Philippines · 1 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Kristel's adventure in Cagayan Valley, Philip

8 April 2017

After four hours of travel to Sta. Ana Port from Peñablanca, 30-40 minutes boat ride to Punta Verde to eat our dinner and take our rest... :)
Our tour guide ! She's beauty and brain... :)
Callao Cave was said to be discovered by Theodore Roosevelt in 1932, and he marked it with his name...
Thanks to our tourguide, who had given us lots of memories to cherish, and pictures to keep... She has skills in photography, and take note she is just 14 or 15 , because of her intelligence she was accelerated, and now she was keeping herself busy tourguiding to dave money for her studies... I just forgot her name, but really she is intelligent and has talent, half of our group are teachers and because of excitement we are very noisy, and forgot how to listen at the moment for we are mesmerized by the rock formations inside the cave still she manage to get our attention. Kudos to this kid, you did a great job! (our tour guide wearing red with me)
Chapel inside the cave... :) This cathedral look alike was turned into chapel..
FACTS CHECK! Callao Cave is one of the limestone caves located in the municipality of Peñablanca, Cagayan province, in the Philippines. The seven-chamber show cave is one of 300 caves that dot the area and the best known natural tourist attractions of the province. The cave is the premier attraction in the Peñablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape. It is the most accessible of all the caves, its entrance is reached by climbing 184 concrete steps. The Callao cave system is composed of seven chambers, each with natural crevices above that let streams of light to get into the cave, serving as illumination for the otherwise dark areas of the place. As we walked outside the extreme heat of the sun touched our skin and it is really not tolerable, however as our tour guide told us that upon reaching the half of the stairs she would turn on the aircon, and in that instant we really feel the cold breeze of air.
After 16 hours of travel, we had reached our first destination, and viola! Welcome to Callao Cave!! Callao cave is to be seen in Peñablanca, actually there's a lot of activity to do here aside from getting inside Callao Cave, boating in the lake where you can witness a bat show in the late afternoon, however so sad that we were 't able to witness that for we are too late to catch up on our boat ride to Punta Verde which made us travel 3-4 hours from Peñablanca.
04-08-17 This is somewhere in Isabela where we took our breakfast. Good thing is we packed our breakfast because no fast food present in the long road we are taking. Enjoying the sun and the view :)
We stayed at Ate Elsa's homestay in Punta Verde for a night, and this is what the surroundings look like... a taste of province that is far from pollution ... a total refresher to start our day ahead... :) we are now ready for a new adventure!!

7 April 2017

The time has come and we're now ready to take the 24 hour ride to see Cagayan Valley, however since we haven't taken our dinner (most of us) we had to take our first stop 5 minutes away from our meeting place... haha