North America, Europe · 15 Days · 136 Moments · October 2017

Western Mediterranean Oct 2017

25 October 2017

Woke at 3 this morning to start home. Cab ride through Rome eerie at the early hour. The 30 hour ride home. (Photo) Traveling in 1st class from Lisbon to Newark. Found that Eldon had past today. Arrived home at 2am exhausted.

24 October 2017

Sistine Chapel- creation
Last judgment of Christ in Sistine Chapel. Pope’s image as Peter. Michelangelo is Bartholomew. holding skin. Cardinal who didn’t like wall is painted in lower right.
Rafael’s knowledge wall with Socrates and Aristotle. Rafael in corner and Michelangelo on steps.
Popes library room by Rafael.
Nicholas V greeting room and private Chapel. Rafael designed ceiling. Door where pope gave confessions.
Defeat of Turks
Hall of maps. Very accurate for 1500’s.
Style of painting that makes images look 3D.
Hall of tapestries. Jesus coming out of tomb. Jesus’s eyes follow you.
Goddess named for June. Largest piece of rare rock. Bronze statue of Hercules. Mosaic floor.
Statue of Apollo. Used by Michelangelo for Head of Jesus in Sistine Chapel.
Bramante staircase and view from top. Pope was pulled up by donkey. Used to move heavy objects up. Used 3 different columns.
Hall of statues. 2 different kinds- stoic and showing emotion. An athlete removing oil from his body after games.
Head of Julius Caesar. Would have been a 60’ statue. Copied by Michelangelo for David’s head.
Pine cone found in front of Hadrian’s palace. Mentioned in Dante’s inferno.
St Peter’s basilica. Where Peter died and was buried. Rebuilt in 1506 by Julius II.
Walked from Circus Maximus to Colosseum. Took picture in front of Constantine Arch and Colosseum. Kris not liking steps.
The Trinti dei Monti Church at top of Spanish steps. Afterward went for cappuccino at Novecento while Kris used facilities.
Kris at Spanish steps. Took all our energy to climb them. Walked to Medici but next English tour at 3 and wouldn’t work. Kris bought a painting in front of Villa Medici.

23 October 2017

Saw Trevi fountain at night. Packed with many people.
In Rome having dinner at Il Chianti.
Basilica of St Peter in Chains. Got its name from the chains used on Peter. Contains the unfinished statue of Moses. This is where Julius II buried underneath.
Waiting for St Peter on Chains to open at 3. Ran into April and Dave inside.
Innocent 3 buried
Domed back wall remodeled by Nicholas 4 in 1288.
Statues and paintings inside St John Lateran of Popes. Last is John the Baptist.
St John Lateran and inside.
In Rome at the Colosseum.
Joined Diane and Mal for breakfast and to say goodbye.
Ran into Howard and Debra on way to room to pack. Howard and I went to show and joined Val and Jim. Kris got to room and packed in 30 minutes while Joaquin waited.

22 October 2017

Last nights dinner with friends. Said goodbye to Nelson, Maritza, and Dennis.
Last day of cruise. Got up at 7:30 and quietly left for breakfast in 3rd floor Cuvée restaurant and to go read. Windy day with big waves but don’t notice rough seas onboard. Kris went to last message at 10 and I went for last Caramel Macchiato and continue reading.

21 October 2017

Kris stayed in room and I went to show. 4 singers called ‘Angora’. Only saw April, Dave and Ilene before heading back to room for the night.
Got back from Marseille at 5:10 and raced to dinner at Tuscan grill at 6. Wonderful view and dinner from back of ship as we left Marseille. Kris had crab cakes and filet. I got arugula salad and lasagna. Dessert was Tiramisu for me and donuts for Kris.
Inside Notre-Dame de la Garde.
Outside Notre Dame de la Garde (Our Lady of the Guard) in Marseille. A basilica built in 1853.
Dumas’s Chateau D’lf from Count of Monte Christo written in 1844.
At cliffs with friends from excursion.
Cliffs over Cassis south of Marseille
Arrived afternoon in Cassis. Small Mediterranean fishing village south of Marseille. Needed bathroom and had to pay 0.60€ to go. Howard and I both complained. Ate at cafe called _. Then gelato.
Inside the Cathedral of Aix en Provence.
Cathedral de Aix en Provence statuses and paintings from inside.
Outside of Church in Aix en Provence from 17th century. Photo of original door.
Market in Aix en Province. Kris and Debra on Main Street (like Champs)
Church rents space to shops.
Aix en Province in France.
Ship pulled into Marseille at 9am. Went down to Cuvée restaurant for breakfast. Kris has no voice today. I got up at 6 and went to read ‘Fed Up’.

