Poland · 5 Days · 7 Moments · February 2018

Kraków, Polen

26 February 2018

Last day in this beautiful cold city! Enjoyed every freezing minute of it. Now it's back home! 🏡❄️🛫✈️🌏
Coldest day so far! It's unbearable at times, but nothing can stop us from seeing everything we came for! So today it's the Jewish Ghetto!

25 February 2018

To forget about the heavy emotions from yesterday, we take a look in an old Salt Mine, just 15min outside Krakow city. After taking over 800 steps down under the ground, we see something you would never expect to see in a mine. Beautiful rooms with beautiful structures. Unbelievable experience! 💡🕯️

24 February 2018

Went to the concentration camps Auschwitz - Birkenau. After an hour bus ride, you step into a different world. The emotions just come to you when you take 1 step into the camp. The pictures say everything...

23 February 2018

Beautiful sights! The snow makes it so much more special to see. And when we can't move our fingers anymore, we go and get coffee and cupcakes! 🍰☕
Snowy and freezing cold day in Krakow. So with enough layers of clothes we take the map and go sightseeing! 🌨️❄️🗺️

22 February 2018

Airport wait always takes forever 🌍🛫✈️🛬🌏