we got to do an incredible hike back down the mountain and took in the most incredible views. We also got to meet some Swiss cows!

24 July 2018

A double rainbow Interlaken, Switzerland
Dinner at the Huesi Bierhaus in Interlaken
Grindelwald, Switzerland
The Eiger Trail
Lindt chocolate factory at Jungfraujoch
Jungfraujoch “Top of Europe”-11,333ft
At Jungfraujoch
Ice place at Jungfraujoch
At Jungfraujoch
On the journey to The Top of Europe
Morning view from our hotel room

23 July 2018

Watching he sunset in the Town of Murren- this town is on the top of the mountain and can only be reached by a cable car.
Bond world
Top of Schilthorn. Piz Gloria
Eating at the 007 Rotating Restaurant on Mount Schlithorn! This is where James Bond Her Majesty’s Secret Service was filmed !
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland- this was the place that inspired JRR Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings
Arrived in Interlaken at our hotel, Hotel Jungfraujoch
Lake Lungern
Mount Pilatus- Pilatus Kulm 7,000 feet
On Mount Pilatus
Taking the Pilatusbahn to the top of Mount Pilatus

22 July 2018

Driving over The Susten Pass
Some more pictures from our hike to the Trift Glacier
Some more pictures from our hike to the Trift Glacier
Views from the Trift Bridge
Walking across the Trift Bridge over the trift glacier and the lake from the glacier. (Located in the Gadem Region)
Eric on the Trift Bridge
Views from the hike we took to the Trift bridge. It was about 4 miles round trip and we climbed 1,413 feet in about a mile and a half. It was very steep & difficult but the views were worth it!
another glacier lake we found on our drive!
Views from the steam train
Views from the steam train
Took a steam train from Realp over the Furka Pass to Oberwald.
REALP-a cute town and a Swiss golf course
It’s true! The cows in Switzerland do wear bells!

21 July 2018

Beer and the Yanks to end the night on our balcony in beautiful Luzern
The Dying Lion Of Luzern commemorates the Swiss hero’s that died in 1792 in Paris during the French Revolution. (Unfortunately it was under construction)
Took the vernicular up to the Hotel Gutsch to check out this fantastic view!
Dinner at Rathaus Brauerei in Luzern. I had original Bavarian weisswurst with pretzel and Eric had Iseneggar farmer’s bratwurst with spaetzle.
Kapellbrucke, also called the Chapel Bridge located in Luzern. It is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. It is on the river Reuss and connects the town of Luzern.
Next stop Luzern! Here is the view from our hotel, Hotel Des Alpes.
The Federal Palace of Switzerland, located in Berne
Zytglogge the cuckoo clocktower located in Berne was built in the 13th century. It is one of the premiere landmarks of the capitol city!
The Barengraben, or bear pit located in the Swiss capitol of Berne. Bears have lived in Berne since 1513 and actually lived in the city until 1857. That is why the bear is the official animal of Berne and the flag of Berne features a bear. They built the new/current bear pit in 2009.
Berne & The Aare River.
Our view from our hotel (Modern Time’s Hotel) at Lake Geneva

20 July 2018

More images from the Lavaux Vineyard Region- a UNESCO Heritage Site
More images from the Lavaux Vineyard Region- a UNESCO Heritage Site
While we were exploring the tiny and quiet alley ways of Lavaux we stopped at a little cafe/restaurant called Auberge du Vigneron for dinner. They didn’t really speak and English at the restarting at all (only French) and we weren’t adjusted to the time change so we managed to order some amazing rose, baguette, and some delicious tomme vaudoise cheese. And we ate it all watching a storm roll across the lake with this incredible view!
Exploring the town of Vevey
Chateau de Chillon- this was used to protect The pass between the mountains and the river to ensure Swiss control of trade routes as well as military control!
Lavaux Vineyards- a UNESCO Heritage Site
Walking Around Lake Geneva
First stop walking around Geneva and ran into the United Nations Building. The large broken chair statue represents opposition to land mines and cluster bombs. It was built in 1997 and only supposed to stay up for 3 months but the failure of major countries to not comply with the land mine ban has caused it to stay.
Just arrived and got our rental car!

19 July 2018

Watching the sunrise on the airplane (somewhere close to Ireland)
So why did we chose Switzerland for this summer? It’s not necessarily the trip that tops everyone’s bucket list, but after we flew to Venice last summer we flew over the Swiss Alps and fell in LOVE with amazing mountain scenes and cute little villages that we saw. I mean our faces were glued to the windows watching it all go by. Switzerland also has everything that Eric loves, hiking, beautiful scenery, and is known for the incredible cheese and chocolate so needless to say he is extremely excited. Eric planned most of this entire trip himself and quite honestly I am not quite sure what the itinerary entails but I am sure that it will be amazing! Bon Voyage! 🇺🇸✈️🇨🇭