20 October 2017

Evening on ship with Debra and Howard. Comedy show at 7 then dinner. I was the only one who thought he was funny. Howard had Chardonnay we shared. Howard still feeling a little sick and Kris feeling cold coming on went to cafeteria looking for remedy.
Monument to Columbus in Barcelona as we found our way back to shuttle bus.
The market in Barcelona. Biggest figs we’d ever seen.
Lunch at Catalan. Kris ordered cuttlefish and I ordered Spanish omelette and sangria. Dessert was amazing. Went to market.
La Sagrada Familia outside.
Inside La Sagrada Familia. Beautiful stain glass and high ceilings.
Inside the tower and the views.
La Sagrada Familia and old photo of early construction in 1898.
Barcelona subway- just finding it was an ordeal. Waiting for train to La Sagrada Familia.

19 October 2017

Bastion and Santa Iglesias Cathedral overlooks Ibiza.
Ate lunch at La Dispensa in Ibiza with Howie, Jackie, and Diane. Good. Had Mozzarella De Carrozza.
Castillo de Ibiza entry Gate.
Seeing Ibiza with friends. Started raining when we arrived. Desperately seeking cover. Walked through bastion gates. Diane and I walked to lookout.
Late morning departure in Ibiza with Diane, Howie, and Jackie. Taking a shuttle bus into town.

18 October 2017

After show, met up with Debra and Howard for quick visit in Sky lounge. Howard not feeling well. Gave him some of our nyquil. Upper pool area of ship lite at night.
Met Val and Jim for evening show- Jon Courtenay. Played piano and comedian.
Met at 5 in martini bar with Diane and Mal. Dress up night.

17 October 2017

Arrived around 9pm back in Cadiz. Crossed over 2nd tallest bridge (67 meters). Oldest port founded by Phoenicians in 900BC. Went straight to dinner upon entering ship. Met Irene. She was from Toronto, had 3 boys, and husband died in tragic accident. She was with a large group from Hong Kong. Kris had my drink spilled on her. Finished dinner at 10:30 and called it a day.
Plaza de Espana or Spanish Square. Social offices of Spain. Employees can’t be fired. Built in 15 years and finished in 1929.
In Palace garden. Kris stands in front of huge magnolia tree. Kris and I in front of Columbus monument from 1929 exhibition.
The old wall around city dating back to 11th century when occupied by Muslins. Water ran inside wall through pipes to city. Washington Irving lived in Seville along wall.
Barber of Seville places. Where opera starts and balcony that is climbed.
In 1492 Seville became Christian province, but Peter I (the ‘Just’) tried to combine it’s heritage with all three religions. Hebrew, Muslim and Christian.
Church tower of Seville from Patio of Flags. To ring bells 5 times each day, a man rode horse up ramps inside. The bells are named after the apostles.
Banos Dona Maria de Padilla. Swimming area underneath the palace. Guide told story of custom of drinking water after women bathed and visitor who refused.
Palace gardens where ‘game of thrones’ was filmed. Fountain of Mercury- god of commerce.
Bedroom ceiling in Palace. King wanted ceiling to have appearance of sleeping under stars.
Rooms, domes, and courtyards inside the Royal Palace
Portrait of Cadiz constitution of 1812 when Napoleon had invaded all of Spain except Seville. They organized to declare their independence.
Front view of King Don Pedro palace. Built in 11th century by Islamic kings, then in 13th century transitioned to a new Christian order by Peter I.
Newer section of Royal Palace.
Casa de la Contratacion. For meeting diplomats. Established in 1503 to deal with affairs of the crown. Celebrates Columbus and other explorers.
Entrance and courtyard of Real Alcazar or Royal Palace. Tree from Argentina and called drunken tree. It has barbs and flowers have fibers.

16 October 2017

Statue of Joseph I. Built while still alive in 1600’s. He didn’t handle earthquake well. Never lived in house again.
Similar to one in Brazil. Great view of Lisbon. Bridge built similar to Golden Gate Bridge by American company.
Harry the Navigator monument. Seasick much.
Pasteis de Belem - Kris had to buy one. Taste like cinnamon custer.
Monastery of St Jerome in Lisbon. Built by King Manuel I, a Spanish religious order. 1580 grandson disappeared in battle. Spanish kings became Portugues Kings. Believed he would return one day.
Ministry of Defense in Lisbon
Casino in where Ian Fleming was inspired to write Casino Royale.
Cascias protective wall. King Carlos built.
Lunch in Sintra with friends. Jackie and guide, Catarina. Kris did not like her lunch. I had quiche, salad and beer (Super Boch) with Mal.
Chapel at Monastery refurbished. Cross of one piece of ivory. Mercy seats around chapel. Stain glass shows Vaca de Gama famous explorer of Portugal.
King Carlos and Amelia and family tree of monarchs at Palace de Pena.
Palace built on 16 century monastery of St Jerome. He translated bible in latin. Survived earthquake of 1755.
King Ferdinand II built palace around 1850.
Palace de Pena
Travel to Pena palace was crowded.
Oldest hotel in Iberian peninsula.
Aqua duct no longer in operation. Survived earthquake. Murderer used to throw bodies off.
Prime minister, Sebastião de Melo. Was prime minister after great earthquake of 1755 and fires. 20-30,000 died. Said "Bury the dead and take care of the living’. Happened on a religious day Nov 1, All Saint's Day.
John 1st. 4 dynasties. 3rd was the Kings.
1147 cathedral in Lisbon. Oldest bldg

