North America, Europe · 7 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017

Romania / UK

29 July 2017

Midday at the river! Only 1 flip flop lost in the river. Catalin tried to teach the girls how to skip rocks.

27 July 2017

Happy 50th to Mansi and Gigi! Lots of fun with cousins and family. Apparently it is tradition to put a doll on the car plus cans (empty beer) trailing the car. The villagers threw buckets of water at the car as we drove to the ceremony. Alex was a little disturbed by the doll on the car. His family has a wicked sense of humor.
More anniversary day moments.
We visited a WWI memorial which is about 10K from their house. It is a mausoleum as well and they had the president of Romania here about 10 days ago to present a flag as it has been 100 years since the famous battle. Ironically the president of Romania has a German name and he is from Sibiu which is a very German town here in Romania. The entire village was destroyed and rebuilt. It is one of the oldest villages around and kept the same old architecture.
50 years plaque and flowers from the village major. Definitely an accomplishment! Except when they arrived we were all in pajamas and Gigi was shaving so Mansi had to entertain the guests. Oops!

26 July 2017

Largest cozenach I have ever seen at carrefour!
Front of their house plus 2 granddaughters

24 July 2017

Gifts from grandparents!
Alex on our walk. This is the village sign.
Off to Varnita to see grandparents! We had a decent night sleep so fingers crossed jet lag will not be too bad.

23 July 2017

Landed in gatwick and took a bus to Heathrow. The girls had energy for the first hour (so much shopping) then they crashed. One of them has her blanket from the plane.

22 July 2017

And we are off in our uber for the first leg of our trip. Seattle to Las Vegas, then Vegas to London Gatwick then a switch to Heathrow to get on a plane to Bucharest! We land in Bucharest at 8pm local time which is 10am PST (if all goes as planned!) straight to a hotel for a good night sleep before we head to Varnita where Mansi and Gigi wait to see their favorite granddaughters ❤️