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29 August 2017

"Jo Bar & Rotisserie offers a warm atmosphere in which to enjoy wood-oven-fired and spit-roasted fare. Unpretentious and welcoming, yet refined and serious about its critically acclaimed food, wine and distilled spirit offerings, Jo Bar feels comfortable whether you're on your way to the opera or a soccer game. Peruse the menu and wine list, give us a call to make a reservation, and find out for yourself just how good it is"

12 March 2017

Coquine "Chef Katy Millard cooks delicious, thoughtful, and seasonal food. She is committed to sustainable practices and sourcing from local farms. The French word Coquine is a lighthearted chide for a mischievous little girl, or means something a bit more flirtatious when said to a grown-up. So fittingly, our cuisine and ambiance emanate charm with an alluring and playful wink." We've been for dinner, but we recently learned that they are open for breakfast and lunch. The place is very small so make a reservation.

24 August 2016

"The treat that you are in for at Café Tu Tu Tango is evident as soon as you walk in. Vibrantly colored walls, and an abundance of art on display. Local artists paint throughout the restaurant and display their art while patrons dine. Aromas from the kitchen mix with the sound sounds of vibrant music and sights of eclectic dancers weaving their way through the dining room. Café Tu Tu Tango evokes a time when artists found inspiration and community in sharing food, drinks and philosophy with one another. The bohemian ethos fashioned life as a grand celebration, a feast of the senses to be shared and treasured. Together, artists found kinship over meals shared on appetizer-sized plates, drinks, music, and conversation." Delicious Spanish food! Don't forget the mini golf course next door!