15 October 2017

The Rock of Gibraltar is a British colony.
Lighthouse built in 1841 on east side of Gibraltar.
100 ton gun on Gibraltar. Shell was 1 ton. Range was 8 miles. Installed in 1890’s. Took 3 hours between firing.
Oldest building on Gibraltar. Used by Spanish to store munitions.
Moor castle from Middle Ages on Gibraltar. Kris didn’t go in but spent time visiting with Debra.
Our tour group consisted of 4 couples. Jennifer Walter, Mary Patrick, and Howard Debra. Tour Guide was Adrian.
Tunnels of Gibraltar. Span from late 1700’s to WWII. St George’s Hall is large room dug out of rock. All to prevent Spain from retaking Gibraltar.
Monkeys on Gibraltar. Kris got to hold one. They jumped on car.
St Michael’s cave on Gibraltar. Largest of 5 main caves on Gibraltar.
In Gibraltar square where we bought some glasses.
A lot of walking today up steep hills. Good guide named Lincoln. Got back to ship at 2 and had late lunch in packed Oceanview Cafe. Met couple from Syracuse. Got a little nap in room before meeting Diane and Mal for drink. Dinner at usual table with Nelson as waiter. Sat next to Jim and Val. Had steak and Kris had lamb. Met Jane and husband from Minnesota who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Met John and Robin from S Carolina and met Dave and April who had been on our tour today. Enjoyed show with Val and Jim. Performer Voice singer Toni Warne. Came back to room and watched movie “Life".

14 October 2017

Punica wall that protected Cartagena with crypt below Chapel.
Guide shows statue of Astrugal by Castillo Conception.
Roman lighthouse

13 October 2017

Both Kris and I got back to the ship at 1:00 in time for lunch at Oceanvew Cafe. Kris got a nap and I sat on upper deck to watch boat leave port. Ran into Diane and Mal and we met for drinks at Sunset Bar in back of ship. Broke up at 7:00 for dinner. Ended up having to wait for table. After 10 minutes sat next to Jim and Val room 9203. Kris had pork tenderloin and I had Trout. Met another couple from England named Bob and Helena. Went to Eden bar and heard cellist and violinist.
This is the Plaza de Toros of Mallorca.
Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca.
Windmills in Palma are over 300 years old.
Castle of Mallorca
Caves of Drach in Palma de Mallorca Caves between 16-23 million years old. Have approx 200 caves with 5 major ones. During middle ages, caves were used by Arabs. Between 10-13th centuries, caves were used by pirates. They were dry inside, not much dripping from the ceilings. River that ran thru the caves. Water was so clear could see the reflections of the ceiling above making it look like a deep cave. Towards the end they gathered several hundred of us in one of the huge caverns, right next to Lake Martel. They then turned out all the lights and a quartet of professional musicians played a selection of classical music as they were rowed by in a boat. Absolutely amazing! Emotional to be surrounded by God's creations and the gift of music. Then climbed 100 stairs to reach the exit. Whew!

12 October 2017

Dinner at The Lawn Grill. I got the filet and Kris got Lamb. We watched the sunset. A delightful evening with a light breeze. Our waiter was Jorge.
Started the day sleeping in until 6:45. No one was on deck when I walked into Oceanview Cafe. Ordered an omelette and grabbed a coffee. Now this is the life! Got back to room and Kris is awake on the balcony. Went back for a second breakfast. Got in a reading from Max Lucado book ‘Anxious for Nothing’. Kris and I got a massage at 10:00 from Mosha. Now I’m ready for lunch!
Had couples' full body massages. Soooo relaxing.

11 October 2017

Had wonderful first night dinner with Val and Jim from UK. Went to bed quickly afterward.
Sunset beautiful on our first day at sea.
We walked onto the Silouette and checked out our balcony.
Rome airport - waited 30 minutes looking for our ride. It’s 4am Dallas time. Shared ride with wonderful couple, Diane and Mal.
On plane to Roma, they sprayed overhead bins with a non toxic disinfectant which smelled like apricot.
Kris on the tarmac in Lisbon at 5:30am
Just landed in Lisbon and feeling really tired. Watched ‘baby driver’ and ‘King Kong ‘ in-flight movies.

10 October 2017

Saw a mother with an amazing suitcase for her stroller.
Sitting in the Boston / Logan airport waiting for our flight to Lisbon then to Rome.