United States of America · 9 Days · 19 Moments · August 2016

Kris's trip across United States of America

14 August 2016

Lawson has his own town in Missouri.

13 August 2016

Kansas. We attended the UM Church of the Resurrection this morning and got to hear Adam Hamilton's sermon live and in person. We also saw the pictures and plans for the new sanctuary they are building.

12 August 2016

Last sunset on the mountains yesterday. Picture of Black Canyon.
He has his own hill here!

11 August 2016

Happy 20th Anniversary to us. We actually ate at a lovely place called Allreds and had a fantastic meal on a mountain top. Too bad it was too dark to get a good picture of the view but it was great.
Went to a Ghost Town
We made some new friends on the Jeep trail. Pictures will never do it justice.

9 August 2016

Waterfall trail. Telluride CO

8 August 2016

Royal Gorge

7 August 2016

Kids got to climb and hike more today at Garden of the Gods.
Crystal Reservoir
We went up to Pikes Peak this morning.

6 August 2016

Garden of the Gods
Rudy's BBQ in Colorado Springs
Buffalo Bill statue
We ate at Smokin Guns BBQ in Kansas City and then continued on to Topeka for our hotel last night. We are back on the road and Colorado bound.

5 August 2016

We are on our way to Colorado!